FearNet Best Fan Videos

FearNet asked fansites for their favorite fanmade videos. We sent in several and they decided to feature one of our picks (they couldn’t do all three because they only had so much room) but we’d like to mention all three.

First up is the Hillywood Show. We had a chance to meet the Hillywood team this weekend and we can tell you all that they are super nice in person. They graciously posed with fans all weekend long. We picked Hillywood’s video as Best Twilight Movie Tribute

Next up we picked this video as best fan trailer for New Moon, and wanted to recognize them even though they didn’t make the FearNet cut:

Last was this one that we picked as best spoof:


  1. Twilight the musical is my favorite.

  2. M2 has the best parodies. They don’t make things cliche, and you can tell they’re huge twilighters.

  3. “Wanna see me climb this tree?”
    “Can I go with you?”
    “No, you’re too fat”


  4. I love that Twilight spoof, I saw it on youtube a while back.
    “Its time” and *wipes hand across nose* “You brought a snack” true Twilight classics.lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That was funny! That guy really looked like Rob in a Hawaiin version! And what about Emmett HaHa! Twilight-Influencing people around the world. Gotta love it!!!!!

  6. I liked the Twilight spoof that they picked, but I think I still prefer the one done by Evil Iguana productions. Oh, and I loved spotting the different movies that the new moon trailer used, like Blood and Chocolate, Harry potter 3, and the Messengers ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. DetroitStyle says:

    WoW! That first one, The Hillywood, was very good!! It must have took alot of hard work to get it right, making it a musical made it very funny! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. What!!?? EvilIguanaProduction’s Twilight spoof was so much better!!! Although, I do love the Hillywood spoof, or musical, or whatever it was. Can’t wait for their New Moon one!!!!

  9. pami11195 says:

    ahahhahaha i love nigahiga. dats the Twilight spoof one. the musical one was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good!

  10. emma rez says:

    HAHAHA i LOVE the musical and the one made by nigahiga!! LOL

  11. lily lane says:

    jasper there really looks like jasper when he wears baseball that baseball outfit :DD

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