New Moon Trailer

Our prediction: It will beat the odds and outsell the original at the box office. Sequels almost never sell more than the originals. This one is going to do it.



  1. JACKSON WAS AMAZING! The trailer couldn’t be anymore of a teaser!

    • I know I though Jackson was great to and his hair was looked pretty darn! The film looks frekin great!!
      The trailer made me want to cry mostly because of Edwards face after he pushes Bella in to the wall/table it was heart breaking!And I know that they say you shouldnt wish your life away but I so wish it was November!!!! Does anyone have a machine that makes time go forward?? πŸ™‚

    • Rachel M. says

      I screamed when Jackson attacked! I had such a fan-girl moment that I’m surprised that someone across the street didn’t call the cops to see if I was okay.
      So, I don’t really care about the subordinate CGI wolf, since I’m going to see Jasper and Alice in the theater. πŸ™‚ TEAM JASPER!!!!!

  2. ONE WORD: EPIC!!!

    • Nooooo epic? Did anyone else notice the cheesy cgi wolf? Do they think we’re 2 Years old? omg the trailer was stunning until that cartoon chessy totally unrealistic generated wolf. Cheapie films do real wolves, why can’t the gratest one this year.
      My heart was broken, Jacob is real not cgi. I’m team Edward but I know Jake deserves better than that. omg

      • Awesome trailer, leaves you wanting more!!! As for the cheese ball, they had to go CGI on the wolf because, in real life, wolves do not grow to be that big, so it would be really hard to find them to be in a movie. If you think you can do better, my hats off to you. Kudos to Chris Weitz, just like in the Golden Compass, he has worked his magic once again! Can’t wait to see more of his movie magic in New Moon!

        • Also, I’m sure they’ll get things even cleaner for the actual movie! They just finished filming!!

        • I totally agree! I thought the wolf was great and everytime I watch this it still makes me say WOW when Jacob phases!! Well done to Chris.W. he has done a fantasic job on NM! Now only 6 months to wait πŸ™

        • Absolutly, I loved the wolf, the phasing, everything!!! Im never gonna make it to November!!! ugghhhh!!!

        • OMG!
          some people are so picky!
          the trailer is AMAZING!
          and as for the wolf
          i thought it was AMAZING!
          cant you just be glad we got to see it?
          for all we know they might not be done making it better!
          i thought it was awesome!
          and taylor is SO HOT!
          AND OMGGG the birhtday scene was intense πŸ˜‰
          I LOVE IT !
          loveee it all!

      • Nezzi Loves Lautner says

        OMTL!! all ive got to say is..WOW!! everything looks amazing and worth the wait!…my boy taylor looked absolutely heavenly(shirtless and not!)…only one problem….WTH WAS WITH THE WOLF??!?!?!?!? i mean u have a colassal hunk like taylor morphing into a stupid little cgi wolf….WITH BLUE EYES!! i mean come on! i dont mind that the deviated from the book by having jacobin his humna form when Laurent was there, but seriously im am soo mad i hope the can change the wolf into a better wolf…a little ore lifelike please!!

        • ok this is probably the 20th time i’ve said this throughout the day: the scenes of the medow, jacob shirtless and jacob phasing ARE THREE TOTALLY DIFFERENT SCENES!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i just think is kinda obvious to see that but oh well
          by the way i like the wolves i mean they are suppose to look like real wolves just bigger not like werewolves in other movies so yeah….


  4. OOMMMMGGGGG, i really dont think i can wait till November. AT ALL!!!!!!!

    • Veronica says

      I completely agree. Five and half months is way too long to wait for something that looks this good!!

    • Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll have a chance to move the date up a bit, like they did with Twilight πŸ™‚

  5. I have stayed up until 3.35 am UK time to watch this so thank you for posting it…

  6. inhiding says

    Great job, Lexicon!! I knew I could count on you to have it up within minutes! You’re so good to us!

    • Peace.Love.Twilight. says

      You are soo right!! Big thanks to Lexicon for keeping us updated on all things Twilight in the news!

