New Moon Reactions

Well we asked for your New Moon trailer reactions and we got a bunch. So here are the ones that stood out from the Twi-guys, to the teens, to the married with kids trying not to wake up the kids. Here is it. Be warned, since it was live reaction the language isn’t always PG.


Best Friends Switching Teams?

Can’t scream too loud or hubby will think I’m insane

Watches Even Though Hubby Mocks

Best Group Reaction

I’m Not Crying, Who Said i’m Crying

Loudest Scream

Death of a camera

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Play by play


  1. I wanted to send my video but can’t found the camera =/ oh well. This is really cool xD

  2. Smashley says:

    i liked the play by play…

    and the screaming one…even though i think mine would have beat it…..i was sreaming ALOT more than that, the neighbors probably thought that somebody was dying…hahah
    i was jumping up and down everywhere going crazy….i actually thought that some of these reactions were kind of mellow…was it just me that had an over the top reaction?

  3. The first reaction was the most like mine. I like the last one with the play by play and I’ll say I agree with her on some of the things she mentions but still 100% totally loved the trailer. I’d also like to add that I think it is weird how hard Bella throws the gift to the floor after she cuts herself…she probably broke it!

  4. they were all so funny! i loved on the group reaction how the girls kept looking at the camera and smiling lol. then one says stop acting for the camera! lol. loved the play by play too. i should have recorded my reaction lol. my husband and i watched it together and he was almost as excited as i was.. but he made fun of me for crying! lol. love these.

    oh and my best friend and my brother are getting married november 21st so we already have plans for the night before! haha πŸ˜› november can’t come fast enough!!!!

    • Yay! That was me and all my sisters watching it together. The video didn’t show all our reactions because after the camera was shut off we all ran around screaming like chickens with our head cut off. And our grandma looking at us like we are on crack.(or what I like to call it Twi-crack) There was lots of screaming,crying by some, and laughter by others. It was just a realy fun night.

      Thank you Twilight Lexicon for post our video. We love you so much!:D

  5. I am glad I used my earphones to watch these! LOL!
    ALL were awesome! However,the last one is hands down the best! Good job to the girl in the last video!
    Everyones reactions were about the same in all the right places!
    I love that Jasper is getting the love even though people are hating on his hair! Poor Jackson!
    Kristen is still getting the full strength venom I see, oh well.
    Even Poor Rob,but sorry ya’ll I don’t think they are going to change they’re acting methods for us! Just saying.
    Of course hottie little Taylor has to be the most stoked because of 1. The reaction to his amazing body! And 2. his wolf phasing!
    cause lets all be honest that is the best part of the trailer!

    one more thing,can we stop call the wolves werewolves! That so bothers me worse then a teenage girl smacking and popping gum like its an actual pleasure! THE ARE NOT WEREWOLVES! No FULL MOON NEEDED! UGH!!
    They are just wolves,who phase back and forth! Research it, google it: Shapeshifters! Its an actual legend,myth!

  6. Lol, the play-by-play was AWESOME.

    “Oh yeah. Let’s see that again.” LOL.

  7. Chrystina says:

    I wish I would have video taped my friends and I. We are all older and some married… I even have 3 kids. We had a “New Moon Trailer” dinner party.. when we watched the trailer we were all holding “Pocket Edwards” and screaming. I was even biting his head… thanks for posting these.. they were funny!

    • A pocket Edward, Um what is that and where do I get one? LOL Is there a pocket Jacob with no shirt, I need one of those too!!!

    • Twi-Guy, Best Friends Switching Teams, and Can’t scream too loud or hubby will think I’m insane were pretty good. They all were good and funny videos. but I think I have to choose play by play as my favorite. I love that play by play shows Jacob shirtless over and over again. Of course, LOL

      Thanks for making all the videos and thanks for posting them. I enjoyed watching them all!!!

  8. Ok. I loved the reactions mine was equally as crazy. As for the play by play, I have one question. Have you ever seen a preview trailer before. What you see is not the way it will be in the movie. BELLA is wearing different outfits because they are different scenes. DUH Notice how Jacob has no shirt then when he is running he does. Are you trying to say the he put a shirt on to just shred it. People please. It’s called a teaser and that is exactly what it did. As for the brown, there was a blue filter added to make it look like that on Twilight. I am so glad they took that off. People PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY JUST LOVE THE MOVIE FOR WHAT IT IS. We know it will not be like the book 100% but who cares no movie that was a book ever is. So just be glad there is a movie.

