David Slade: FearNet Interview Take 2

As many of you observed in our comments the David Slade interview sounded a little off on FearNet. Some of the quotes didn’t really make sense. Well there’s a perfectly logical explanation, apparently somewhere along the line David got misquoted, and FearNet has revised the article(we bolded some differences but there are others), notably:

“What will differ about Slade’s Twilight? “I don’t really know.  We haven’t even started shooting yet.”  While the director says he has a basic idea of what he wants to do with it, he is more concerned with telling a good story than being “different.”  “It is darker, and there is a lot more action than the previous two,” he admits.  “The third book is from Bella’s point of view, but the film will be more objective.”  And just how will he do that?  “We are going to focus on the origin stories of several characters, like Jasper, and show how Bella will decide between Edward and Jacob.”

David didn’t read the books until the studio was interested in bringing him in – then he did his homework.  “It was tough for a middle-aged man to get into,” he admits, “from the point of view of a 17 year old girl. But once I got past that, I found them to be really good stories.”  He is especially excited about the great script from Dexter writer/producer Melissa Rosenberg.  Right now, they are still in preproduction, with plans to start shooting later in the year.”

Read the whole rewrite here.


  1. Vanessa says:

    I actually like his take on the movie. I can’t wait till they start filming

  2. I’ve seen 30 Days of Night, and I’m excited about the fight scenes and that it’s getting darker. I’m glad he’s not trying to be “different”, it should be a continuation of the storyline, not some separate movie.

  3. i got this feeling that he has a limited attention span for this movie. its obviously about the exposure and money for him, after all: that radio thing from ages back; if he didnt have any interest in even watching twilight as a consumer, why would someone want to become part of the franchise? its pretty easy to work out why. this is a bridging the mainstream gap for him and his career, as he still plans to keep to his chosen genre of cult horror and nc-17 rated action and gore.
    that being said, the action will be good, but i don’t know if he’d get the relationships right. but he’s quite ballsy, i think the cast will like him for that, the more ‘out there’ kids like nikki, kristen and rob. They can all go out front of the set and swear at traffic or something.

  4. bunbun81 says:

    how is this book darker? no offense, i love the book, but i don’t see how its darker. i get that’s its more action packed

    • Edward (L) says:

      I totally agree, when i read it i was like hang on ‘darker’??? did he read the right books? I mean come on New Moon is clearly the darkest of the series so I don’t understand what he is talking about lol. At this point it doesn’t sound to me like he is going to make Eclipse personal if you get what i mean :/

      • You know, I thought about it, and it really is a darker book. Bree’s death at the hands of the Volturi is particularly dark. Victoria and Riley go down too, along with a lot of newborns. Plus before that, we’ll see lots of newborns being turned and killing humans all over the city of Seattle. And with Jasper and Rosalie’s history thrown in, there’s going to be blood, vampire wars, rape and brutal revenge. We really haven’t seen that in the first two movies. So I think he’s really thought this through and knows what he’s talking about.

        But I agree that he still has to get that tent scene right!! 🙂

  5. vampbball says:

    It sucks that FearNet screwed up his interview so badly. All he meant was that it was hard for him to relate to Bella’s POV, not that the books were only intended for teenagers. I think he’ll do a good job, and maybe we’ll get a new angle on the story.

  6. To me, it doesn’t make any sense to hire a director that isn’t passionate about the project. He even admitted it was hard to get into so how will he portray the relationships? Lets just cross our fingers he can somehow get it right!

  7. I agree with you Kim. I read last year that He made negative comments last year regarding the series itself. Unless he brings real vision and the right attitude to this project, I feel Summitt may wish they had waited for Chris to finish post-production of New Moon. David also has never tried to connect to the fan base like Chris did, so a lot remains to be seen.

  8. alexandra says:

    Does anyone find it weird that his comments had to corrected several times now?

    I’m thinking they only modified this interview to stop fans freaking out. Or maybe I’m just a pessimist lol

  9. Yep, that reads a little better. I’m gonna give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I am hoping that we’ll get to see the background stories of Jasper, Rosalie and hopefully others. THose were always my favorite parts of the series and was disappointed that not seeing more of it in the first two films.

    But at this point all I can focus on is awaiting the goodness of New Moon.

  10. Isn’t it a little early to be talking to this guy? Frankly, I don’t really care about him yet; his influence is pretty far down the road from now.

  11. oh come on guys, how can anyone think that a man his age will see Twilight in his own free will?? I love the books and the movie as much as all of you, but I also know that men over thirty (or under, for that matter) don’t necessarily share our passion. Still, this doesn’t mean that Slade won’t be a good director for Eclipse. Artistic involvement with a movie project and seeing it at the cinema is not exactly the same thing, is it?

  12. SweetImpakt says:

    I’m not sure.
    I don’t really like the things he says. Like said before, he doesn’t sound passionate about the project at all. He sounds like he just does it for the money. I don’t know. If New Moon will be as good as it seems to be, we will have high expectations for Eclipse, so there’s a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

  13. over30guy says:

    Come on, you’ve got to stop stereotyping people. I’m over 30 male and I absolutely loved reading these books. You don’t have to fall into the target market the publisher decided upon to relate to the themes in the saga.

  14. He’s the change needed in Twilight movies

  15. eternitys_charm says:

    Is it too late to find a new director, yet?
    I’m not so happy about this guy, like many have commented on this, but it does sound like this guy is up for the money.

  16. I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here. I’m really glad they got the interview fixed up, because it did sound kinda off to me. A lot of people seem to be worried that he won’t get the love scenes right and focus on the fight scenes more instead. Honestly, if that’s really how he’s going to approach it, then I don’t mind. Turning Eclipse into more of a vampire movie than a romance is something that seems like it would be a lot of fun to watch, even if it doesn’t perfectly match up to the book. It would be pretty gutsy of him to do considering that he would be pissing off tons of girls/women everywhere. Although that does not appear to be his main concern. BUT I do not think he will do that. I’m sure he will strike that perfect balance between romance and action. From what I’ve seen and heard, I’m beginning to get the idea that Eclipse is going to be a little more ‘fun’ than the previous two films, if you get what mean. And that is not something I am completely adverse too. 🙂 Do what you have to do David Slade.

  17. erica miranda says:

    i think in my mind i think Chris Weitz should direct Eclipse i think he could bring more life into the movie he did a grat job on New Moon he did stay true to the book but i dont know about this guy. I dont think he will stay true to the book and that worrys me alot. And i don’t think this david know what he doing they for to start shoting in Aguust so what do you guys think you think this man can direct this movie?

  18. Rockin'It says:

    Well, if he plans on bringing Jasper’s character into a spotlight, I ain’t gonna complain! I love Jasper! I just hope he really does the book justice -it’s my favorite one!


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