      On the trailer:
      Wow. I had to watch it over and over..the wolf transformation was UNBELIEVABLE!!! Kudos, Kudos, and more KUDOS to the people that made this possible!

      Jackson and Robert were amazing in the birthday fight scene! Kristen was exactly how I pictured her when I was reading the book, New Moon!!! Thank you, cast for making our beloved book come to life!

      November 20th needs to hurry up! I want it to be here NOW!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Yay! *Grin*

  8. SO FRIKING AWESOME I CAN’T WAIT. Sequels almost always make more than the original if the original made a lot of money and resonated with people.

  9. lol i went sooo crazy when i saw this on tv!

    • lilymagilly says

      hahah same!! when they did all those fake-outs of showing the preview i like had a heart attack each time!!

  10. THERE’S A WOLF! wow…nicely done, i nearly peed my pants at how epic that was…

    • I know you’re stoked, I was too, but take a closer look, not a the shirtless Jake (although I realize thats hard to not do) but at that horrible cgi wolf.
      Surely you noticed, go back and look. It was a total generated cheese ball wolf. He deserves better. They should have been real- I had bad dreams all night when I finally fell asleep. Jake is suppose to be real, my gosh, its hollywood, take a real one and blow it up bigger on a green screen.
      Don’t give us crap- this will be the bomb movie of all time. Take that cheese and…

      • TeamSwitzerland4ever says

        come on, they CAN’T have real wolves there! 1. How can someone make the wolves to do what they want 2. how much money would THAT cost!?! 3. U want Edi Gathegi to die 4 real or what?

        seriously people, I don’t understand how u didn’t expect a CGI wolf! It’s just obvious it HAD to b!

        And by the way… loved the wolf. I think the animation was pretty good (ofcourse it can get better) but good for now, and it added so much more to the movie! Can’t wait, I’m so sure that New Moon will be better than Twilight, except for Kristen playing heart-crushed maybe (I don’t dislike her acting skill or anything, but that scene would surely b hard for any actor to do!) But seriously… Loved the birthday party as well. Again: Can’t wait!!

  11. I loved the trailer. Kate, I know! That’s the only word I can use to describe it. I was speechless. Seriously. I was like, “Where’s Jacob? There should be more of him…” And then Taylor Lautner pops onto the screen shirtless. Ahh, I hyperventilated for a bit. ;D That’s exactly how I pictured the scene with Jackson in my head. Chris Weitz is amazing. Wow, long comment. =)

  12. Melanie Cullen says

    sooo many questions.
    does bella know!?! thats my main one…


    • lol does bella know what..?

    • Does Bella know what?? Have you not read the books? Don’t tell me you haven’t read the books. Read the books….then you will know what Bella knows.

      • Melanie Cullen says

        COURSE IVE READ THE BOOKS. I’ve read each one a thousand times over since they each came out. I started reading the series when New Moon just came out. I meant if she knew that Jacob was a wolf at that point in the trailer when he changed. But now I know they’re two different scenes.


        • yes they are two different scenes.
          u could tell because in one bella was a gray jacket and her red bag, in the other one she has a brown jacket.
          also in the book bella yells “run jacob” after paul transformed into a wolf.

  13. You know, I couldn’t breath when I watched the trailer. It’s is probably virtually one of the most amazing things everrrr. I can’t wait for this movie!

  14. ChelseaLee says

    OH! How FLIPPIN’ SWEET did Wolf-Jacob look?! GAH! Amazingness. Still jumping around! Edward leaving, how DEVASTATING is that full scene going to be?! AHHH!!! Amazing.

    • The wolf was effin amazing…cant wait to see the rest..


      • The wolf was a cgi cartoon. Look at the trailer again. It was unexpected and fast, but really look this time. At least in Twilight Catherine knew she had better keep them real. It looked like a fake cgi wolf- you know Jake deserves better.

        • Kara, get over it… no one but you cares about the CGI but you. Like others have said they just wrapped up production so it will more than likely get better.

