100 Monkeys Upcoming Gigs

100 Monkeys has a number of upcoming gigs. They are playing at Twi-con, so if you are going, you’ll have a chance to see them there. However, you could get to see them twice if you are in Dallas for the convention.

The band has a show booked at the Palladium in Dallas on Saturday, August 1 at 8:30pm. Now it’s more than just a concert, it’s also the Official LIVE cd release concert. Everyone who attends gets a FREE copy of the new full length Live cd. Tickets are $19.99 and can be purchased here https://100monkeys.ticketleap.com

Also, Starshine magazine caught up with the band back when they were in Allentown and has a new interview here.


  1. Rosmelie says:

    They also have 2 shows coming up after TwiCon at Callahan’s in Auburn Hills, MI. The night 21+ show is sold out and the 3:00pm All Ages show has limited tickets. I’ll be at the 3 since I never knew tickets went on sale!

  2. See ya there Rosmelie. I’m taking my two young cousins because I got them hooked on the Monkey Boys while they were here in Philly. But I’m really looking forward to these shows. Not only are the guys great but it’s a very important cause and to remember an amazing artist/person, Spencer Bell.

  3. yay! Im gonna be at the cd relese show!! WHoo!

  4. Okay, I simply can’t take anymore—are they ever going to come to the south? Jackson, why not Nashville? The convention will be there soon–you would pack out a venue, hint hint. Jan 2010–make a note! lol

  5. Karen, I’m keeping a close eye on that Nashville convention. If Jackson and/or the band book for that show I’m sooo there. It’s my birthday weekend!

  6. Just so you know, you have three chances to see them in Dallas: at Twicon on 31st July, the afterparty at Poor David’s Pub on 31st July, and the Live CD release concert at Palladium on 1st August.
    Rosemelie and Maria, see you in Auburn Hills, if I am not doing a lot of behind the scenes work. And check out the Spencer Bell memorial site, I found out about the tickets by joining the site.

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