Open Casting Call For Eclipse

Summit has announced that they will be having an open casting call for the roles of Leah and Seth Clearwater in Eclipse. This is a legit announcement, direct from Summit not a scam. It should also be noted that it’s not a contest, but what is known in the industry as an “open casting call” so professionalism (meaning doing a legit audition and following instructions to the letter) counts!

NOTE THE FINE PRINT: “Submissions must be received by June 30th. You must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada and fourteen (14) years of age or older to submit an audition. Please stick to the script provided and do not post your audition video to any other site.”…In other words don’t put it up on YouTube or you automatically disqualify yourself.

All the details can be found here.


  1. I’m getting my the camera tomorrow! I’m so excited that they did this!

  2. I’m shocked that they’re doing this. I’m sure they have the pick of the litter with professional actors.

    • sheena thinking the same thing i think this is odd.Considering the process that they went to,to get the wolf pack casted and now its a free for tellin you they are gonna pick someone from canda and someone who has acting experience. they were serious about casting native americans to play the pack, they are not gonna pick someone who is not native american for any of these roles. GOOD LUCK TWIFRIENDS but i think this is a long shot.I think peeps would have better luck kissing ROB P. than this LOL!!!


    They want to see how they will do in later movies.

  4. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’m so glad that I will be done with my BA by the beginning of July. I think I will definitely go for this.

  5. Vanessa Hudgens eat your heart out!

  6. they probably chose Breaking Dawn scenes for the audition because they don’t want to leak the Eclipse script, or have rumors about what is going to be in the script, as a result of it.

  7. I wish I was qualified. Some people have told me I look like pocahontas, but alas… I’m european and not exactly slender, nor gorgeous..

    • You and me both babe. Not to mention I’m 15 years older than 19. We’ll just have to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sophie Cullen says:

    I was wondering if I could get opinions about something. I don’t exactly look Native American, though I think I’ve got 1/32 of Native American in my ancestory. Still, do you think it’s okay for me to audition? I don’t really know for sure…

    • chances are they aren’t going to pick someone who overtly does not look right for the part. since the fact that leah is native american is very important to her character, it’s doubtful they’d consider you.

    • Jane R. says:

      Despite your ancestry they probably will be looking for someone who physically matches the description of the character. But if you can prove you’re of Native American/First Nation descent (with the appropriate documentation) I’m sure there’s no harm in submitting a tape. I probably would too if I was in your position.

    • What have you got to lose?
      You don’t want to be kicking yourself in the butt 5,…10 years later wondering whether you could have been in Eclipse!Why not you?! Go for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • lirael cullen says:

      well i’d assume you’d have to prove your descendency. I mean Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) thats what gets you enrolled into the nation. See i’m 4/4 Jicarilla Apache. So… i’m full-blooded. I’ll see what i can do… although i’m short and 19 years old…. hmmmmm yeah

    • ya, you should totally go for it. I mean, I don’t have black hair, but I currently got an email saying that someone saw me in a play and wanted to see me audition. so, i’m auditioning! I hope I can be Bree!

  9. Nini123 says:

    AHHH… I’m so mad all the New Moon contest you have to be 14 or older and I’m 13!!! Awww… this so sucks!

  10. Jane R. says:

    I’m glad they’re doing another open audition. I like it when they cast unknowns rather then another famous face. I’m definitely going to pass the word onto my friends so they can look into it.

    I hope the people at Summit won’t have to deal with to many unprofessional tapes. Lord knows there will be at least one who will send in a tape begging to meet the cast members, lol.

  11. Amanda Beth says:

    Too bad I’m nothing near native american lol… i hope they get NAs, the required the rest of the pack actors to actually have the heritage and i think its great to stick to the story.

    Leah would be SO much fun to play! I loved the audition scene.

  12. I feel way too nervous about acting and my parents would never allow me anyway, even though I’m 15.

  13. Due to the fact they want the actress to be between 18-22 to play 19-year-old Leah, I think that excludes the majority of the fans who would otherwise audition. I’m 1/16th Cherokee and Romanian, so I definitely look “not white,” but I’m short and 26. So I’m excluded for sure.

