FearNet Sponsors Comic Con Contest

Comic Con is sold out. There is not a ticket to be had. However, Fearnet is sponsoring a contest. Here’s what it includes:

” It’s your chance to win a paid vacation to San Diego, for one of the coolest events of the year. We’ll pick up your flight. Your hotel. Your transportation. Heck, we’ll even pay for a friend to come along. And best of all, we’re including two four day passes to Comic-Con 2009, where you’ll get to see the most anticipated movies, shows, games and comics before anyone else.”

Check out Fearnet to get the particulars.


  1. eeeeeeff. You have to be 21. That blows.

    • ugh! You have to live in the States. THAT blows. I live 10 minutes away from the U.S!

      • tarinya says:

        that definitely blows!! i’d just like to have a chance at something like this for once! just once. but there’s no way the cast’ll ever be in Switzerland i guess 🙁

    • enter one of your parents (with their permission, of course). the person traveling with the winner can be under 21 if they are the winner’s child.

  2. whaat?! 21?
    what happenened to the good ‘ol age of 18.
    i’m going to convince my mom to enter. haha

  3. Oh!
    You can enter once every day.
    SO entering EVERY day.

  4. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Why do you have to be 21. That’s ridiculous.

  5. Vanessa Chavez says:

    damn you have to be 21! hahaha im entering my mom lol

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