Kelly Clarkson Talks About Twilight


  1. so does that mean her song is on the New Moon soundtrack?

  2. i like Kelly Clarkson, so i think it would be cool if she were on the soundtrack

      He’s a singer songwriter trying to get his music in the film. Stephenie Meyer has his CD!! One of her friends is a big fan of Rick’s. Check out his songs: SIGNS and LEAVING FOR GOOD on his myspace at:
      His music is so perfect and he’s a HUGE Twilight fan! You’re going to LOVE his music! Go check him out and tell people about him. LET’S HELP HIM GET A SONG IN NEW MOON.

  3. As if I needed another reason to adore Kelly. She’s so awesome.

  4. Heather L says:

    I love Kelly! Have since she won idol! It’s good to see celebrities be “dorky” about Twilight and actually be true and know the stories! And be in their twenties like I am!!! I can’t wait to hear the song and hope its on the soundtrack!!! Is it november yet???

  5. She’s so down to Earth! I love how she’s a little embarrassed about being a fangirl haha. That’s exactly how I am because when people bring Twilight up I just start gushing about how amazing it is. Most people think Twilight fans are tweens but I’m not a teenager and I have a husband and two kids! It’s so funny. My best friend is a huge fan like me but she keeps it like a secret. She doesn’t want anyone to know how much of a nerd she is. I call her a “closet Twi-hard”. Lol.

  6. I wonder what song it is…

    • Didn;t she say it was called, ‘Empty as I am’? Or was she talking about another song? Will have to watch again…

  7. Love Kelly, welcome to nerdsville Kelly, the one place in the universe where we are all president!

  8. Kay_Cullen says:

    Don’t worry Kelly you’re not a nerd, and you don’t sound like one, either!

    I’m already a fan, but now I love ya 10 times more!!!!

    I would now like to welcome you to the Twilight Saga fan club!!! AWESOME!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  9. I wish I could listen to the song she wrote for New Moon.

  10. BooksRcrazy says:

    Is the name of the song “Did you” or “As empty as I am?”

    • Addicted_Fan says:

      She said it was called “Empty as I am” in the video. Would be nice to be able to listen/hear it now…..

  11. BellaNicole says:

    I’m a huge Kelly Clarkson fan!!! I love when celebrities I love also love Twilight!!!

  12. thegratefulbrunette says:

    =/ oh great
    could twilight get anymore mainstream?

  13. That is so awesome that she wrote a song for NEw Moon!! I think that she should be on the soundtrack!!! She is totally not a nerd… I am right there with her.. Like the rest of us we are all Twihards!!

  14. It's a lifestyle not an obsesstion says:

    I wish it was November 19th of be so happy…..I wanna hear it I hope I either comes out soon or is on the new moon soundtrack that’d be’s nice to no that celebs love the seires as much as us!!

  15. When I think of New Moon, “Addicted” by Kelly Clarkson is always what comes to mind, but I’m sure I will love any song she puts on the soundtrack.

    • Miss Miriam says:

      I agree…everytime I hear “Addicted” I think of New moon….also when I hear “sober” by Pink I think that too, but that song has a Twilight feel in the beat.

  16. I’m a big fan of Kelly so I would be very happy if they actually put her song on the soundtrack. Fingers crossed.

  17. Kimberly says:

    I personally don’t like how she is embarrassed about talking about the book. And how she keeps saying she is a “nerd” for talking about twilight. If you truly have a devotion to something, you should never be embarrassed about it. That kind of offended me. All in all I don’t really care for her music and I hope New Moon keeps with the indy music theme of the first movie. If this soundtrack gets all mainstream “pop” it will be a total sellout. JMO.

    • CullenChik says:

      Oh man, I completely agree. When she was talking, I wanted to shake her and say, “Be proud of your nerdiness! Get over the embarassment!!” It bothered me, too.

      • Be Real says:

        Don’t be offended. Kelly is always self-effacing in all her interviews, about everything, not just about her Twilight obsession. It’s part of her humbleness, down-to-earthness and charm.

  18. She is so funny. I love how she’s so down to earth. Can we listen to that song now. The other song that would be good would be haunted. And My Never, the singer from blue october sings it. It is a song that could be on breaking dawn..

  19. It’s brought by a local channel from my country! No wonder it seemed so familiar.

  20. can anyone tell me what she says in this video? i dont have sound on my pc

    • Edward (L) says:

      ermmm she basically just says that she has written a song for New Moon called “Empty as I am” and she says that it is a sad song to fit with NM but it has a sweet melody as well. And she also explains how she is a Twilight nerd πŸ˜€

  21. It’s great to see singers like her get excited about working on a Twilight film. I’m glad that she loves the second book,as it is very sad and heartbreaking. At the same time,there is hope at the end of the second novel and that’s what made reading New Moon enjoyable for me to read. I’ve read it three times now and it gets better with each reading. Can’t wait to hear her song if it’s included on the soundtrack.

  22. Alice Kiki Cullen says:

    OME,OME YESSSS!! KELLY I LOVE U 10000000x MORE NOW!!! AHAHAHA!! I always have but now it’s ever more!1 πŸ˜‰ giggles.

  23. seriouslysirius says:

    I love the idea of Kelly Clarkson singing for New Moon. Her songs really show the depth of peopleΒ΄s relationship and she is a master at singing heart break songs so she would be awesome.

  24. Yeah, yeah… now eveybody writes songs 4 NM, want to be in the soundtrack & bla,bla,bla… Don’t get me wrong plz, she is a very good singer, great voice & all that, but there is a problem: too “pop-ish”… I really cross my finger 4 the mainstream stay so far way of this soundtrack… 4 this soundtrack be so unique like the book, & everytime when I hear it, it makes me cry as the book did. So ppl be nice, Kelly Clarson don’t need more publicity, she’s already famous… give the chance 4 others singer/bands not-so-known, I’m pretty sure they have such a good songs.

  25. lindarenee says:

    i love how she is incredibly down to earth.
    i saw an interview with her on ‘rove’ and she was so genuine.
    shes a great singer..
    and she loves the books.. which means it’ll be a great song for the movie…!!! πŸ™‚

  26. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Kelly is awsome. I love her music and everthing she does her music would totally goes with New Moon. And she loves the books what else do you want. πŸ™‚

  27. Blah. New Moon isn’t Sad, its just “Omg I can’t live without the sexy vampire guy, omg he is so hot, I must see him more omg omg omg omg !!! DDD: ” -jump off a cliff-

  28. Um…Zoey, did we read the same book?


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