Comic Con Schedule Revealed.

The organizers of Comic Con just released the master schedule for the four-day event. The Twilight panel will take place as previously announced on Thursday, July 23rd.

****Note Time Change**** The panel will be held in Hall H at 1:45.

For those of you who are Comic Con newbies, remember that a Comic Con ticket guarantees you entrance to the building on a given day, but not necessarily a particular presentation. It’s first come first served. So get to the hall early and stay there if you want to be guaranteed to see the Twilight Saga: New Moon panel.


  1. Chloe Cullen says:

    Yay! I’ll be there as a volunteer, so I really hope I’ll be able to make it over to the New Moon panel. I saw the Twilight panel last year as well.

  2. I’m going for the first time this year…any suggestions on what time to get there and does anyone know how and where to start lining up for the panel

  3. I love twilight I want to get inveited to the comic con with my girlfriend megan maus she is also twilight fan and am I I love twilight my self if there atre two tickets left give one to me and another one for megan my girlfriend shea

  4. Melissa says:

    Im so jelous !! i has to return my ticket πŸ™

  5. Mama Cullen says:

    i will be there as well and was wondering about how early do we need to get in line for the summit panel also do i need to arrive super early to get into comic con. please anyone with experience give me as much info as possible. thanks.

  6. Mama Cullen says:

    also does anyone know for sure who exactly is going to be there for the New Moon panel?

  7. Please please please for those attending bring back video clips!!!!!!!!

  8. TaylorLover says:

    I am planning to get there around 4:00 AM so I will get good seats, right? haha
    And Mama Cullen–I think that the only people that have been confirmed so far are Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Rachelle Lefevre and Billy Burke have said on their twitters that they will be there as well. (:

  9. MAN! I wanted to go! But I’m going to be in Europe. :'(

  10. What time should I show up Thursday do you think?

  11. Did anyone go last year and if so what time did you arrive to get seats for the panel?

  12. My best friend and I had a chance to buy it a looong time ago but we waited too long and now they’re sold out. So we’re attempting to get a couple off Ebay for the 4 day pass to see Twilight on Thursday and True Blood on Saturday. Crossing my fingers!


  14. Can’t wait! I’m not camping but will get there early morning.

  15. I wish I could be there. But people take lots of video footage. I don’t think pictures can do it justice !

  16. Did anyone go last year? I’m wondering how you handled securing a place in line for the panel – while having to leave the line to go get your badge once the doors open… ?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I would like to know this as well. I wish they had like a q and a for comic con! πŸ™‚

    • Dragon620026 says:

      What you could do is make friends with the people around you and ask them very nicely to hold your spot while you run to get your badge. The only thing is that you risk the line moving forward and not being able to reclaim your spot. I forget what time they start passing out badges and what time the Hall H line starts to get seated. Anyways, I saw people do this last year with no problem. Best of luck =D

      • Thanks for replying πŸ™‚ I’m trying to get as much info as I can. What was your experience like – how did you line up, etc?

        I heard there are 2 separate lines for Hall H – one for badge holders and one for those without. Is that true? If people are holding spots in the badge line, I assume that’s where you want to be bc they might let all those people in first?

        • Dragon620026 says:

          My experience was pretty good except that I had a volunteer badge so I had mine ahead of time. I just got there in the early morning, there actually weren’t al lot of people last year when I got to the line which was around 7:00 – 7:30 am. So I just saw and heard people around me in line just leave, get the badge and come back. Since this is my second time trying to get in Hall H so I haven’t heard of two separate lines.

          Umm I did do some asking around and they said…

          “They start handing out badges around 9 am and the Hall H panels do not start until 11 am. The badge line moves very quickly. I imagine some running would be involved to “rotate” everyone in and out of the badge line ”

          I would also like to add that you can’t get someone else’s badge for them. So everyone needs to get there own. Umm.. and I think they might start letting people into Hall H at around 10 am or so.

          Anyways, I’ll keep asking around and if I get any new info I’ll be sure to post it here or in the twilight comic con forum.

          • Wow thank you SO much πŸ™‚

            I will keep checking back here – and where can I find the Comic Con forum? Sorry I’m new. Thanks for your help, seriously!

          • Sorry one more πŸ™‚ The Hall H line is outside, right? I’m assuming you have to go somewhere inside to get your badge?

          • Dragon620026 says:

            Don’t worry about it.

            Ya the Hall H line is outside. So if your facing the convention center then the line is going to be on the far left hand side. So basically towards the very end of the left side of the convention center building.

            As for the badges, those are handed out at the sails pavilion. I’m not sure where that is at since I usually get my volunteer badge a day before at the main lobby.

  17. Leah Rose says:

    Hey guys! I can’t wait to attend. For all who live in San Diego and are gonna miss it just because it’s sold out I have GREAT news for you! Comic-con is selling a few tickets every night on E-Bay. It’s officially from Comic-con, not a scalper. You can check up on it because I found out about it on the official webiste. E-Bay seller sdcomic-con is the real thing. I just bought a pair of 4 day passes for $170 total. The price is not inflated. You can also buy just Thursday tickets for $35 each if you don’t believe that this is true look into it here: then click the box that says While supplies last….. every night at 7 PM PST they list about 10 sets each, of each day, pairs and singles. It’s kinda hard because they sell out within a minute, but if you don’t win, try again the next day. It took me 3 days, but today I got through. The 4 day tickets sell out quickest, so if you just want thursday it might be easier. Good luck, and maybe I’ll see you there!!! πŸ™‚

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