Rob Pattinson and the Cab

We have not posted about the Rob hit by the cab incident because we were waiting from official word from Summit and here it is:

“Rob Pattinson is fine, the reports are exaggerated and it was not caused by fans. Production continues ,” according to a Summit spokesperson.

We understand that there are several sources reporting different stories but this comes directly from Summit. Also if you remember back to earlier this year there was a report Rob had hit his head and was injured which was also grossly misreported.  

Somethings to keep in mind currently there is little Twilight Saga News to report so small stories become gigantic ones and if the name Robert Pattinson appears in  story to tends to get more attention.  It is also very important to remember that the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person.


  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the official update

  2. Cynthia says:

    Even though it wasn’t caused by fans, I hope people realize how likely the possibility was. Rob, just like every other person, has a job and a life. I really wish people would stop harassing him. It’s gotten to the point where it makes me annoyed to be schlumped in other Twilight fans. This accident could have been a lot worse. The fans need to back off.

    • Totally agree!! I love the books, movie and people involved — but if we torture them to death what good would that do us? They could quit and go into hiding and then where would we be?! I read what’s out there because I can’t make it NOT be out there, but I’d survive without it. I would rather ‘my celebrities’ be happy and left in peace. I don’t need to know who stumbled out of a bar at 3 AM, or who goes to Starbucks everyday.

  3. Wait, Rob was hit by a car??
    Completely missed that one..

    I’m glad he’s fine though! =)

  4. Love your post! All good points! Thanks for writing it!

  5. I totally agree with the last part:
    “the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person.”
    Love Robsten 🙂
    (and totally respect there privacy)

  6. i didn’t know he was hit by a car.
    but i’m glad he’s fine 🙂

  7. “the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person.”

    here here!
    i think its sad, like the other day where rob got practically attacked. its like, come on HES A HUMAN.
    if i was him id probably be scared to go out haha.

    • pami11195 says:

      he IS afraid to go out!!!! haha as soon as i read dat he was apparently hit by a cab i started panicking!

  8. Thank goodness for Twilight Lexicon–you guys are by the book and so professional–my only source for “real” information. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Thanks Ladies, it is always good to get official word from Summit as well as others who believe in seeking the truth and not believing every thing that comes up in the tabloidy news 🙂

    I do hope that Robert looks into securing a team that can help keep him safe and that the fans back off so he can do his work…. I understand wanting to meet him and see him but in a respectful manner please!!!

  10. Cara B. says:

    Thank you lexicon once again for reporting the real story instead of the tabloid trash like most other “news” sources. You guys are the best ! 😀

  11. WonderRobbie says:

    Yes, thank you for posting this. I was near NYU on Monday and left just before the girls “attacked” Rob. I saw him, giggled like a schoolgirl and went back to work. I didn’t need to jump on him and get a picture with him on my phone while screaming into his face to bite my neck.

    I think the line between fantasy and reality is almost non-existent with certain young people. Believe me, I love Edward as much as the next Twilighter but Rob is Rob (who is reality…kinda) and Edward is Edward (who is fantasy). My biggest concern was “Where are the parents and/or why aren’t these kids in school?” And if they were over 18 (or even 21), why are they scaring this poor guy who’s just trying to do his job?

    That’s all.

  12. This is getting so crazy and out of hand! I really wish that there was something that could be done to stop these over-zealous fans. What really is sad is that most fans know how Rob is with situations about this stuff and how it freaks him out,but the crazy fans do it anyways.
    Also maybe I am just older then most,but when it comes to professionalism,these fans have no clue.
    He is working people.He is on a professional set.There are ethics involved! Time is Money people. Good grief this whole thing just ticks me off to no end!

    • exactly! This fan craze is out of control! The man is at work.. I am pretty sure he wouldn’t go up to their job and maul them /rolleyes
      He used to be so super outgoing and would stop and sign things, say hi, pose for a camera,… now days due to some crazy fans the man has to duck and run for cover 🙁
      Poor guy.

      Anyway thanks mods for the clear and accurate news. I was really upset earlier after reading about it. Very happy he is all ok. Best wishes to Rob.

