Kristen Stewart Teen Vogue’s Ten Best Dressed

Kristen Stewart landed in the number 1 position in Teen Vogue’s 10 Best Dressed of May list for the outfit she wore to the MTV movie awards.

Kristen’s combo of urban-hip red and black dress with Chuck Taylors is exactly the kind of look that works for the MTV movie awards: a little off-beat, but not so off-beat people are going “what was she thinking”. MTV awards is probably the only awards ceremony in town where looking too dressy is a major no-no.

Aside from pulling the look together, the Chucks helped because Kristen was suffering from a twisted ankle.


  1. Kristen looked so stylish when she dropped the MTV award!!!

  2. I think Kristen will eventually outgrow the Tomboy look for something more mature. This outfit worked for the MTV awards which is always a wild atmosphere.

  3. I dunno. Something about this outfit just doesn’t do it for me.

    But, hey, it’s MTV. What do you expect?

    • Actually it’s Teen Vogue, but your comment is still legit.

      • No, actually I was talking about how people dress at MTV in general.

        Not how (in my opinion) silly it is that she was nominated for best dressed.

        • Oh okay. People usually dress casual for the MTV awards, but this year the vast majority of them looked a hot mess. Especially on the girls end.

    • Emily Lane says

      thats what i thought too! n i think i got it figured out, she didnt wear a short tights just like in twilight.. imagine she was wearing it, oh it looks good right~

  4. It’s cool that her sense of style is recognized. I wouldn’t wear it, though. Still love Kristen!

  5. arandomchic says

    I thought this was a horrible outfit MTV or not.

    • I comepletely agree with you. that outfit is terrible, not to mention she looked like she just rolled out of bed and was acting like she was half-asleep too. she looks kinda gross

  6. If I could raid any famous person’s wardrobe, it would def be hers. I love her style.

  7. Her left ankle does indeed look a little swollen in this pic. Was that the one she injured? Could just be the angle of the pic.

  8. she looks so pretty when she smiles!

  9. I dig the outfit for sure! I think only some people can pull it off….but I’m wondering about the way she was acting, was she really nervous or just on something???

    • Everybody and their grandmother was on something that night.

    • DEDE thats just her “awkward” personality LOL..I do think shes getting better though in interviews and such..Thats just kstew!!!!Some peeps are just comfortable in the spot light like taylor or kellan

      • Okay, so that’s what I was really thinking….she was not very comfortable in the spotlight when she RobP and TaylorL came out to announce the clip of New Moon. You could tell she was shy about that…

        • BlueStarlight says

          Taylor has the most personality out of all three of them. I’m a little tired of KStew saying that she’s just shy. If her career is about to take off like some critics say it is, then she needs to pull herself together. Otherwise, in 10 years when she’s looking back at clips, she’ll feel like an idiot. You could barely hear her when she read her lines during the intro to the clip.

          I know, I know, actors are regular people, too. Well, I’m sorry, but acting is their profession; they are considered to be “professionals” at what they do. If you can’t at least ACT like you’re proud of the work you do, then something is wrong.

          Her outfit was to be expected; I have no beef about it- it’s “her.”

  10. That’s true, Melisa!

  11. Ok people…. We all know that we all LOVE the twilight book and “movie”… but voting all the twilight cast to #1 spots for everything is kinda unfair too everyone else who kind of and probably deserved the recognitions more… MTV awards was very obvious that the fan voted 50+ times a day, and you can see it on all the other celebrities face. When I that Kristen at the MTV, my first reaction was “PLEASE DON’T TELL ME SHE’S WEARING CONVERSE…AGAIN!

    It’s Ridicules that she was noted as best dressed….

    Even on the Most Hottest Male vote thing, Rob left behind everyone…. SO OBVIOUS!! And I’m sorry, I love the books and all and am sooo excited for New Moon, but Rob is not as hot or good looking as some of the models and actors there! He portrays Edward… but he is not him.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Cecilia about the Converse with the dress…they’re horrible…

      On the other hand, while Rob isn’t Edward, he’s still…well, he’s nice looking =] I’ll just leave it at that. Did you see the 1st guy though? Was that some sort of joke?

