Move Over Rob, Hello Jamie?

The London Paper wonders if Jamie Campbell Bower is going to be the next best British import to hit it big. They examine Jamie’s roles in Sweeney Todd, The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, and his music career.

“He has yet to come to mainstream attention, though he has appeared in Sweeney Todd opposite Johnny Depp and in Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla.

And he doesn’t just act – he’s also frontman in his own band, The Darling Buds (no, not the 80s Welsh indie outfit) and was formerly signed to Select Model Management.”

What do you think? Check out the whole article here.


  1. ok not going to happen rob is way to sexy and jamie is no where near as hot. but i hope he doesnt dissapoint us twilight in new moon

  2. ‘twilight fans’ in new moon

  3. i don’t know… i think rob is way more handsome. jamie is cute but not near as cute as rob. jamie may be big as far as his popularity for being in so many movies, but rob still has everyone’s heart as edward cullen. and besides that, rob is getting more jobs now, too.

  4. Sorry Jamie but no. Rob’s look maybe a little messy but it is still a put together kind of messy and it works for him. Rob is definetly hotter!!

  5. I think that they are both talanted men and both handsome in their on way…Cant wait to see them in their new projects.Besides who dosent love a man with crazy hair???LOL

  6. I’m sure Rob wouldn’t mind the break from the public eye but I don’t see this happening AT ALL. I’m sure Jamie is an awesome guy but it doesn’t work like that. Sure, in Hollywood a lot of “fans” follow the trends of who’s hot and who’s not. However, when you’re talking about fans like this, it’s more about the person. I’d say Rob is probably the actor of a generation(mine and I’m happy to brag about that)and the media’s opinion isn’t going to change that. I believe most of us like him for who he is, not just his role as Edward. I don’t care if someone comes along who can sprout wings, Rob will always be my favorite actor.

    • Its true, Rob is awesome, but so are Kellan and Jackson and all the rest, Jamie is as pretty as any girl I’ve ever seen, its a different look from Rob all together. I bet he will be a breakout success, but I wish that for all of them. Twi has been a wondeful catalist for all these young stars. Lets not forget who the real star is….Stephenie Meyer!
      Whoever had got the role of Edward would be a super
      star right now….but I am glad Kristen voted for Rob and Catherine saw the vision of Rob as Edward,
      the talent came from Rob, the rest was lucky stars!
      good luck to Jamie too. I mean whoever these films touch, the career will excel. Don’t forget we have a whole wolf pack this time around too…lol

  7. celeste says:

    it will never happen jamie looks like a girl!! i swear i thought he was a girl until they said “he”. so sorry jamie

    • sillygirl says:

      I have to agree with you on the looks thing. He is just a little too feminine for me. But as far as talent goes… I saw him in Sweenty Todd was very very impressed. I do think that he will be big. But I would always choose Rob over him any day!

      • twilight is legandary says:

        so agreeing on this Jamie look like a girl. Not trying to be mad but, did know he was a guy until it said “he”. sorry. plus what up with the hair?

    • I have to agree with you also. I haven’t seen him in anything, I’m sure he’ll be fantastic in New Moon and everything else but honest to goodness when I saw that he was cast for Caius my first thought was, “wait, Caius isn’t a girl!” I’m quite sure he will never beat out Rob.

  8. Rob will not be losing out to Jamie in the hotness ratings anytime soon. But his tweets are great.

  9. Ummm…Jamie just doesn’t do it for me. He may be talented but he doesn’t have the sexy factor.

  10. twilightfan! says:

    Ugh no! Rob is better looking and sexier… the messy hair doesn’t work for Jamie! I did love him in Sweeney Todd though… and Johnny Depp.. Swoon!

  11. NuttyNetty says:

    Hope he gets what he has worked so hard for 🙂 i can see him becoming down. and if he is the one to take a little spotlight from Rob, that is ok with me 🙂 even if he doesn’t i wish him the best =]

  12. I prefer Jamie, personally. Quite happy to be in the minority with that view though!

  13. Yeah Jamie!

  14. no way…. rob is so much better looking!

  15. Jamie is cute but Robert is gorgeous!! My vote for Rob all the way!!!

  16. i think our opinions may change after new moon. we will just have to see. but just by the pictures up top i would have to say def. Rob. Jamie needs to do something different with the hair and with a lil age he may look better. i prefer my men tall dark and handsome. the blonde hair and blue eyes just dont do it for me. but best of luck to Jamie!