      • Maxella says:

        i agree i was so upset when i heard im glad he is ok. this will make him even more paranoid that he already is, let him be & let him get on with making his films. i hope one day i would meet him but ater what these girls have done i think he wont walk the streets alone atall.

        I,m british & i hope we will not be like that when he comes to london for the Premier of New Moon, lets hope he can feel at home & not be frighted here.

  13. i know how that feels i was hit by a cab last year and im still in a cast.

  14. This *sorta* reminds me of something that happened to my friend. He was hit by a car too and earned the nickname Frogger

    On the more serious stuff, that kind of behavior is what gets Twilight fans a bad reputation. I’m half afraid to admit that I like Twilight anymore for fear that people will think I’m like that. I mean, if I saw Rob (or any other celebrity) just walking down the street, I wouldn’t attack them! I mean, it’s okay maybe to wave or something, show that you recognize them I guess, but to just flat out attack them is rude and makes all of us look bad to the people on the outside of the fandom.

  15. yeah I read about the cab thing earlier I’m supper glad he didn’t get hurt and I totally agree with “the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person” because its true and if people could act civilized and not threaten the safety of someone’s life that would be great. I really wish the girl who like attacked him knew she was hated(and not in an envious way) by the true fans.

  16. So true! I’m afraid all these fans are going to scare him from doing more movies and from going out into public. Yes I love seeing candid pictures of him but not of him being attacked. I bet those girls are gloating and so proud of themselves! Ticks me off!

  17. Collegiatefanpire says:

    Hey Mods!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up about some new official New Moon calendar images of the Cullens. Here’s the link:

    As always, thank you so much for presenting us with accurate, professional information on the Saga, and for checking your sources. I always come here first for news, because I can count on you! Hope Rob gets well soon.

    • Twilight_News says:

      From what we are hearing from official sources that calendar is bogus. We are waiting on full details.

  18. I dont think people know what respect means…..I feel the same. I just want him to enjoy his acting, and not be scared off by the crazies, because we wouldnt get to see him on screen anymore! I am soooo excited to see how he does on future films. Don’t peeps understand, the best way to convey that is to let him do his thing and let him alone! He seems like a sweet person and I hate to see him turn hateful because of the whole Twilight thing. It would be nice to know that he thinks Twilight was a wonderful career launch! Thanks to US!!! 🙂 the fans!

  19. I also saw the video of the fans attacking him. I am a fan who acts like I would do that, but trust me I would never do that! It’s so crazy! He is just an average person. I want to cry when I see these things. I’m glad everyone here is on the same wavelength as me.

    By the way, I am very glad you are okay Rob. Good luck filming Remember Me!

  20. Deepthink says:

    Well said Lexicon, Well said.

  21. Heathermc says:

    the Summit quotation is ALSO all over the ‘net, and not necessarily the ‘last word.’ The bottom line is: that Pattinson was not badly hurt was very lucky for Summit. So far, Pattinson is alive. Great. Now Summit can watch from Ventura, and ‘take things as they come.’ The security they have provided for Twilight actors is nothing short of negligent. OK, I’m not in NY, but I have watched the video from a couple of days ago… which reveals very incompetent security. Pattinson has, apparently, hired his own security, which is a good thing.

    Personally, I would like to see Summit hit with a huge lawsuit, which will cost them all the money they have made from Twilight. Also, like a true Brit, Pattinson should go on strike until the Production team at Summit figures out how to protect its (very major) investment.

    • brysgryl says:

      I’m just wondering….if the new movie he is currently acting in is a Summit film. Because if it’s not then they would not be responsible for added security, the new production company would. Now if this happened when he was filming New Moon or Eclipse then yes, it would be on Summit’s head. Maybe he should just hire personal bodyguards on his own and be done with it all. PS. I agree that those girls were nuts and needed to back off!

      • Laura G. says:

        It is a Summit production so it is their responsibility. I also read somewhere that he hired his own bodyguards besides those that are assigned to him by the production company but I do not know if it is true or not.

