Tom Felton As Riley?

We’ve had a ton of Tweets and emails, not to mention a request to advertise an online petition, concerning actor Tom Felton.  Tom is mostly recognized for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. It seems that he’s a popular fan favorite, and somehow the online discussion went from “he’d be great in this part” to “he’s been cast in this part”.

The Tom Felton fansite,, that Tom regularly communicates with, has been similarly bombarded. So, they asked Tom, and this is what he had to say:

“I’ll be ready when they want me! Really, I’m only joking. I’m not really sure at this point; but you will be the first to know if I find out anything!”

Tom later Tweetedi keep getting asked if i’m being cast as Riley in Twilight! I’ll let you all know if so!!!”


  1. Oooh…ummm…I don’t think I like this rumor. He isn’t what I pictured Riley as at all…that doesn’t mean that if he’s cast he won’t do a great job and change my mind…but he definitely isn’t MY Riley at this point.

  2. CorrinaT says

    That would be awesome. He is more of what I pictured of Riley!

  3. Oh Tom. I love him. He’s awesome to follow on Twitter as he is completely obsessed with updating all the time. <3

  4. He doesn’t come to mind when I think of Riley. I always think Channing Tatum, Iam Somerhalder, etc. He’s supposed to be a college kid, and I don’t know what it is about Tom Felton, but when I look at him, I can’t pity him. He just looks like a jerk. You have to sort of pity Riley because he was used to horribly by Victoria. I wouldn’t be able to see that for Tom Felton.

    • Edward (L) says

      Channing Tatum??? he looks nothing like a college boy, which Riley is sort of well at least in age.

      • channing tatum umm i don’t know about that. Have you seen those arms??? He’s almost as big as kellan and Emmett is supposed to be one of the strongest.

      • Okay so let me say that I LOVE HP (not nearly as much as I ADORE Twilight) however Tom will always be Draco. I’m sorry but I can’t see it. I love that the actors they’ve choosen haven’t done movies/series/sequels b/c I don’t want to picture the charecters as anything else at this point but belonging to SM’s creations. I love when I think of Twilight Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Angela, Mike…I don’t have pictures of other charecters they’ve played. It just makes the movies so much better in my opinion. So I hope Tom isn’t cast but I love him as Draco.

    • dracomalfoyFAN says

      pity him?????????uhhhhh….. you are……

  5. I haven’t thought of him,but yeah,he’d be great!
    Channing Tatum is SO inappropriate…

  6. *snort* Please, no!

  7. sillygirl says

    I thought no way at first, but actually, I think he could absolutely pull it off!

  8. The only thing I wouldn’t like about it, is the fact I know him as Draco Malfoy from the HP movies. It would be weird to see some actor I know in these movies. (Pretty much everyone besides Dakota Fanning was an unkown to me.) That’s one thing I liked about Twilight was the fact that pretty much everyone was an unkown.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I think someone less associated with an already established roll from Harry Potter would be too weird.

      • kit elizabeth says

        erm…. Cedric Diggory/Edward Cullen???

        • Exactly – there is already ONE person from Harry Potter – it would be WEIRD to have another cast member, a more noticable HP cast member cross over to Twilight.

      • kit elizabeth says

        Tom Felton is established in his role as Draco, but if you put that particular image out of your head for a moment and consider the way he looks as himself and NOT the character he’s portrayed before, he’s nearly identical to the book’s description.
        There are a TON of similarities between the characters of Riley and Draco, but even if there weren’t, Tom Felton has what it takes to bring any character to life.
        I’m pretty excited to see what happens no matter WHO gets the role… just don’t underestimate the abilities of the folks who allow our written fictions to take life on the big screen. 😉

    • dracomalfoyFAN says

      uummm and robert pattinson is from HP he played cedric….

  9. I totally think he could do it. I think he has shown the range of emotions in the HP films that Riley has to portray in a relatively short amount of time – vulnerability, anger, malice.

  10. Yeah….I never thought of him. He would be good as Riley I think.

  11. I think it would be great, as long as they kept the character innocent. Riley isn’t evil and Draco is. I think it would be cool to see him play Riley the way the character is written in the books.

  12. he looks a bit freaky in
    the photo lolz

  13. Oh, that’d be hot 😛 Never really thought about it. But I don’t think he’ll actually be playing Riley

  14. I think he’d make a good Allistar

  15. He’d be a good Riley, I think.
    I’ve never really thought much about it, but I can see it now. . .

  16. this would not be the best choice. He is and will always be Draco to me. I thought riley would be a little more athletic looking than him. He does have an intense look about him though and if he is cast I’m sure they will do a good job of making him into the character i’ve learned to trust summit in their casting choices and to hope for the best.

