Robert Pattinson in Interview Magazine

It sounds a bit redundant, but Robert Pattinson gave an interview to Interview magazine.

Rob’s co-stars and even Rob himself are always talking  about how Rob will blurt out random nonsense in an interview, Rob will just ramble on, or how Rob gives a comment that provides a classic WTF moment.

So it should come as no surprise that Rob’s off-beat humor comes through when has was asked to comment on his early days in London sharing a flat with best friend and fellow actor Tom Sturridge.

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  1. EdwardNJessi says:

    Umm…I am sooo distracted by his boxers in that picture! YUMMY.

    LOVE the interview though! 🙂 He’s just real…and that’s so refreshing!

  2. Um, this is a really old article. From maybe early Jan?

  3. WannaBeMrs.Cullen says:

    Could he BE any hotter in that picture! Should I be having these thoughts…I am a 30 year old married mother of two!!

    • I’m 41 and having those same thoughts! How can 1 person be so umm… mesmorizing?

      • Yeah well, I’m 42, married with kids and I should probably be arrested for the thoughts I’ve been having about this guy.

        • 26 married mother of 2. Can’t we have our fantasy guys like men have chicks? At least he has clothes on.(in the pic) LOL We are only human though. 😛

          • 27 mother of 2..i agree!

          • Fantasy is a great thing even when your older than all the rest of you. I hink he is the hottest man to come along since Johnny Depp.

          • LaTuaCantante says:

            I agree. Johnny Depp has never left my hot list and Robert Pattinson is right up there with him now. OMG, the thoughts swirling in my head. Bad, bad but in a good way…LOL…swoon.

  4. WannaBeMrs.Cullen says:

    I don’t know Lori! I am sure it has something to do with the character he portrays. Edward is so amazing, how could we NOT fall in love with the actor who plays him!! Of course, it helps that he freakin’ HOT! OME!!

  5. Rosaura says:

    We all know that Edward is whom we see when we look at Robert, but if you read a lot of what Robert has said; you start to see a little Edward in Robert too. Especially his love of “not-your-typical” yong adult taste in music.

  6. boxers? Those are tighty whiteys that need to go…

  7. arazcal says:

    Well one thing is almost certain; based on the pic it appears Rob is a “briefs” guy….

    • Rosaura says:

      I think they are boxers. If you look closely, you can see how they open, just a little in the front, near the ties of the sweats. Briefs don’t open up like that, they just have an elastic waistband.

    • Kay_Cullen says:

      That might be true,arazcal, but you’re missing the big picture, ROBERT PATIINSON IS IN BOXERS!!! Are you not already fainting just at the thought!?! Besides, even if he’s not in his underwear, he’s still HOT!!!!

      • Kay_Cullen says:

        Oh, Rob I’m so friggin’ sorry!! I spelled your last name wrong!! Everyone I meant to write PATTINSON!! X( 🙁

  8. one word: underwear.

    OME sexy man.

  9. Edward (L) says:

    the link isnt working for me 🙁 and LOL to Rosaura 🙂

  10. I have the pic from that mag and those are definately NOT tighty whiteys. They’re unbuttoned and flap over the grey sweats.

  11. 44 mother of 3 please people remove the picture we are only humans. We try so hard no to losing it completly, give us a break.Mercyyy us

  12. This picture is OLD!

  13. Twilightdiheart says:

    I agree with CeeCee. I am a 35 year old, married mother of two, and I am not ashamed of the things I would love to do Rob. Poor kid. : – )

    • Kay_Cullen says:

      Ummmmmmm… dude, don’t post that on here… we teens don’t want to know your gross fantasies…

      seriously, that is gross….

  14. Twilightdiheart says:

    As much as I love Rob. I’m not digging the sagging pants, must be the 35 year old in me. Just cut through the chase and show us your “Calvin’s”.

  15. holy crap, I’m about to faint the picture is HOT!

  16. Wow, I’ve heard of “Cougar-bait” but this is ridiculous. Does this poor guy have any clue what he does to all of us married-with-kids women out here? lol.

  17. pacificsun says:

    Something must be wrong with me because all I keep thinking is “Pull you your PANTS!” lol.

  18. 39 married mom here – glad I’m not alone in my robbing-the-cradle thoughts. 🙂

  19. It's a lifestyle not an obsesstion says:

    I’m melting so my new wallpaper

  20. so true, he always rumbles talks about anything and sometimes are those WTF moments haha i love those moments

  21. Kay_Cullen says:

    Can anyone please tell me what a WTF moment is??????

    I know what WTF stands for…What the f***

  22. Kay_Cullen says:

    WOAH… all I can think of right now is “What heck the he is wearing?”…

    • Kay_Cullen says:

      Crap, crap, crapity crap! Sorry I wrote that wrong!!

      I meant to say “What the heck is he wearing!?” now you see how mesmirized I am by this pic..


  23. i’m sorry but the low pant look just doesn’t do it for me. pull them up and stop looking like such a dag 😛 haha my brother wears his pants extremely low, can’t stand it!!!!

  24. I’m just as old as him, married and has a child. I’m reading the books and I cant get him out of my head! I’m so amazed with him especially as a actor. He is amazing!

    And who cares what he is wearing! He is gorgeous!

  25. Kristy,Kelly,Sheila and all those married women with kids – I’m twice Rob’s age and I can’t get him out of my head either. Yep, I got it just as bad! I’ve read all 4 books and Midnight Sun, twice. Gosh . . . those books did something too me! Darn that SM!! There is just something about him that,well,has…. put him before Johnny Depp.I swear I thought that would never happen. Johnny’s been my #1 for many, many years. Hey, it is what it is!

  26. i have to agree im 33 all i can say is hawt dayum

  27. ana carolina says:


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