Daniel Cudmore: Lexicon New Moon Interview

We recently had the opportunity to interview Daniel Cudmore who plays Felix in The Twilight Saga; New Moon. Dan has appeared in a number of films, but is probably most widely recognized for his portrayal of Colossus in the X-Men movies.

How would you characterize the New Moon audition process?
It was very unexpected for me. I had auditioned for one character and was called about a call-back for another character which somehow I had no idea about. Fortunately, I couldn’t make the call-back and had a chance to get it right and put it on tape. A week later I got the good news.

How would you characterize the make-up and costuming process?  Some of the actors have had difficulty with the contacts.  Did you find them difficult to use?  Did the costume help you find the character?
I found the whole process a lot of fun, I wear contacts normally so it wasn’t uncomfortable. The whole costumes when put together were so cool, and really helped with getting right into that character. It also helped that my skin was pretty much the same color as a vampire’s after a nice Vancouver winter.

How did you and the other Volturi and Guard cast members build your character relationships?
Charlie Bewley and I met at a costume fitting and got together a few days later for a coffee to chat about New Moon   We both have a very similar background and outlook on life so we got along right away, which helped with our characters since they’ve had quite a long working relationship and haven’t gotten sick of each other yet.

How did you prepare for the role of Felix?  Did you focus on a specific trait or idea as you prepared? You have talked about building back story for Felix. Can you give us some insight into that process and how you translated that to your scenes?
I definitely worked on this character for a while, I really liked his animalistic side and how good he is at what he does. I also worked out that his rage comes from jealousy, not having a power like the rest in the coven and Aro’s fascination with Edward fuels it even more. It was a fun character to play.

When we interviewed Charlie Bewley, he spoke about how your characters have a tag-team type of relationship in the movie. How would you describe Felix and Demetri?
Haha, very much bad cop good cop, except I really never interrogate, just rip vampires apart. It’s a great system they have and it’s worked for a while now.

We understand that you have done a lot of stunt work in the past. What is the coolest/most challenging stunt you have ever done, and did you enjoy your stunt work in New Moon?
I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of stunt work which has been a lot of fun and helped a lot with the fight scene on New Moon. I think the coolest stunt so far is this fight scene. It’s great to be the actor and getting to do all the fight choreography helps with the performance and really makes me feel a part of this character. I can’t wait for people to see it, JJ Makaro and his team put together a really cool fight and Simon Burnett (Rob Pattinson’s double) did such a great job.

What parts of filming did you find challenging (i.e. filming in front of a green screen, the makeup)? What was most enjoyable?
I think the shoot went really smoothly, the only thing would have to be the costume being really warm, so the long days of action work were a little sweaty. But it was all worth it once we got to film in Italy, it was gorgeous over there.

You had, no doubt, seen footage of the Twilight fan mania at some time. You started out filming in relatively low-key Vancouver, and went on to film in Italy. Did you expect so many fans? How would you characterize the experience of filming in Italy?
Haha, I’ve never seen anything like that. I thought they would have no idea who I was, but wow I was wrong. Filming there was such a great experience, I’m very fortunate to get to do things like that, with a great cast and crew.

Many of your roles have been in fantasy-based films. Do you prefer that genre? What is your dream role? What are some of your upcoming projects? Are you looking forward to the other Twilight Saga films?
I think it’s a very cool genre since all the characters are so imaginative. I’ve always wanted to be in a Bond film, I’m a huge fan of 007 and one of these days I’d like to get in one. I’m not locked into anything yet, there are some things in the works but the next film starts so soon, I might not have time for anything else.

Do you have anything more that you’d like to share with Twilight fans?
Just that it’s so great to be attached to this project because the fans are so passionate about it which is great to see, and I hope everyone enjoys New Moon as much as I did to film it.


  1. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says

    Hmm… Wow. Big guy. But it’s good that he actually likes the contacts. 🙂

  2. he is sooo sweet.

  3. I think he is a perfect fit for Felix! Excellent!

  4. yummmyyyy 😛

  5. what fight scene is he talking about??

    maybe i’m just drawing a blank, but i don’t remember a legitimate fight scene in new moon???

    • You don’t remember one because there wasn’t one ;).

      • haha good. i knew i wasn’t going crazy. guess they’re just adding MORE stuff that wasn’t in the book :/

      • Yeah, there totally isnt a fight scene. The only “hitting going on is Jane trying to attack Bella but edward steps in and get hurt. An d no one eles was involved. So who thought that a fight scene would be good…..?

        • It’s probably another of Alice’s visions or something. You know how everyone was freaking out about those pics of Rob/Edward in the sun in Italy and then we all realised that it was Alice’s vision… I’d say it’s the same deal here.