  17. Ya, I think he could pull it off. Kind of excited to see what happens now!


  19. I think he will be a great Riley! Love him as Draco but it will certainly be nice to have him act in another role in another beloved book.

    Felton is NOT Draco and never was. That’s what wrong with people’s perspectives.

    Take Daniel Radcliffe for example, people see him as Harry Potter, and he’s stuck with that. The same goes for Robert Pattinson. He’ll be always Edward now.

  20. ILoveAliceCullen says

    I don’t WANT him as Riley,
    I thought Riley had more long blond hair.

    And I prefer some actor we don’t really know. We have too many ‘famous’ people now.
    I don’t want him to be Riley, I really hope he IS not.

  21. Julie M. says

    I think that would be great.

  22. CHRIS HEMSWORTH FOR RILEY! Look him up on google images.

    • Chris Hemsworth is a little old to play Riley, not to mention he was just recently cast as Thor and will likely be preparing for that role. He also has a couple of other projects lined up, so if those start filming before Thor he wouldn’t have time for Eclipse.

    • Ooh…yummy. Yes, he is a little too old for Riley. Still, he has the look I pictured Riley to have.

  23. deedee81 says

    Gah first he was in the top 5 for the Alec role and now for Riley, I have nothing against him, but I dont think he would suit the part off Riley at all.

  24. Ohhhh!
    Tom Felton is an amazing actor.
    He could do this part brilliantly.

  25. Actually I welcome Tom as Riley particularly because it would be so far from his role as Malfoy. I didn’t think of him, but am open to the idea.

  26. He could be a good Riley, I kninda thought of Riley as innocent looking (vampire thing aside) Bella said he looked like a kid, maybe 15, Tom plays Draco who we only ever see with a sneer, but you know, if he wasn’t sneering he could look younger. I
    bet he could pull it off.

  27. Zookie Monster says

    I think he could do it!

  28. No, I don’t think he is right for the part. I did some searching and have two that could pull it off.

    Chad Michael Murray or Michael Bretten

    • TeamSwitzerland4ever says

      Looooooooooooooove Chad but seriously no way! Everyone sees him as Lucas from one tree hill and I don’t think he’ll fit in the movie at all (again, love him, but he’s not right for the part).

      Tom would make a much better choice (Haven’t seen him in Harry p but all the comments say so) or a new guy with good acting skills:)

  29. He’s not really what I imagined Riley to look like at all, in all honesty. I dunno who I’d go for. I haven’t seen anyone who screams Riley to me but I haven’t been looking that thoroughly.
    And does Tom Felton want to be typecast? As various people pointed out, Draco Malfoy shares a lot of similarities with the character of Riley. Obviously, it’s up to Tom Felton but…all the same.

  30. Tom would make an awesome Riley. He can pull of the solemn, conflicted villain. There are tons of similarites between Draco Malfoy and Riley, just check out the trailer for Harry Potter and the half blood prince, fastforward to the scene were Malfoy breaks down in the bathroom—> skills right there

  31. Yeah I think he would be great!!
    BECAUSE if Daniel Radcliffe can stroll around the stage NAKED and not be thought of as Harry.P. then surely we can all see Tom as Riley without thinking of Draco!!.lol. 🙂

    • are you really sure about that? 😆 … Some how, many people would still see Draco, as the two characters have very similar traits/pasts etc…

  32.! I actually think Tom is a much better choice for Riley than the other guy, whose name I have forgotten..somehow, I can picture his as Riley..but, I would need to see a different expression than the one here, to see if he could pull off a scared, confused etc.. look I’m sure Riley had during that fight..much better choice!

  33. He doesn’t look like an american college kid….. One Harry Potter actor is enough…

    • Potter actors crossing over to the Twilight franchise, might not be a bad thing. There are are probably Tom Felton fangirls out there who will watch Eclipse if he’s in it and those hardcore Potter fans who think Twilight is crap (Yeah, they exist) will probably watch Eclipse too to support Tom or out of just curiousity… And a choosing a British actor for Riley would probably would probably be beneficial, makes the Twilight franchise more international. Aaand Tom already has experiene in playing the villian… and the fangirl in me wants to see a Rob and Tom reunion on the set of Eclipse….

