Former Castmates Support Robert Pattinson

According to the UK entertainment site Digital Spy, both Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) who were once castmates of Robert Pattinson in the Goblet of Fire movie voiced their support of Rob’s career at a Harry Potter press junket.

Daniel Radcliffe stated, “I won’t pretend we’re best mates or knew each other really well but we really enjoyed working with each other, or at least I enjoyed working with him! He’s doing brilliantly, which is fantastic.”

Tom Felton said, “It’s just great to see someone who has been in Harry Potter have a life after it, and a much bigger one! So I wish him all the success and I will see Twilight soon, I promise!”

Also Jamie Campbell Bower who has a role in the next Potter film was spotted at the Potter premiere last night.


  1. Of course they are proud for Rob, they are awesome actors in their own right. I can’t wait for HP to show next week, our family has gone to see it for years together.

  2. aww!! that’s so sweet!

  3. Rachel M&M /RachelStar13 says:

    Yeah 4 Them & Yeah 4 Rob Can’t Wait To See The Midnight Movie Release Of HP Next Week & NEW MOON Midnight Release With Book Club! We’ve Got R Tickets For Next Weeks & Our Foaming @ The Mouth 2 $ NEW MOONS Just N Case We Dont Get On The Ellen Degeneres Train! Who Am I Kidding If We Got Ellens Show We Would So Do Both This Is New Moon!!! Have U Got Yours?

  4. Eeek Tom Felton is such a cutie!!

  5. There is a video of it here:

  6. Dan Radcliffe is such a sweetie.

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