100 Monkeys and The National Rifle

SO in case you haven’t read the front page or seen the Twitter, Pel (Laura) and I were at the 100 Monkeys show last night.  It was AMAZING!!  And for the second time The National Rifle opened for them, and they are very fun to watch as well.  We have some video footage from the show that covers both The NationalRifle and 100 Monkeys.

TNR is a Philly based group that has received a lot of praise for their latest CD Wage Life. You can check their music out at their myspace page. I know how much Twilighters love music and this is worth the listen!!

Here is the first of several clips from 100 Monkeys.  Most of the clip is good there are a few times when others’ cameras pop into view but overall it’s pretty decent.  The video will give you guys a sense of just how cool it is to watch them live.  They bring such energy to the stage!! Enjoy the clips, and be on the look out for more including some new songs.

~~Be My Escape


  1. These guys are really talented. How many instruments does Jackson play? Every time I see a clip of this band he is playing a different one!

    • Check out the interview that Lexicon did with 100Monkeys; the band discuss which instruments they play and why they do not have a lead singer. FYI, on their new CD which has Ugly Girl, Smoke, and Wasteland the singers are Jackson Rathbone, Ben Johnson, and Ben Graupner

  2. I was at the show and it was AWESOME!!!

  3. TwilightRulez14 says:

    im sorry that this is off subject! but…i just wanna say you all should go vote for twilight and its stars for Teen Choice Awards 09!! theyre up for alot!!!

  4. Cara B. says:

    The show was incredible!!! It’s so different watching it again without being elbowed or shoved haha. & Jackson plays just about everything, they all do. 😀

  5. A friend of mine was at the NYC show and has pictures of her with Jackson who had a SHAVED head! Clearly he has hair again here. What’s up with that?

  6. I was at the show. I was thankful the opening band was amazing! I had been to shows there before and and all the opening bands were horrible, but these guys were incredible. You need a good, upbeat, band especially at that time in the evening. I left after about five songs in the Monkeys set though, all the screaming teenie boppers started to get to me. But for the five song that I stayed for, they were amazing.

  7. I was at the show too but by the time i got in national rifle was already into their set and we completely missed the first band i was on the far side of the stage next to the siding that they eventually opened because of how cramped it was. I have video of the cotton candy song but it’ll probably take like a year until it downloads cause my computer is so slow. The Monkeys rocked that concert there shows are so high energy i’m suprised they had enough energy to make it all the way through

  8. 100 monkeys and The National Rifle make a great team – been to a few of their shows and they are amazing!!!! – different sounds from each – but great great entertainment all the way!

    huge energy and great music – you guys rocked the house!

    Can’t wait to hear more – especially from TNR – this band is hot!

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