  22. TwilightRulez14 says:

    when i was listening to Z93 & heard he got hit by a taxi i was like omg that must be fake but omg that is so

  23. ScarletRubie says:

    Poor guy, he’s trampled by crazy girls everyday and then he gets hit by a cab. I feel for him, i mean these people need to get a life.

    If i heard this somewhere else i would be like…FAKE, i guess he really did get hit. I’m glad he’s alive and well. People need to take a few steps back, this is getting to the point where i’m starting to think these people need help, who has that much time on their hands? They pay to go where ever he’s shooting, do they not have a job or don’t they go to school? I know it’s the summer but come on but do something productive, say hi and walk away don’t attack the guy.

  24. Kristen says:

    Thank God he is ok. When I first heart reports of this, my heart sank and I was truly sick. I still think Summitt is downplying the incident to CYA. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for the .01% of the fans who are crazy (and for Summitt).

    If I met Rob, there would be stupidly silly smiling, stuttering, and probably massive amounts of drooling. But no grabbing or chasing. Most likely scenero – my slipping on my own pool of drool and falling on my butt right in front of him.

  25. I didn’t know Rob was hit by a cab.I’m glad he’s fine.This is seriously getting out of control.

  26. danielle says:

    Honestly I am glad he’s fine but come on ppl if it was caused by fans y can’t everyone back off I mean he isn’t avtally Edwrd he is just a nomal person

  27. this whole thing has blown up! I was there when this whole cab incident happened. there were only 5 of us fans who DID not scream or grab him. we didnt even chase him. but there was one crazy paparazzi guy. rob’s bodyguards just took him from the sidewalk to the street and the cab slammed the brakes before anyone got seriously hit. so rob went to his trailer and after went to continue filming. rob’s trailer was right across the street from shooting.let me say again there were no crazy fans on thursday.
    don’t let Mondays news ruin your mentality!

  28. I suddenly miss Robert’s bodyguard from the Cannes 🙂

    And yes, the brouhaha last Monday has, in fact, affected most fans. But thanks for clarifying that horrible incident.

    To Summit Entertainment, please take good care of Robert. He means A LOT to us. Thank you.

  29. agree completely! – “the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person.”

    glad rob is fine


  30. Laura G. says:

    Even if it was caused by fans or not, I think we all can see things have gone totally out of control…I am seriously worried that by the time he finishes filming the Twilight Saga he is either going to get himself killed to get away from the fans or go crazy. And to top off all of this, he will start hating anything twilight related…i really hope this does not happen, but seriously…some people really nned to get a life and let the guy do his job…that’s why we love him, right?

    “the actors are just people and deserve respect and privacy like any average person. ” 100% agreed

  31. Cathryn says:

    By all means, fans can scream and cheer and cry for him but do it from a distance please (please…). I personally get satisfaction from the fans’ reactions during premieres and other promotional stuff (on youtube 😉 ) but those are official fan events.

    Let us all give him space, his personal space, please? Specifically when he is filming or relaxing. We all love Robert and we don’t want him get scared and feel more paranoid.

  32. good to hear that rob is fine again! and thank god it wasn’t caused by fans, or else it would be even harder in future to get to see stars like him 🙂

  33. Ire Maleficent says:

    seriously, twilight lexicon? is this a site for all the vampire heresy given? creating own definition of terms that violates mythology—you guys do know neologism (mental disorder of creating new words only you (twitards) people can relate. twitards are people with a lot of mental disorders flowing, mostly it’s “selective autism” or maybe just a plain “autism” is already a definition regarding these twitards.

    mythology is the science of myths (of course, “logy” or “logus” means study), and your lexicon doesn’t even made a crap piece on mythology, hence all of you just placed the vampire myth as heresy.

    anyway, if pattinson died on this accident, that’s a great thing happening, at least no more idiotic movies and the new moon movie can just go the same as “the dark knight” when Ledger died.

