Jackson Rathbone in Shock Till You Drop

Jackson Rathbone talked to Shock Till You Drop about what to expect in New Moon and his upcoming plans with his band, 100 Monkeys.

“He then talked about the major differences with the production on the sequel. “We have a bigger budget, we have a little more pressure to keep that feeling going, but the nice thing is that you’re delving more into the story now with ‘New Moon,'” he said. “As the films progress, you get deeper into the lore and they mythical world you’re establishing with the werewolves and get more into what the werewolf society and legacy is. It keeps getting deeper.”

Read it all on Shock Till You Drop.


  1. The talent these actors have is amazing to me sometimes, not only are they easy on the eyes,,lol
    but they act, all play instruments and sing, and now add directing to that resume’ jeesh, blessed, blessed, blessed is all I can say!

  2. Cara B. says:

    @KAREN- completely agree!

    I love reading Jackson’s interviews. It seems like he really thinks about the question, so he always gives an intelligent answer instead of spitting out the first thing that comes to his mind. One of the many reasons I love him ! 😀

  3. Oh, Jackson Rathbone. I always totally enjoy reading his interviews, too. His answers are thought-out and hilarious. Good one.

  4. What I like the most, is how well they all get along.


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