The Sexy Stars of Twilight

Entertainment Tonight revealed The Sexy Stars of Twilight Magazine that will be released June 26th. The magazine contains tons of new photos of the cast as well as interveiws and 7 posters.  The magazine is a special edition of US.

***EDIT- You can pre-order the magazine on Barnes and Noble


  1. where will the magazine be out? only in US? I’m looking forward to it..

  2. I wish that this was available down here in Australia. :[

  3. Natalie K says:

    is this going to be available everywhere or just certain stores? I know you can pre-order then on Barnes and Nobel but don’t know if they are going to be at Target and what not.

  4. hey thanks for the info! is that magazine going to be available at Borders like a lot of other Twilight stuff? and is it just for twilight-related info only? that’s incredible. i had no idea entertainment did that kind of thing!

    i really can’t wait till the youtube videos come out of interviews and select scenes etc!!

    thanks twilight lexicon!

  5. Oh SNAP!! I CANNOT wait. I am SO buying it the day of!! I mean just that cover picture alone is worth it!!

  6. Is there anybody who would send this magazine to germany for me?
    I think I have no chance to buy this here in germany 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Greetings, DANA

  7. just pre-ordered this at barnes & noble online. can’t wait!

  8. thats awesome that you can pre-order on barnes & noble. worth it to avoid crazyness day of

  9. I think it’s so bad that they’re gonna sell it in US only..
    Not nice 🙁 Want one soo badly.

  10. *SWOON*… good grief he’s hot… what a great pic!

  11. My daughter would love to get a copy of the magazine, will probably be hard to find! She just bought a Bella’s charm bracelet at so she needs to save some cash first!

  12. Ha. Just pre-ordered. Yay!

  13. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    I’d love to buy this too, but I live in Norway and it sucks that so many twilight stuff is only available in US… anyway, if things are, it costs loads of money – probably more than the items you buy – to get them here:/ but the magazine sound very interesting, I wonder if they are going to post a peek of it online? would someone please tell me if they know?

  14. pami11195 says:

    gonna sleep outside of a barnes n nobles or sumthing like dat cuz i hav no money rite now =(

  15. LOL! I didnt even get to that..I was ckng out the videos of Rob at the airport…I am sickened by what I saw..I wish I had been in the airport near him that day…I would have said some things to the paparazzi!!! They were even asking him if he is really a vampire! LMAO! he took his jacket off and the guys(paparazzi) were whistling at him! UGH!!! So sorry Rob!

  16. Plzzzz have Cam Gigandet

  17. Liliana says:

    OMG! I can’t wait for it I am going to beg my dad to buy me the magazine cuz I don’t want 2 buy it wit my money!!!!!!!

  18. i can’t believe this is happening i can’t wait

  19. switzgal says:

    Definitely a MUST buy!!! Can’t wait!!!

  20. shavei7 says:

    when is this coming out? I mean, when exactly in June? I checked the site and didn’t find the date (maybe i’m missing somethig).

    can’t waittttt

  21. I heard on Et that he is cozy with Emilie every night. Whats with that? Does he fall for every female he’s in a movie with? Poor Kstew. She was so happy at the award show.

    • My dear, it’s called gossip. Him and Kristen were just gossip, and him and Emilie are just gossip. They are going to link Rob to any and everybody because he’s a hot commodity right now and that ‘s how they get people to watch their show.

      • Melissa my dear, it is more than just gossip. He is a player, noted by an ex gf who broke up with him cuz he cheated on her with many girls. It’s what Rob does. He’s not Edward, you know.

  22. in Puerto Rico too????

  23. It looks nice, but I’m not going to support US in any way at all,

  24. I ordered my copy!

    • good for you apri…I do hope I could also find somewhere here in the Philippines. Hmm…Do you mind If I ask you a scan copy of it?I know it sound’s demanding and I barely know you but I a bit excited to it and I don’t think I can buy it in here. Since I’ve been asking some bookstore and I found out that they will be not selling it…wish they would….But anyway if ever you’ll decide to send a scan copy of it here’s my e.add


    • OMG…Wish I could also have a copy of it…

  25. Ana María says:

    Do you realise how many of us DON’T live in The States?? You should like scan all of it and post it here for all of the rest of us to see, Lol.

  26. Julie M. says:

    Yay! I just ordered mine. Can’t wait to get it.

  27. do want. So bad. D: Anyone feel like sending me a copy to AU? Email me at

  28. Oh god I hope it’s avalabe in Canada.

  29. hey i found this on the wednesday at orlando international airport, even though its supposed to come out tomorrow…i think they had it out early by accident 😀

  30. Addicted_to_twilight says:

    I am so excited to have a copy..i check out the known bookstore here @ philippines, but they dont have the copy..yet?? I hope it will be avail here.

    • Hi! I saw in your comment that u’ve been also waiting for this copy to be available in the Philippines. There’s this some link saying that maybe you can find it in Rustan’s.

  31. shavei7 says:

    got my copy from Borders. woohoo!

  32. Hi! Do any of you know if they will be also selling it in the Philippines? I’ve been surfing the net but I can’t find any location in here it’s always @ the barn & nobles.Geee I’ve got to have one that too!Will anybody here has it? maybe you can send me a scan copy in everypage of it…pls…pls…pls…I’ve been waiting for this but unfortunately I can’t find one in any store in the Phil.If only I can reach U.S…hmmm Could someone PLEASE SEND ME who don’t have a copy? here’s my email add

  33. Your post Twilight Lexicon » The Sexy Stars of Twilight was very interesting when I found it over google on Tuesday by my search for barn and noble. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  34. I will get the Magazine, at Borders, I think it is $6.99


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