  34. i was speaking to my Twilight-Addict-Of-A-Friend today at lunch and i brought this up, and she explained to me who Reily was. Once she had explained, i asked her, “So Reiley is really just Twilight’s Draco Malfoy?” and she said no, but I think there are a few personality similarities from what she told me about Reiley. Any one agree? Or have noticed it first?

    wither way, i will cry lots and lots if Tom goes over to the dark side though, I didn’t enjoy the first book or film, though I hope that IF Tom gets the part, that he will make the whole saga more bearable. 🙂

  35. Tom Felton would make an excellent Riley. After seeing some clips of him in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, he has seriously stepped up. He pulls of the dark, complex villian with a edge of desperation and a need to prove his worth/please his master. Tom Felton for Riley ftw!

  36. TeamSwitzerland4ever says

    I haven’t seen Harry potter and this guy before, so I don’t have any idea how he acts or anything (but reading your comments convinced me) I think Tom can do it. When I saw this picture of him I instantly thought “Riley”. He looks exactly like I pictured him in the book, and I think it would b nice to have him.

    But, because he’s obviously very known for Harry potter and maybe other movies (??) I think they can find someone else, who looks just as much as Riley (Riley isn’t supposed to b very special in any way, it’s just the age and haircolour). Of course, he can do good and convince people to see him as Riley, not the Harry potter part, (Rob did it) but I still think it would b nice to have someone less known. This guy is already known, so I think it would b cool to have someone new, like most of the Twilight cast is. (And by that I mean not famous from before). But ofcourse, the new guy must seriously show some acting skills like Tom has:)

  37. I don’t see him as Riley. I can picture Hunter Parrish. College type, preppy and can be manipulated by Victoria.

    • Exactly.
      I only said Channing because (sorry) but he looks like he could be duped. This guys also has the cute puppy-dog naivety. I hope they pick someone good.

  38. I think I would die and go to fangirl heaven if Tom is cast as Riley. He fits the part=D

  39. Sounds to me like the rumors started because he and his agent have approached Summit for him to play the part.

  40. Being the huge Potter fan that I am, I’m jumping the Tom-for-Riley bandwagon.

  41. Tom is too good for this twilight bull

  42. Okay the thing with Riley that most people seem to forget is…you have to sympathize with him – Edward tries to talk him down and for a short while it works. So you need an ACTOR not a model who can carry a few lines. You need a real actor who can emote with his eyes (you need to sympathize and feel for riley)

    At least that is what did it for me in the book. After HP6 comes out – we are going to see an amazing side to this particular actor…

    I really like this rumor.

    • IA. After seeing Tom step up in HP6, portraying the conflicted Draco Malfoy carrying the burden of the task he has been given, I’m a 100% certain that Tom Felton can pull this off.

  43. eeeh…idts…sorry to those fans of his out there..but idk if i want any more harry potter actors n the movie. I’m ok with Rpatz, cuz, well, he’s Rpatz haha (yum) But idk…maybe im being a lil stubborn. I guess he is close enough to the mental image i have of Riley..who knows…(Im with team switzerland4ever on this one) He’s just too well known…
    And to those saying Channing…eh NOOO xs a million. that is so far from what sm described him as… Not that i don’t like Channing (far from it in fact) its just that he wouldn’t be a good Riley.
    Well, that’s my opinion, Love it, Hate it, either way your thinking of it
    <3 Jay

  44. Just throwing this out there too… Me and a friend were talking the other day (about twilight of course) and she tells me that she would not mind in the least to be cast as the vampire that crush’s jake. haha. now before all you Team Jacob’s out there get all upset, lemme explain her brilliant plan. Just think about it for a minute. Getting to wrap your arms around Taylor. I think she’s got a great idea there! HEHE
    ok that was off topic, but thinking about Eclipse and the Vampire army, just made me think about it.
    I’m going to be jealous for who ever gets cast for that part (if indeed they are casting someone for that) LOL

  45. Tom Felton would do a fabulous job with that part. He can be characters other than Draco Malfoy, which he has already proven. I can’t wait for the release of DH so everyone can see the complexity he can convey in his acting.

  46. I think he would be a fantastic choice!

  47. Switzerland says

    i guess you could say he kinda looks vampiric…
    sure why not??

  48. Based on that picture up there, he does fit my visual description of Riley. I hope he’s considered for the part.


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  2. […] possible role in Twilight. Twilight Lexicon, one of the biggest Twilight news sites, had an article about Tom today, saying, “We’ve had a ton of Tweets and emails, not to mention a request to advertise an […]

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