  17. Jamie is very nice looking but I have to go with Rob. He’s drop dead gorgeous!

  18. I hope so and not for the reason you may think… it’s just to give poor Rob a break. What good is all the celeb when you can’t go anywhere without a mob. Sure he’s a great looking guy,is obviously talented (love his music-style)and seems to be very humble (an endearing quality to say the least), but is it really Rob or his character, Edward, everyone is crazy about? I wonder.

  19. alwaysalliee says:

    That jamie dude looks like he smokes pot..
    I never really liked the idea of the book becomin a movie
    Cuz the movie was borrriiinng!!
    But rob did a fantastic job..
    I still hate kristen she can’t act and she just too plain and dull to be bella..
    And her voice is too deep and her mouth is open all the time!!!
    Jeez wat if a bug flew in!!haha hopes she chokes to death!!!

  20. alwaysalliee says:

    BTW people!!!they are actors not edward or bella
    Bella and edward don’t exsist in reality!!
    They are actors!!don’t u dare compare edward to robert pattinson!!!
    Rob pattinson is but ugly if he was standin next to Edward Cullen!!!

  21. Jennifer L. says:

    Sorry, Rob is indeterminately immovable. move along, Jamie.

  22. haha I dunno, man. The first time I saw a picture/article about Jamie, it took me a while to figure out whether he was a guy or a girl. While some girls really go for the androgynous type, an androgynous look plus an androgynous name screams to me that it’ll be hard for him to make a fame nearly anywhere as big as Rob’s.

    I mean, let’s face it. It’s mostly advertising, and if Rob hadn’t had the part of Edward Cullen he wouldn’t be as big as he is now – not just because it was a huge movie, but because being branded as the face of Edward Cullen guarantees a certain amount of success no matter who you are. He did it well and fits the part visually, so he’s gotten more attention from it than some other actors might have, but still.

    P.S. to any crazy fangirls – I am not trying to diminish Rob’s talent in any way, just pointing out the level of influence that branding and advertising have.

    • Just a little side note about the whole branding thing, if anyone remembers when they first cast Rob as Edward everyone was really upset about it. But now that everyone has accepted that he is on the all the poles about being the hottest guy and stuff like that. If it wasn’t for the role of Edward, there is no way he would be getting this much attention.

  23. I am wondering if the London papers will do a report on where all the hair brushes went. Does anyone over there comb their hair?

  24. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    I vote for Jamie, he’s really cute.
    He’s tough looking, but I’m sure he’s as sweet as chocolate!

    Oh I already love him. 😀

    I dó like the Robert as Edward, but I don’t like his fotoshoots and most pictures, because he’s looking arrogant..

    Jamie all the way!
    (But I still prefer Jackson <3)

  25. were to begien with me ok… I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEY AND I AM SO MAD. ok i read all the comments and i REALLY HOPE that Jamie dosnt become huge because well IM OBSESSESED WITH HIM. ever sence i saw him 2-3 years ago in sweeny todd i have been obsessed. thankfully people dont think hes hot and to be honest hes not really hot. and also people love rob so much(i dont). the movie hasnt even came out yet and hes getting famouse then HARRY POTTER i dont want millions of girls wanting him cause well I FREAKING LOVE THE so scared because people are starting to like him and he used to be like barley anything back then when i was in love with him. he is SO funny and a freaking awsome singer/musician, he is probly the niceest most sweet dude i have ever seen in anything like in interviews he is so adorable and u can tell its himself. and hes so adorable he kinda acts girly somthims like ive noticed he crosses his lags and uses his hands all funny u know hes so adorable and im happy for him but if he becomes famouse i will be really upset. thankfully people love rob(not me). but anyways this is long i know sorry im just REALLY FREAKED OUT BY THIS. Jamie is just so Cool and great and SO many other things and i dont want people to love him and then he get all like caught up in it cause well its New Moon AND Harry Potter 7. im scared. I LOVE JAMIE

    • twilight is legandary says:

      How do u not love rob? He really look like a guy. Jamie doesnt if u dress him up correctly.

  26. have to agree jamie doesnt do it for me at all

  27. No Way. Jamie could pass as a chick if you did him up right. Even Rob as “Claudia” would be hot. No comparison in the looks department. He (Jamie) may have good acting skills and compare although I haven’t seen a thing he’s in but nothing on looks.

  28. I’ve only seen him in Oorlogswinter, but he left a good impression on me with his performance. I don’t think he is what you can call ‘the new Rob’, but I definitely think he, escpecially seen the fact that he has roles in those two huge franchises, has a chance to become a big star!

  29. Michelle says:


  30. noooooooooooooooooooooooo rob is great…….no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  31. Yeah so we all just about agree. if they take out rob to put in some pretty boy, ill be really mad. well i already am that they have the nerve to even go this far with it. rob is 77304730472742684937 times better.

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