    Normally I delete things like this. But I think I’ll let this one stay(but I’ll be banning your IP, the additional email you sent was just as…how shall I put it…an equal display of how you aren’t overly encumbered by the burdens of class and intelligence). I imagine your point is that you don’t like Twilight. Aside from your flawed logic, inane ranting, and lack of coherent grammar; the thing that really is the most absurd here is that you are offensive to those who have autistic family members,the memory of a fine actor named Heath Ledger, and then there’s the fact that you are wishing ill on another human being. Way to lose all reasonable proportion and to make your side look stupid. Pel

    • Laura G. says:

      I don’t get it…why are you on this site if you don’t care about anything Twilight related? If you don’t have anything nice to say than keep it to yourself…

    • LEXICON!!!!! Why do you guys still have that comment posted on this site???? This person must be mental!!!They can have her own thoughts but to wish that someone was dead !!!! TAKE IT OFF!!! Poor Robert let the boy be and work on his movie set.Come on NEW YORKERS we are better than this show some control and respect.

    • People who come on twilightlexicon actually LIKE Twilight and are excited for movies to come. Its ridiculous of you to come on here and make fun of people who have an interest in something. We like Twilight and if that bothers you then keep it to yourself. And saying death of a person, who you are basing your opinion from his acting roles, would be a great thing coming is horrible. So stop trying to act like you are all mature and better for not liking twilight. Cause what you just said is one of the most immature acts I have ever seen.

    • What’s the point of ranting for 3 paragraphs about something you dislike?

      Oh, and FYI – if you’re trying to insult people, you might want to use spellcheck before submitting your comments or just proof-reading, none of your paragraphs make sense. It makes your insults a lot less credible.

    • That comment disgusted me… *Speechless*…
      What kind of sicko posts something like this!
      Saying the death of Rob would be a great thing to happen is horrible! What kind of human would write this?
      Arhhh! Im so mad that if I was a wolf I would of phased by now!!!(Joking usually calms me down)
      I mean how dare he/she come on here and insult so many people in one hit!
      *Calming down*
      Well I love all thing Twilight and Im pleased to be a Twi-fan 🙂
      And THANKS to the Lexicon for your amazing website,Please dont let this one person taint all the great work you do for us fans 🙂

  34. glad he is okay

  35. thank God rob is okay……..
    and ppl around the internet plz stop exaggerating…he was hit or grazed at the hip and was shocked by dis….by gud dat hez fine..Let him lead a normal life like u all…he was going to his work and ppl let him do wat ever he wants….he is a human just like all of us…
    Man, the fan caze shud really stop….

  36. I completely agree that people should back off and leave Rob alone … having said that … seriously? You don’t see the irony of what you are saying? A fan website talking about a celebrity’s privacy? Really? A little hypocritical, No?

    • Kristin says:

      Were sitting back and being fans. Reading about him and wishing him the best. We’re not running down the street after him and mauling him. If anything the feedback in this site is posotive and reassuring. Hopefully a couple of people will read these posts and back off him.

  37. I live in NYC & I LOVE Twilight, Edward, Bella, etc. but there should be a certain level of respect for the person, their privacy & well-being (physical & mental), therefore I do NOT go hunt him down & stalk him or attack him! Apparently some poeple don’t know what personal boundaries are. I was apalled last night when I saw the news on NY1 & they said he’d been hit, then the photos on the net. For those involved in that mess & others like it: Yes, Rob’s sweet & sexy & your a fan….so act like one & put his welfare ahead of your personal desires! It’s what Edward would do….ask for his autograph, ASK for that hug or kiss that you so desire…don’t force it upon him. You’d hate it if somebstranger cane up to you on the street & did it to you.

  38. Right, because what’s Summit supposed to say, “Yeah, the over-the-top fans that we pushed on Rob because of the movie we cast him in, he got hit by a cab. Sorry, Rob!”

    I wouldn’t doubt at all if the more, erm, enthusiastic (translation: possibly off their rocker) fans caused this, and Summit’s just trying to cover it up. Just my opinion, though, not trying to state it as fact. I’m just saying, it’s certainly possible.

