Fantrips Live Blog-A-Thon

SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009

Hey “Twilight” fans… come join us for a Blog-A-Thon this weekend to promote awareness of our Vampire Baseball event, which raises funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Oregon!

We’ll be broadcasting live from 12 pm to 12 am EST this Sunday at, and we’ll be giving away prizes for attendees of the Vampire Baseball game – and the more tickets we sell, the bigger the prizes get! 

We’ll be gifting everything from autographs to meet and greets with the actors to VIP Luxury Suites, so make sure to come by, pick up your
tickets for the event, and check it out!

Check out these Blog-A-Thon specials:

NEW Special Privileges for Premium Ticket holders Only!

NEW “Front of Line” privileges for the autograph session for the first 1000 Premium Package tickets (current sales count in this 1000 so if you’ve already purchased a premium package, you’re in!)

Buy Autograph Vouchers!
Special Pricing only during the Blog-A-Thon!
Blog-A-Thon special pricing – regardless of package you have purchased, you can buy autographs (or extra autograph) vouchers for only $30 each. 

Buy as many as you want as long as you have purchased at least one of the Vampire Baseball packages.  Remember, that all autographs are on a first come-first
served basis.  If you are keen on a particular actor, be one of the first 1000 to purchase
the Premium Package and be one of the first in line!

Premium Ticket Upgrade – $100 per person
FIRST SECTION SEATING for the Vampire Baseball game
FRONT OF LINE PRIVILEGES for the autograph session – virtually guaranteeing you will get the autograph of your choice (limited to one front of line per ticket)
LIMITED AVAILABILITY – To order, fax a copy of your premium ticket purchase to FanTrips.Travel at fax: 719-471-2599 and provide your credit card information/authorization to reserve space for the upgrade.
Call 1-800-487-1136 if you wish to confirm receipt of your order.
Every Premium Ticket receives a photo of a cast member for the autograph session
Twilight Baseball – PGE Park – Portland Oregon – July 4, 2009.
For more info on Vampire Baseball visit:

Beyond Boundaries Travel / Fan Trips.Travel / Twilight Fan Trips
1-800-487-1136 Toll Free ·
2121 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907