  12. Twisted ankle? Hey, I’ve twisted my ankle too.. and it’s not a nice thing, not really ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s good that she managed to walk normally.
    I don’t like her dress, but at least it’s original.

  13. Her outfit is great; but what I really love is that she’s smiling!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I like Kristen but I don’t like the outfit..I dunno..I just think it kinda doesn’t……lol

  15. AlbertaJenn says

    I’m not a fan of her style. Too… casual for me. I really love Ashley and Rachelle’s wardrobes. They always look great!

  16. Jennifer says

    BOO HISS! What a crock. I hate it when the media latches on to a popular star’s actions like they good just because that star happens to be so popular at the moment. Kristen’s Chuck Taylors made it look like she did not give a crap or that she was lazy. A pair of flats would have served her “twisted ankle” just as well as those tennies. Remember several years ago when Julia Roberts “forgot” to shave her pits and every fashion mag claimed she was so avant guard??? Now they are all bashing her for the same thing. When Kristen’s popularity cools off a bit, they will be bashing her for this move just as thoroughly as they are praising it now.

  17. I just forgot one thing. I have absolutely no aversion to Kristen’s chucks, it’s the dress that I dislike. If she wore a better (by my fashion sense) dress, she would have looked awesome. And it makes her dress look kinda sporty, which is cool. It would be a good outfit if the dress were a little bit better. (Love her hair!)

  18. I love twilight – the books, the movie and I can’t wait for New Moon. I think Kristens acting is ok, but a little emotionless – could have been partly Melissa’s fault though. Anyway, I don’t know how the style are with people going to MTV movie awards, but this dress is absolutely hideous. Converse is ok and it might have worked if the dress actually was pretty. But it isn’t.

    Is this a vote-thing? Cause then I agree completely with Cecilia – why ruin everyone else’s chance just cause she’s the most popular at the moment?

    I don’t think Kristen deserves this rating or whatever. Why not Ashley? She looked sooo stunning and would really have earned it!! And by that, not all actors wear weird under-dressed things on MTV awards.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Timberlynn Twilighter Cullen says

    I LOVE kristen’s style she looked cute!

  20. She rocked the chucks and the dress!!!! To me thats her style she owned it that night!!!!

  21. Twilighter14 says

    i luv the way she dressed it was soooo cute with her chucks i luv her so much kristen is AWESOME!

  22. What the hell happened to fashion???

    • AlbertaJenn says

      Next, she’ll be wearing rubber boots with mud on them with her dress, and everyone will want to know how they can dress like that.

  23. jellybeans says

    Although I don’t mind her dress so much, I wish she would stop dressing in the “who cares?” style. Frankly, I don’t see how Chucks are going to help a sprained ankle at all, considering they have no arch or ankle support. She could have at least bothered to wear flats.

  24. edward4evR says

    Um, yeah. Ok with the dress. Not loving that she can’t ever seem to wear a pair of shoes that aren’t some type of sneaker. She seems to push for this with Bella, too, although we all know Bella was supposed to have a heel on at the prom! Keep your “style” to yourself, KStew. Don’t push it on the character.
    And did anyone besides me think her dropping her MTV award was scripted, just like the Eminem stunt with SBCohen? Kind of a play off Bella being so clumsy?

  25. Switzerland says

    as much as i love kristin, she needs a new stylist.
    her hair is ALWAYS a mess…

  26. Personally, i see how she could leave the flats behind. I hate them and would choose chuck taylors over them any day.