    As much as I’m a fan of Rob, as much as I’m a fan of Kristen, Ashley, Jackson, everybody on the cast, how would you like to be jumped on in the street? It’s not exactly like he can shove them off, punch them in the face. That’s assault, and then he’s get a bad wrap with the fans. Just because he’s got a pretty face and he plays your beloved Edward Cullen doesn’t mean he’s a Jump-On-Me Doll, okay? Give the dude a break. I commonly think that by going into the acting career, you kind of asked to kiss your privacy goodbye, but this is just getting ridiculous. Correction, it started being ridiculous when people started asking him to bite them. Now it’s become all but disgusting, and every single one of these little fans who have invaded this poor guy’s personal bubble are going to regret it when they’re older.


    Okay, rant over. I’m sorry, I just… I know that I hate it when just my friends get all up in my face and act weird, I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to have people you don’t even know jumping on your back and screaming. :/


  39. It’s really too bad he got cliped. I’m sure he’s ok. Unfortunatly the thing these crazed fans done realize is the more Rob is decended upon the tougher it will be to meet him. He will become so gun shy that nobody will ever get the chance at any kind of interaction. It’s called too much of a good thing. So if you hoped he might meet a fan and sparks would fly, you’ll never know. Your forcing him to become a hermit and mingle with those in his line of work.

  40. mercedes says:

    thanks for the official truth..i’m glad he’s okay

  41. Phoenix says:

    Truth? Ha, yeah right, you liar. Why ELSE would Pattinson actually go right into the road in NYC which usually has a car on it 24/7?! To escape the insane fans (normal fans are ok)! You crazy-obsessed fans need to GROW UP! You’re disrupting his work, he can’t be Edward all the time!

    If you fans truly love him, then leave him along! He has a life too you know, and it’s obvious he does other films too where he’s NOT Edward.

  42. Liliana says:

    OMG! If he would hav gotten hurt I would be mad cuz then he won’t be able to continue with his movies anyways poeple crazy fans {like ME} need to leave Rob alone cuz he is a human afterall and needs his privacy Im glad he didn’t get hurt.

    • Clearly he wouldn’t be able to continue to movies if he died. But that’s one of the tiniest fragments of this. The most important thing would be that there would be a decent human being’s life, lost. I found the comment of you ‘being mad’ because he ‘wouldn’t continue the films’ to be disrespectful. He’s not just here for all of us to make googly-eyes at for taking on the role of Edward Cullen. There would be a lot more to be mad, and upset, about if he died.
      I don’t know if you meant it in a crude way or not, but it didn’t come off as polite in my eyes.


  43. Crystal says:

    Thank you Pell. I think you made a great call. My son has mild form of Autism called Asperger’s & while I found that person’s remarks insulting, they were mainly a glaring display of ignorance & I didnt want waste my time. ok I made a few typos when I got upset….point remains the same. I just hope this serves as a wake-up call to those whose behavior has gotten out of control. Give the man some space! My family & I (from my 9 yr old daughter & 13 yr old son to me, my older brother & younger sister & my 59yr old parents) all love the Twilight books & the movie. We love Rob in the movie, but we loved him before that, before Edward or even Cedric. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy his movies for many years to come.


  45. If those girls were truly Robert Pattinson fans, they would stop harassing him and give him some space. They’re torturing the poor guy and they don’t even notice how stressed he is with all this fame!

    Glad he’s okay though! 😀

  46. “OMG! If he would hav gotten hurt I would be mad cuz then he won’t be able to continue with his movies” are you serious???! i think we all agree we’re happy he didnt get hurt just because we want him to be ok right? actually i wouldnt blame him if he wanted to quit Twilight everyone’s just going crazy!!! so calm down and give the man some fuckin space!!! and could everyone stop the fuckin screaming he keeps telling people that it freaks him out!!!!!!!!!!


  1. […] Twilight Lexicon have reported this about the incident, from a Summit Spokesperson: “Rob Pattinson is fine, the reports are exaggerated and it was not caused by fans. Production continues ,” according to a Summit spokesperson. addthis_url = ‘’; addthis_title = ‘Rob+Almost+Hit+by+a+Cab+Running+From+Crazy+Fans%3F’; addthis_pub = ”; […]

  2. […] Online and Twilight Lexicon have both talked to representatives at Summit Entertainment about the taxi indecent with Robert […]

  3. […] Online and Twilight Lexicon have both talked to representatives at Summit Entertainment about the taxi incident with Robert […]

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