          I think this guy is perfect for Felix. I especially love how he kinda reminds me of Emmett–just like Bella comments on when she first sees him ;D

          • ScarletRubie says

            Actually i think it’s a fight scene between the guard and Edward. In an interview that was on ET rob was talking about a fight scene where he got thrown around a bit. I think Daniel is talking about that one, i’m not sure if it’s a vision or not. i just remember rob mentioning it as well.


  7. A new fight scene? Oh boy, I’m scared. :/ But it gives Daniel more screen time, so I’ll deal with it.

    I’m beyond excited to see him in New Moon. He’s been part of my dream cast since I got into the series, which was a few months before Eclipse was released. I wanted him to be Emmett, until I found out how perfect Kellan was for the part. ^^; So I’m happy he got into the movies somehow. He’s a sweetheart, I want to pinch his cheeks, and he deserves more attention as an actor. xD

  8. water lily says

    I like him, he seems so humble. His dream roll is to be in a Bond film, as opposed to being Bond. And he’s not scared away by our enthusiasm.

  9. Ugh. This “fight scene” could either be really good or really bad.
    I mean, there isn’t a fight at the end of new moon, because if there was, alice, bella and edward would have been killed easily. The volturi don’t just let someone live after they have fought back.

    But it could also be good in the way of making the Volturi into the bad guys, because I actually hadn’t thought they were really evil until halfway through Eclipse.

    Either way I think the cast is perfect Daniel is exactly what I thought felix was like.

    • TeamSwitzerland4ever says

      I agree. But I have to say, if there is a fight scene (not in Alice’s vision) in the movie, they either had a really, really hard time figuring out how to work it out without ruining Volturi’s power or getting Alice/Bella/Edward killed, or it’s just going to be bad and messing up the big influence the Volturi is supposed to have. Which is not improbable with Melissa Rosenberg behind the wheel.

      Anyway, I think Daniel is absolutely perfect as Felix and exactly like I pictured him, awesome work casting crew:D I really hope Daniel have time to shoot Eclipse and Breaking Dawn if it’s going to be one. He’ll look great on screen!

      The fighting scene just sounded a bit stupid in my ears considering the book and all, I hope it’s just Alice’s vision – it might be. Her seeing them getting in a fight isn’t that unlikely – I hope it isn’t, at least..

  10. I, for one, don’t mind another fight scene. I like some action in my movies. I doubt it will be a long, drawn out fight, anyway. I’m just excited about seeing the Volturi come to life in this movie. 🙂

  11. Ok people once again u miss the point and freak out. They have to add a few things here and there that wasnt in the books to make it into a movie format. It needs something even more sometimes,more action and excitement to give it more of an edge. Dont freak and chill! Its better if they mix it up and go by whats in the book while also doing other scenes to make it a movie. Let it be and just enjoy it they cant please everyone’s idea of what it should be cuz we all interpret the saga differently but they can do the very best with what they have

    • I agree that we need to enjoy the movie as it is, small changes and all, because its impossible to make a litteral traslation from a 563 page book into a good movie. But its one thing to change some lines, or skip inconsequential parts so you keep a good pace. Its a whole other thing to fabricate a fight scene, that kinda goes against the story, because the changes they make in this movie will affect the stories of next movies. And i’m sure most of the other twilight fans agree that we really want to keep true to the original story as much a possible.

  12. I like him. He seems like a very genuine, well-mannered person. Great to have him as part of the cast. Perhaps the “fight scene” they are talking about could be a cut away. As Alice is describing the Volturi to Bella (or even later with Edward) maybe they will cut away to a sequence of them taking down enemies. Its a possibility without altering the story, to give more action and screen time to the coven.

  13. Cullenmum says

    A friend emailed me a copy of supposedly leaked new moon script.
    This mention of a fight scene makes me think script is for real.

  14. It’s Edward’s bday!! Yay!!!

  15. Nice interview Lexicon!He’s perfect for Felix.
    I have been a fan of Daniel’s for awhile(as a huge XMen fanatic).I always wanted his role as Colossus to be expanded because I found Daniel so interesting
    on screen. Now that I hear he’s 6feet 8inches tall! Yikes that’s one big guy(i have a much greater appreciation for how massive Jake is in the books!)
    Congratulations Daniel and welcome to the series! 😉

  16. I think it is when Alice is on the plane having visions of Edward going to Volturi and asking Aro for his end. Did he or she not mention he had a little scrap with them when he did not get his wish?

  17. HAS EVERYONE FORGOT EDWARD’S BIRTHDAY TODAY? Happy Birthday, Edward! Turning the grand 109!
    Daniel seems great! Really genuine and really into his part.