    All the luck in finding a good actress. It’s not easy finding young, talented Native American actresses… the more exclusions you add in (i.e. tall, between 18-22, talented, beautiful, Native American) the smaller becomes the pool to draw from. They’re going to have their work cut out for them.

  14. Cute scene. I was mad that they used Breaking Dawn for the Eclipse audition but then I read and realized that it was not the actual script. PHEW thank goodness, GOOD LUCK to everyoneeeee!
    This should be fun!?
    Kinda surprised they did this instead of going with a hot young popular actress

  15. jada morris says:

    this is so not fair they should have an open age casting…..I am 12 almost 13 and i would make a perfect leah, i have black hair and mixed skin and i am mean just like her.

  16. Let me get this straight. They want the person who is going to audition to stand in front of a blue, grey, or white wall, someone else offscreen read the other lines, and for “Leah” to just stand in front of the sreen saying the lines?

    (When I say stand, I don’t mean literally standing still and saying the lines. I mean with no other objects in screen and just her acting out her parts in nearly the same position.)

  17. Amy Darlene says:

    wait a minute 14??? she’s supposed to be OLDER than Bella. if anything it should be 17-25

  18. There are always teenagers out there who will look older then their actual age. By ask for 14 or older they are widening their range in case they happen across someone that looks older then they are and fits the part.

  19. Brittany says:

    I guess that’s pretty true since I’m only 15 but look 18. People say it’s the way I “carry” myself.

  20. Jazz Fan says:

    I certainly don’t fit the description for Leah *tear* but it’s not as if that came as a surprise to me. What I want to know is why they aren’t having an open casting call for Bree. I’ve got the pale and short thing down.

  21. got2bkidding says:

    I downloaded the audition scene that they had on their site…That scene is from Breaking Dawn, NOT Eclipse. That is weird.

  22. . and i mean, dot. i so want to b leah but i am a kiwi, and not frm u.s or canada. isn’t it a little unprofessional, tho, 2 lyk, get the public to do so?

  23. YA! leah is 20. seth is the one who is 14. i think u could tell the diffrence b2wn a 14 and a 20 yr old.

  24. As much as I know a lot of fans are excited about the possibility of auditioning here, I find this to be a tad unprofessional of Summit (not that I ever considered them professionals anyways), especially for two key roles. Maybe they just want to get the fans more excited, and don’t really expect to hire anybody from this fan-pool anyways. That would be low of them.

  25. Jane R. says:

    I see nothing unprofessional about an open audition. There have been hundreds of them in the past held by different film companies. They do this to see if they can find some fresh talent, or if they believe they can’t find a match in the already huge acting pool. And I must say, there are not that many well known Native American/First Nation actors out there. Especially young ones.

    There are people who will audition because they are genuinely interested in making it in the acting industry, not just fans.

  26. really probably glaringly obvious question, but does you absolutely have to be Native American/First Nation to audition for the part, or can you just look it?

    • tanisha says:

      Well the site says that “this would be an excellent opportunity for NA/FN actors,” not that the parts were limited only to that nationality.

    • Twilight_News says:

      We asked that question and were told that you do not have to prove that you are First Nation or Native America, however, you should look the part.

  27. This is so unfair. Why do they need to be NA/FN? Plus, why do they have to be from America? It’s so silly. I am from Britian…that is where Rob Pattinson from! I would happily get a fake tan and dye my hair black, even though it is already nearly black. I would chop my hair super short too. I really want to get into the whole acting idustry and that would help boost a singing career also. And what better way to start a career than with your favourite book series?

    All competitions have been limited to America and it is really starting to annoy me. There are other fans outide the US.

    • Chris Weitz required that those auditioning for the parts in the Wolf Pack be NA, and I applaud him for that. I feel the same standard should be for the roles of Seth and Leah. There are so few acting opportunities for people of NA descent out there, and I’m sure there are many talented NA actors who would jump at this. “Smoke Signals” is a good example of a great film with great NA talent. It’s an insult to indigenous peoples to think they cannot find anyone with looks and acting talent, so they would resort to putting “NA-looking” make-up on a Caucasian. Reminds me of the ‘black-face’ make up they used to use before African Americans were accepted into society and the many non-Asians who for decades played Asian roles. Anyway, the thing is I don’t think anyone should feel slighted if they do require NA blood (which, reading the casting call sheet, I don’t think they specify).

