Kellan Lutz:Twilighters Italia Interview

Twilighters Italia got Kellan Lutz to comment on the paparazzi and overly zealous fans.


  1. That was so cool! Kellen is such a down to earth guy! You all know we are (SO) lucky that Catherine picked the actors she did for Twilight! I dont know much (because I havent seen all of them in other things) about all of their acting abilities, but they are the most giving and sweet bunch of actors Ive ever seen! Kudo’s to them all! I hope they have long lasting careers!

  2. From one Midwesterner to another: thank you Kellan for staying so grounded.

  3. such a great interview, and from what I saw this weekend, he’s so cool, down to earth, and doesn’t forget to let his “real side
    ” show! you rock Kellan!

  4. Wow! Kellan is just such a sweetheart! You can hear how grounded he is, just by hearing how many times he thanked everybody. The whole time I was listening to that interview, I was smiling, cuz he’s just so sweet! If only all guys were like that…lol!

  5. He was totally awesome in that interview. So sweet and just gah!

    I’m not gonna lie – my stomach bottomed out when they asked if he read any fanfiction.

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