Rob Pattinson and the Cab

We have not posted about the Rob hit by the cab incident because we were waiting from official word from Summit and here it is:

“Rob Pattinson is fine, the reports are exaggerated and it was not caused by fans. Production continues ,” according to a Summit spokesperson.

We understand that there are several sources reporting different stories but this comes directly from Summit. Also if you remember back to earlier this year there was a report Rob had hit his head and was injured which was also grossly misreported.  

Somethings to keep in mind currently there is little Twilight Saga News to report so small stories become gigantic ones and if the name Robert Pattinson appears in  story to tends to get more attention.  It is also very important to remember that the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person.


  1. Thanks for the official update. Glad he’s okay!!!!

  2. there was a quote from one of Rob’s guards I found in a site, “look at what you did, you almost killed him!” seriously people, crazy fans in particular, if this goes on we’re gonna end up killing him ourselves so back off and give the amazing guy some space and privacy. What would you feel if you are in his shoes? Have you ever thought of that? Some fans might say that it’s part of his job…well that’s bullsh*t! Their job is to entertain us, that’s all. We can admire him from afar, that’s why we websites like Lexicon. He’s human just like all of us here so leave him alone!

  3. I’d hate to see poor Rob become a recluse like actors such as Howard Hughs or lose his naturally kind ( & let’s face it, TOLERANT) nature & wish to avoid his fans altogether. I think Summit should be more responsible in its protection of its talent. They really don’t seem to have been very careful here or in Canada. I really hope things chill out from now on. (I’m not going to hold my breath though) :0(
    Meanwhile my family & I will keep Rob & the rest of the Twilight/ New Moon cast in our prayers.

  4. wildfiregirl says:

    I am DISGUSTED by the actions of those so called “fans” in NYC…. They may have not “directly caused” the incident but NO matter who you are jumping on a person YOU DO NOT KNOW and violating their personal space like that is DISPICABLE! DISGUSTING! RUDE! and DISRESPECTFUL!!!! We are all very lucky Rob is a gentleman and did not press charges

    Jumping on a person you DO NOT KNOW can get you charged with ASSAULT! Not only is it disrespectful on a human to human level but it can also get you in trouble with the law!

  5. Christ, people need to stop hounding him. ‘s pathetic how these girls follow him to start with and now they’re causing him to be nearly hit by cars. God, leave him alone. Poor dude.

  6. Let’s see…Rob comes to NYC. He gets hounded by paz at the airport, harassed by paz on the street at night, gets mobbed and jumped on by crazy fangirls walking to his trailer, and most resentely clipped by a cab. Plus, the rain hasn’t let up. Either he will walk away from this summer exhausted and frazzled, or he will have some great stories to tell. Come on NYC, let’s ban together to make Rob’s next few weeks here a little better. I’m just hoping the rain will remind him of back home in London, and he’ll want to set up camp here back East. Also, his trip to Rockaway Beach may have had a calming effect.

  7. I love all things Twilight, But I would never stand in the street screaming at/about this guy who plays the character in the books I love!
    Rob’s not Edward,And I think some fans (I say some as its not everyone) have trouble remembering that, As Rob is the same guy that played Cedric in HP and where was all the hype after that film with how good-looking he is and where was all the crazy screaming fans then?? I know this comment wont apply to everyone, But to the fans it does apply to please remember that Rob’s just a guy who plays a character in a movie, He deserves his space and to be left alone once in a while! 🙂 Give him a break.

  8. Crystal says:

    Maybe those of us who live here in NYC & realize how pathetically ridiculous & out of control his “crazed” fans behavior have become should get together & be Rob’s new bodyguards to protect him from them….lol….just a thought….I’d say we’d do a better job at it & have better incentive than those men who are doing it because they get paid to.

  9. Allie Knight says:

    I am so relieved to hear that Rob is fine. I would of had a heart attack if anything happened to him. Thanks for letting us know.

  10. That wasnt cool at all. He should at least seven body gards

  11. well, they said people exagerated, but it still happened rite?

    I am glad that he is okay if it did happen!

  12. RPattzObsessed says:

    Thanks for the update. even tho it is said that it wasnt the fans fault
    i think those crazy fans chasing him- when he obviously just wanted to get away need to realise that the accident could have been caused by them and it could have been alot worse. ! – rob is a human a normal person who deserves some privacy and respect.. and not to be forced to run away from fans lol no matter how much thy love him.. some ppl need to learn when to back of and wait for official meetings and signings to see him or sumthing.. and stop harrasing him.. hes gonna get sick of it.. and
    lol i love him but some of the photos of tht insident were crazy .. a chick clinging round his neck for dear life while he tried to run away.. and 5 bodygaurds tht couldnt even keep the mob of teenage fans offf is going a bit over the top(even tho the 5 bodygaurds things may just be another rumor im just saying)

    lol WOW. wrote alot.. my bad

  13. I’m confused. Why isn’t he able to use his superhuman hearing to hear the cab coming, or use his superhuman speed to avoid the cab, or use his superhuman strength to stop the cab, put a dent in it, and then leap over the top, and continue on his way? Oh, he’s not really Edeard Cullen?

  14. Everyone that spends enough time in NYC has their scary New York cab stories. This will be a good one to laugh about at some point and tell a good story. Glad he is ok.


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