    • Didn’t JK Rowling only want UK actors in the Harry Potter films?

    • arazcal says:

      I hear you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      But,this seems to happen more frequently that we realize:
      I think I remember reading somewhere that J.K.Rowling specifically requested that only English,Irish and Scots be permitted to be cast in the Harry Potter series that she had written.
      I don’t believe that any Americans were ever given the opportunity to audition for any parts.

  28. Tatiangel333 says:

    I read in the directions to download your film that you need to upgrade your membership to be able to upload a video. Does this cost money? And if so, is that why they are doing this? To make money? Just asking cause that seems strange to me if you have to pay money to upload your video.

  29. hey, a chance to win new moon premiere tickets.. just so ye no! click this link,its nly if ur on face book though! x

  30. jaime puerto says:

    people and one of my best friends who is like a major twilight fan …. told me that i should audition for seth because once she read this she thought of me and told me to … but im not naitive american but i am dark and im lettin my black straight hair grow … so what should i do … im an actor for my school i love acting its like my personal heroin …lol see what i did there … so pls comment


  32. Brittany says:

    I saw on this other website that this audition thing is a scam! Supposedly, it’s just a trap to get you to join their website, which costs money btw. So don’t fall for this “audition”!!!

  33. I think it’s stupid to discriminate actors based on heritage. With the advanced make-up that’s used today it shouldn’t matter and Natives shouldn’t be insulted if by chance someone who isn’t is cast. We’re all humans. Everyone is talented. What’s most important is the skill and personality.

    I am a bit wary of the legitness of this though.

  34. I was wondering about the fees, so I read the fine print: this open call will be free for 90 days, and after that if you wanted to continue you would have to pay I THINK 10$ a year. knowing 90 days of free submission, and the deadline being June 30th, I wanted to know when callbacks would be.

    I just emailed actorcast (the company doing the open call) and asked them when would we know about call backs so we won’t have to wait forever and a day hoping we got the part. they said that you will be contacted by July 10th if there are any next steps. So this means that this is technically a free submission. If you didn’t get the part then cancel your membership after 90 days.

    if this is legit, I want it to not cost me anything. So I have nothing to lose now. HAVE FUN, GUYS!

  35. Brittany says:

    I still find it strange that you have to give your credit card number for an audition that’s also online, which is even STRANGER! I really think that this isn’t legit also because summit hasn’t even posted anything on their site even mentioning it! I will not be scammed

  36. Priscilla Henriquez says:

    where and when can i audition please someone tell me!?

  37. kimberly foraker says:

    cant wait…shes my favorite character.

  38. IndigoMisfit says:

    I may be part Indian (I don’t know how to prove it) and I’m the right age. But I have blue eyes and I’m short and busty with a booty to rival J-lo. Definitely not slender (think kim kardashian not kristen stewart). Oh well. I’m a horrible actor anyway, I don’t want to torture people.

    I would prefer they get really good NA actors for the parts.

  39. Natalie says:

    So I did some poking around to find out if this is legit, and it is. I THINK the way it works is that the auditions are powered by ActorCast which is a company that works with or is part of Cast It Systems. Cast it Systems helps to get people casted in tons of movies. These companies are legit. However I think that maybe the auditions are for the company more than the movie. I think that if they like you that maybe you would be an option that they would present when Summit has casting calls. I’m not sure. thats how it seems to me. I haven’t read anywhere that Summit is behind this but I do know that the businesses are legit and accredited.

    • Okay so I just found out Summit does work with Cast It Systems. So good luck to all you trying out. This is a legit audition.

  40. my mom wants me to do this. im 15 and 6 feet tall so she thinks i could do it. plus i look a lil indian so i might. idk yet

  41. o n plus im like 1/3 indian im cherokee n apache so i think ill audition.

  42. Monica Marcum says:

    I just now printed the script,I’m part african-american,irish,CHEROKEE INDIAN!!! I’m perfect for this!

  43. jackie rivero says:

    ok wait I desperately need someone to clear this up for me… when they says submissions due BY June 30th does that mean you can also submit ON the 30th (Tuesday), or do you have to do it BEFORE the 30th (Monday)? HELPPPP

    • I would get it in today if possible, but usually that means they will take it no later than 30th. Good Luck! I was stressing out this weekend!