    • celloplyr4jesus says:

      i was just doing commentary on it. My point was that it was two different scenes, thats why i brought up the fact that she was wearing two different shirts. and i know that they had the blue filter in twilight and that was intentional. Twilight was vampires, cold, blue, and new moon is werewolves, warm, brown. that was my only point.

  9. thnx! is there gonna be something for the full trailer or movie reactions?

  10. Haha. You make some good points, and some funny ones. The phasing scene was definately an interesting one. As it seemingly ignored how the book was written. Hopefully your conclusion is correct. That’s kind of a vital part of the book; Bella figuring out what Jacob actually is. Kristen is learningz to actz. omg o.O

  11. The play by play was definitely my favorite πŸ™‚ I noticed the backpack disappearance too, but I thought maybe she just dropped it when she was running. But, what she said made a lot of sense. Ahh well, I guess we’ll have to wait til November to find out :p

  12. Rachel M. says:

    Ok, my scream totally beat the so-called “Loudest Scream.” I completely lost it when Jasper attacked Bella. (Absolutely INSANE Jasper fan-girl right here.)

    And I love the play-by-play one. I did something similar to this, but I recorded it on my phone, and it was a little over 12 minutes long. I completely picked apart the trailer, because I have no life outside Twilight. XD I do, I just tend not to show it often.

  13. AnnieCullen says:

    Omg I <3’d these reactions. I wish I could’ve filmed mine. I had most of these mashed up into one lol…I screamed,I cried,my boyfriend was bothering me,and then I had the group reaction from everyone watching it with me (they aren’t twilighters but they still liked the trailer). NEW MOON CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH !!! lol

  14. i loved the play by play. It’s by far my favorite. I liked the Twi-Guy and the Hubby Mocking one too. Both made me laugh.

  15. This has seriously made my day!! Awesome selection of clips.

  16. “all of a sudden theres this big hairy thing but i thought bella was running in the other direction just sayin’ ” XD
    love it that one was the best well done celloplyr4jesus you broke it down so well and the replay of taylor yes that was brilliant …. i love it

  17. Lieziewiezie says:

    The Play by play video was absolute amazing.

    It was really good broken out in parts and commented on a rational way.
    I agreed with a lot of stuff.
    And I think you’re right about the wolf-different outfits theory. I was also sure it’s from 2 different parts of the movie, but I think you’re right about which parts that are.

    And: ‘what’s that? Despair? Look, Kirsten acts’ –> priceless. It’s indeed a good step in the right direction.

    About Edward being so easily to stop Jasper while they’re both vampires I have my own theory. Jasper is indeed losing himself at the smell of Bella’s blood. But deep down he absolutly doesn’t want to hurt Bella. Edward is 100% devoted to the cause he’s fighting with his brother for –> saving Bella. Could that have to do with the obvious win in strenght at this point?

    Very well done. It was very nice to watch.

    • Lieziewiezie says:

      I’m gonna reply to myself since I wanted something extra to discuss.
      You also talk about the ‘brown mood’ of New Moon. And it’s obvious, the whole trailer has this ‘golden, warmth feeling about it. Twilight was ‘blue, cold’. Do you think this has to do with the fact of Twilight being the vampire (-> cold) movie and New Moon being more about the wolves(-> warmth)? Or am I thinking to far?

      • celloplyr4jesus says:

        no i totally agree on the blue-vampire brown-werewolf thing. i love that. and if you look at the two logos for twilight and then new moon the color scheme still matches.

      • NGroves says:

        I know it’s only a trailer, but I’m not sure that brown-warm colour..Ok, it’s the colour for Jacob, but why warm-brown colour too for the Cullens(house&clothes)?

        • Lieziewiezie says:

          I think it would be to confusing if they switched colorsceme in a 1:40min trailer.
          I think it just has to do with the fact this is more about the werewolves then about the Cullens. Until the end of course. I can’t wait for later trailers where we (hopefully) can see the Volturi.

  18. Twi-guy video – loved the “Kristen sucks” caption!

    Hubby Mocks video – The husband saying that Jacob was a German Shepherd was funny! My older brother Robert always teases me about Twilight. Aha.

    Group Reaction video – I loved their response to Jacob transforming! That was great.

