Kellan Lutz’s Generation Kill Receives Emmy Nomination

Kellan Lutz frequently speaks about how proud he was of his work on Generation Kill. The reason his hair is so short in the Twilight movies is because it had been buzz cut for his character in Generation Kill. Well Kellan now has a reason to be even more proud because the series has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

According to their PR kit: “Fused with camaraderie, faith and fury, Generation Kill brings a gritty, raw and brutally honest insider’s look at what has become of our contemporary American war. Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Evan Wright, an embedded journalist working for Rolling Stone who rode alongside the Marines during the spring of 2003…”

Kellan played Corporal Jason Lilley in the series.

TY to ramel for the heads up. You can see Generation Kill on DVD.


  1. I LOVED Generation Kill! It was so, so good! I’m very happy for Kellan and excited that it was nominated for an Emmy! It totally deserves it.

  2. I own the DVD, and I really recommend it. Aside from Kellan’s great performance, all of the actors portray First Recon Marines in what seems to me like a really realistic light. It’s not your normal war movie. Instead, it’s like a war movie combined with a road trip movie. It follows the book, written by Evan Wright, really closely.

    (And on a girlier note, the marines are HOT!)

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