Behind the Scenes on The Runaways

One lucky fan was able to check out the action behind the scenes on Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning’s movie The Runaways. Kristen and Dakota show up at around the 2:57 mark and onward.


  1. damn! i really wanted to hear kristen sing :\

    • belladonna101 says:

      Yeah, it sucks that they wasted most of the time showing hair and makeup. I really wanted to hear the band.

  2. Like why would they quit recording when Kristen starts playing? Duh….

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! They used Justin Bieber’s “One Time” in this!!!!!! That’s SO amazing!!!! He’s insanely INCREDIBLE!!!! I Love him SO much!!!

  4. kirsten prolly wont sing,prolly a recording

  5. is this on youtube?????? If not could u???

  6. Boring. They stop recording when Kristen appears.

    • belladonna101 says:

      it really was boring. I know we shouldn’t bad mouth the video; better anything than nothing but I really wanted to hear the band more and also to hear Kristen sing.

  7. sera que Kristen aguanta el calor con esa campera? ajaj o__O

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