    Loudest Scream video – I wanted to shriek in excitement when Jasper runs at her. I was all, “Kill her, Jasper!!!!!” Unfortunately I couldn’t scream because my roommates were sleeping.

    My favourite was the Play by Play though. Thank God she explained in a video that those scenes with Bella were different scenes. Pay attention people! Details are important. But I heard one girl complaining that the cake wasn’t pink. Come one……IT’S JUST A CAKE.

  19. Jacob doesn’t look like a dog does he ?

    THE COLOR DOES BUT I think the transformation was awesome.

  20. Very Cute videos!

  21. I think every part the NM looks great, the colors the clothes the eyes of the vamps. Chris has done a great job and I cant wait to see what Slade brings to Eclipse!

  22. Jessica says:

    The Best friends switching teams, is the funniest!
    and the pair of girls that cry is really good lol
    i had the same reaction lol!

  23. Eclisse says:

    I didn’t like the play by play.
    1. Jasper doesn’t fight back in the book. He lets Edward win, so THAT’S why there’s no fight back on the cut seen.
    2. Um…it’s really great you like brown?
    3. It was a TEASER…that’s why there’s no Volturi

    Overall…the other reactions were much better.

    • celloplyr4jesus says:

      hey thanks tons. i didnt mean for jasper to fight back, i was just commenting on the actual physics of the thing. yes brown. brown vs the blue green of twilight. it’s happening. and i wasn’t complaining about the volturi. i am aware that its a teaser, and it had a ton of content for the first trailer. that’s what i was saying, that it was unbelievable that we got so much, and that the only thing that they didn’t show a part of was the volturi.

    • Switzerland says:

      i thought she was pretty hilarious and i agreed on everything πŸ™‚

  24. thanks jeremy!!! I love when people actually know what they are talking about. That’s all i gotta say.

  25. taylahbob says:

    I’m soooo devo that I didn’t get to record my reaction to the trailer……Maybe do the same thing for the next one? Or not?

  26. meloncoke says:

    These were all funny! but my favorite by far is not on here. These two are HILARIOUS!!!! i don’t know if they entered their video into here but they are SO funny!!! my favorite reaction! you all need to check them out.

    its ErickWithNoK

    the language is a bit PG-13 so watch out yunguns!

    • I love this guy.:D
      His NM trailer reaction was SO funny!
      Worth watching.

    • i loved this!! thanks for sharing it…hahaha but just because you like twilight doesn’t mean you are going to lose man points…LOL

  27. Switzerland says:

    the last girl made me piss my pants!!
    she was sooooooo funny πŸ™‚

  28. Twilightdiheart says:

    The last Youtube cast was wonderful. Can she be our Twicorespondent. Loved her commentary.

  29. Juliana says:

    if laurant’s eyes are so bright red, then how bright are they planning on making the new born vampire’s eyes in eclipse and breaking dawn? plus, he’s supposed to be very thirsty, so his eyes should be black.

  30. I got loudest scream? I saw a bunch of louder screams. *is confused*

  31. Victoria says:

    I wished I taped my reaction! I was like skaking so bad! My mouth was open the whole time. I COULD NOT speak when it was done! It was amazing!

  32. dude. i’m friends with the girl who won “loudest scream.” she’s awesome. πŸ˜€

  33. i loved all of them…how neat to see different reactions. great idea lexicon!!

    we had a group reaction and it mirrors just about everyone here except there was tons of jumping around and family members giving us weird looks…:D

    break the camera: loved how she was talking to herself but caught it just in time. it still shows that we are still sane!! haha

    play-by-play: i think i may have an idea about the meadow being all brown and “dead”. doesn’t it describe it in the book that when she went back it wasn’t their “green” meadow anymore?? or else it was a symbol like you said on how dead and empty she feels on the inside after edward leaves…IMO

    but overall it was funnY!!

  34. ew the kid in the first vid is gross. but anyway i cant wait for the movie, its gonna be awesome!!!!

  35. Natalie says:

    omg haha! loved them all..especially the play by play and the hubby mocks “that was not a german shepherd shutup!” LOL hilarious

  36. Juliana says:

    to celloplyr4jesus:
    I grew up just north of forks. when it snows in the winter, the grass often dies. so it’s probably the cold, not a drought that killed the grass. (it should take place around the end of feb beginning of march)

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