  18. Correction, I meant Edward was turning 108. Annoying typo.

  19. Ok fight scene? hmmm, I guess we’ll just have to wait till the movie comes out. I just wish they had stuck more with the book on the first movie, it makes me a little anxious for the second movie. With the Harry Potter books they did just that, stuck with the book for the most part.

  20. Zookie Monster says

    Dan was suggested to play Emmett, too!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD! I think he will be a great Felix. I hope the “fight scene” will be one of Alice’s visions whiel her and Bella are on the plane on their way to rescue Edward.

  22. he’d do for a good emmett, too. he wouldn’t be half as bad.
    i love how his body’s enormous but his hair is like a nicely cut grass lawn hahaha.

  23. Happy Birthday Edward! Anyway, I think it’s great that the actors get so into the character, it really brings it to life.

  24. I like him. I think he’s a sweetheart. I didn’t know he went to Italy. This was a really good interview.

  25. i think he is fit to play FELIX..
    cant wait for new moon..

  26. I.am.so.excited ^^
    I loved Felix anyway in the books and Daniel seems so perfect. And I’m glad him and Charlie really worked on their characters; it’s going to make them much more real which with translate onto the screen no matter how long they’re on for (:

  27. Wow!! He will be great!! Hmmm Fight Sign… All I remember is a scene that the gaurds are trying to get Bella and Edward into the Shadow more of persuasive influence from their side, but not really a fight scene.. I saw him in X Men he did a great job!!! He totally reminds me of Emmett.. How funny.. I do like Bella’s comparison of Felix to Emmett

  28. Why isn’t there something special happening for Edward’s Birthday? Happy Birthday Dearest Edward! Love you forever!

    Daniel is perfect for Felix.He would’ve been great for Emmett too. But I love Kellan.He’s such an Emmett!

  29. I have a leaked copy of the script and it matched up with the trailer and was posted way before the trailer was out. Don’t worry fellow Twilitians! The fight is good!!

  30. Also!

  31. First of all, great interview Twilight Lexicon! I never see good interviews like these anymore.

    Anyways, Daniel seems great for Felix. He’s one huge guy which is also good. He seems like the type of actor who can really get into his character which is what we want! I have a feeling that he’s going to do great. Good luck, Daniel! 🙂


  32. Thanks Lexicon.
    Keep up the great work. I always look forward to these interviews. I can’t wait until you can tell us all of the stuff from set.

    PS. No happy birthday to Edward? Come on, you only turn 108 once. ;). Oh and when you do get around to wishing him a happy birthday, please don’t put up a picture of Rob. Please? I wish there was more of a distinction between book and movie.


  33. Angela ^_^ says

    i always thought body type-wise he would be the perfect Emmet, was kinda disappointed when he didn’t get it, but i guess it all turned out ok ;). glad he get’s to at least be another buff one in the story 😀

    p.s not the same angela as above ^_^

  34. He sounds really awesome! Can’t wait to see him in action. 🙂

  35. Team Felix for me. I’m glad to see that daniel is becoming huge because of this part. I can’t wait to see what the fight scean is going to be like. And I can’t wait to see him all Vamp out. Can’t wait to see this movie. I have to root for Volturi Guard Felix this time sorry Team Eward fans but there is a new Vampire in town Felix.

  36. Lunna-san says

    I’m so happy about his cast. I mean, at first, I pictured him as Emmett. But he’ll be great as Feliz as well. He seems to be very grounded. Nice interview. Team Felix!

  37. He sounds like a great guy.. and he’s cute. Good combo.

  38. Alice DOES see Edward getting killed by the Vulturi everytime he decides a new way of drawing attention to the vampire world. I’m sure its only her seeing him get his butt kicked because that is what he went there for.

  39. twilightroxz says

    maybe they mixed the fight scene w/ jane using her power? but hes cute and hes my perfect fit for felix

  40. AlbertaJenn says

    He’s built like a hockey player! A great guy to play an enforcer. Can’t wait to see him up on the big screen.

  41. Ya know, as much as I enjoy seeing the clips and pics from filming and seeing the actors giving interviews and stuff, I kind of long for the old days when you didn’t see the movie until it was in the theater. You didn’t even see the trailer unless you happened to be in front of the tv when it ran. So much of the surprise and suspense is gone when when every single moment of production is captured on film and everyone has analyzed it to death.

    But maybe that’s my old age talking.

  42. His head looks waaaayyyyy to small for his body in the pic =/

  43. Perhaps its part of the ‘Volturi’ story that Edward tells Bella when they are watching the R&J movie at the start before the birthday party???

    I love it in the book where he says “Dibs” on Bella 😉


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