  44. Twilight Nymph says:

    I know what you all feel like with the stressing out, I ended submitting the wrong one. It was poorly edited and I feel like a dork now. Oh, well at least I now know I wasn’t meant for the acting business even if I do love doing it and miss it since drama.

    Good Luck to the rest of you.

    • Hey never give up if you love it. Anything can happen crap happens, don’t take it as a sign for it not being meant to be.
      Good luck to you as well =D

      • Twilight Nymph says:

        Thanks for the support. I think I was able to fix the issue through the profile, but I’m not sure. Yet, again thanks for the encouragement. I’m planning on taking theater while I do pre-med after I finish my BA in a week, so yeah at least I will continue to do it in some way. Again thank you so much for the support makes me feel a lot better.

  45. EEk! Im counting down the days till July tenth so I cant stop thinking about the casting call! =P

  46. Hey has anyone gotten a callback for any character yet cuz im thinkin since it says “BY june 10th” u can get it before…

  47. Rebecca says:

    Hey has anyone gotten any views on their page? I went and checked my page when i logged into my account and it says you can see how many people view your picture and/or your video. I was just wondering if anyone has any views

    • Hi, mine does to I hope thats a good thing! Any way…. I’m going crazy! I can’t eat I can’t sleep…. okay thats a lie but my dreams are really crazy! Again good luck to you all! I feel your pain!

      • Rebecca says:

        How many views have you gotten so far? Yeah, i’m going crazy also. Far too long to wait for the news

  48. yah i auditioned too and i can’t stop thinking about this audition…i don’t want to give my hopes up because my video wasn’t “professional” i think it’s stupid that they give an OPEN casting call for anyone and expect a professional video. I really want this part but i think we all know probably none of us will get it….anything is possible though you know? god does work his miracles…

    • Just enjoy the ride! You took a chance and put yourself out there. Yes it is in gods/the casting directors hands, but there is nothing wrong with hoping! And they weren’t expecting them to be “professional” actors cast had helpful tips to help us all out. But don’t be miss lead they new more than half of the submissions would be newbees!They are looking for two people they couldn’t find in the top talent offices! And I actully think two of us are going to get it! If you give up hope think of it this way, most of the wolf pack was found at open calls! Yeah sure the fans think it should be people who are already known, but the fans dout a lot of things and summitt hasn’t really casted anyone the fans say? And the movie/previews still rock!!

      Don’t give up, you could have been better than you thought! Again good luck, and don’t forget me if you become a star!!! =D

      • ugh i know…and so far it’s already july 7th and i haven’t gotten ANYTHING…but. ugh….i know. i hope whoever gets the part really worked their butt off to get it and really deserves it. i’m kind of hoping tyler posey doesn’t get it just because of the rumors. i want it to be somebody new…someone we haven’t seen before. oh and i’m jake what’s your name by the way? do you happen to have a facebook???

  49. lol…thankyou…i guess you gotta have faith. it’ll just be a dream come true. so many people want this and only two will get it you know?? and if god decides to give me this part…i PROMISE even know i don’t really know u i’ll bring u to my first premier lol i promise. wouldn’t it be amazing though?? just…to have that experience. to walk into a store and find your face on something…just to know u have fans that look up to you….

    • Thanks LOL I’ll take you as well… This is the start of a beautiful friendship! Yes all of it would be a dream come true, I only hope the two who do get it wont take any of it for granite. To have people look up to you I think is one of the greatest complements you could ever get. A lot of people do want it but I for one want it just as much!!!!

      • hey crazy8 do you happen to have a facebook???

        • Hey Jake, I’m Nicole! Yes I actully do have a facebook you!?! I don’t know who Tyler Posey is but rumors are hardly ever true. As you can tell I’m a huge fan of them picking someone new! I agree with you totally I hope who ever they are really wants it as bad as you and I. It’s only july 7th so hold on just a little longer, I sure am. =D

          • ok i will…. well my name is jake brisson so add me on facebook. lol. and i no but….it’s almost like he’s too hollywood for the part you know??? ugh….two more days nicole. and that’s it….i wonder whose gunna get the part !!!!


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