  27. I think the dress and the shoes were ok, even cute-on their own- just not together as an outfit. Kristens a doll, she just has to find her style, she is still young. It takes time, and she has the world critiqueing her. Maybe it would be good idea to hire a stylist for these awkward years…Kristen could tell them everything she loves and then the stylist would put it together for her. Dang, I still wish I had someone to do that for me. lol

  28. She looks nice.Though I wouldn’t wear her dress because I just don’t wear dresses.

  29. She has her all her own style and even if you don’t like it you gotta appreciate her for it because she not trying to emmulate anyone else, she’s just being herself. I think Kristen looks so cute dress, chucks, and all. I wore chucks for the 2nd half of the night of my prom (well you couldn’t really tell, ’cause it was a long dress), but they are comfy

  30. Just because some of you hate the way she dresses doesn’t mean the stylists at vogue would. Part of being fashionable is not following everybody elses trends. By the way she had heels ready to wear but found she couldn’t wear them the day of. Cut her some slack people! I think she looks beautiful, and all the other women there dressed exactly.the.same. Atleast Kristen stands out and can pull it off! And I loved her chucks with that dress! Very tomboy but very cute.

  31. Switzerland says

    i said NOTHING about her clothes…
    i meant HAIR STYLIST.. i liked her outfit ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. It's a lifestyle not an obsesstion says

    Guys that’s her style . In alot of what she does she’s a tomboy,that’s just her style

  33. Julie M. says

    Congrats Kristen! You totally deserve it. I like how Kristen doesn’t conform to the “Hollywood” type. She is her own person and owns it. You go girl!

  34. She is so adorable when she smiles.

  35. LOL! I WAS wondering ‘what she was thinking!’

    She does not have a graceful gait in these tennies. She looked loping and a bit pigeon toed or something. It just is NOT flattering with a dress no matter how edgy or original it is.

    My thought was she was taking her Joan Jett persona a little too literally.

  36. Willful child, I love it. Love the dress and chucks, she dresses for herself. That’s how it should be. Come on it was the MTV awards not the Oscars. She looked better than Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus. She can dress up when it’s called for, look at how great she at the Japan Premier, and the other premiers for that matter.

  37. Totally agreed about Miley Cyrus. I don’t understand why everyone in Hollywood has a stylist (and everyone who has not is pressured into having one). Also, for those of you who said she looked and acted kinda awkward, she’d been on a plane that day, as far as I know! A very long trip. So you shouldn’t be too hard on her.

  38. She flew in from Italy that day! And she doesn’t even look bad at all! Lovin the chucks.

  39. She is G O R G E O U S
    I love Kstew to death!
    And she wore the chucks because of her ankle.
    (in her recent photoshoot theres evidence – he ankle is taped)

    I love her, always will love her. Shes awesome and I look up to her ๐Ÿ˜€ Even though we’re a year apart.
    And I’d choose chucks over heels anyday.
    If she did wear heels, and tripped, then you haters would still complain. She wears chucks and you complain.

    Just because she isnt some plastic barbie like 99.7% of hollywood. Shes real. Like you. Get over yourselves.

  40. The people complaining about the way she dresses probably don’t like her anyway, and are just looking for something to gripe about. It’s this way with every picture, every quote, anything. She can’t win nomatter what. She gets strutunized and picked apart, and it’s ridiculous. All I can say is, if you don’t like what she is wearing, then I suggest YOU don’t wear it.

  41. Another thing, when words are being thrown around like, “lazy” and “gross” those things are hurtful. She’s a real person just like any of us. I think sometimes people forget that about celebrities. And is it really so monumental that she wore sneakers instead of “flats”? Come on, that’s just silly.

  42. it’s her styleee get over it! wouldant of you wear something you hated on tv in front of millions just because fashion mags would like it…which they did anyway btw…

  43. That’s the why I LIKE KSTEW… she is totally herself, he’s not (as said above) “Hollywood Plastic Barbie”… I believe fashion is attitude, not just “clothes”… & she was A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!


  45. i love kisten and the way she pulls that whole outfit off but i the twilight movie she acts so shy and she is going to have to over come that for the other movies

  46. hey pipo wats up

  47. colline. kabuye says

    greatings to all ma fellas outa there

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