          I think the trailer was awesome. I was speechless at the end, my husband laughed at me, lol. I can’t wait for November.

  15. Jennifer says

    It was worth watching the stupid MTV awards for…

  16. i was not expecting to see a wolf!!!
    it looks better than the first one, BELLA ACTUALLY LOOKS PRETTY

    • How Bella of her?!! I loved it! and I LOVED the trailer. I screeched. I’m 37, seriously?!

      • LOL! I’m 31 and did the same thing. It’s ok. Totally acceptable. Or so my other twilight friends tell me πŸ˜›
        Too bad I had to endure the MTV awards and their childish wildly inappropriate antics just so I could catch that first glimpse. Reminded me all over again why I can’t stand MTV’s awards shows.
        Bday scene was better than I expected. Breakup doesn’t look as soul crushing as it was in the book.
        Not sure how I felt about the wolf. It was ok, but not as great as I was expecting. I’d comment on Jake’s shirtless form, but he’s too young and I’m just too old!

        • I’m 55 and I cried & said bad adjectives out loud describing how freaking excited I am!!! πŸ™‚

          • Well, I had to get the kleenex and I did not expect that! The breakup WAS devastating from the little part we got to see! Her lying in the forest? It was heartbreaking!

          • Pat, I also got sooo excited until the cheesy generated wolf- why not real wolves. I love this character and I hope that was just for the trailer until they could get the real ones in there.

          • TeamSwitzerland4ever says

            GET OVER IT! They CANT have real wolves!!

          • Sure they can. Other movies do, and the wolves are never around the actors- filmed seperately. Added green screen style. They can also make them huge that way.

        • I’m 32 and I think I didn’t breathe for a minute and a half or so while the trailer run. After that I just started screaming like a crazy woman. I think that the breakup scene doesn’t look as soul crushing as it was in the book because it seems that it’s not the whole scene (I doubt that they would show it all on a trailer). The wolf I think it was just amazing, much better than I expected. And I don’t care if Taylor it’s too young for me to be saying this but he looks absolutely HOT!

          • Amy,
            You have me rolling! He did look…um…well defined. I’ll keep it at that!

  17. So disappointed i could die.

    • Why?

    • I was kind of too. My 12 year-old hated it. It was cool to see the bday scene, but it really is disappointing that they change the entire wolf/Laurent scene. I know it’s impossible to keep to the book exactly, but this was a pretty important scene in the book.

  18. Love it but the wolves are not good to cg..A lot of disappoinment… I was hoping for something like blood and choclate.New Moon all the way.. Ps did anyone see kstew drop the popcorn LOLOl

    • I love the B&C wolves (although as a book fan, I really despise that movie for other reasons). But the Twilight wolves were described to be big wolves, so this CG actually.. Really impressed me. I don’t think they could have possibly done a better job.

      • ChelseaLee says

        Yeah, I personally think the wolf looked amazing.

        • chelsea, i have to get this out befor i go 2 bed..What WAS THE deal w/laurent being in front of jacobs house??? Bella finds him in the meadow not cool.also when she first saw the wolves she didnt know that it was jacob.She just thought the wolf looked familiar.Cant wait though just think the woives still look babyish,remember twilight has fans of all ages you go from a hot guy into weird baby wolf.

          • look at it very closely! they are different scenes cut together.
            in the one when she is with laurent she is wearing a backpack.
            when she yells for jacob to run she is wearing a dark jacket and when jacob phases over her she is in brown. so i think the wolfs still come out like normal

          • sorry know now the scenes are different

          • just another thought since in the movie bella does not get hurt will CARLISLE talk w/bella about edwards whole soul thing? I hope they keep that conversation in Cant wait!!!!

          • what do you mean that the movie bella doesn’t get hurt, after Edward pushes her her sleeve is all torn and there is blood all over her arm… I’d say that means she gets hurt…

          • twilove26 says

            its not in jake’s house…bella has adifferent jacket so my guess is that the wolf is for jared u know when he finds out not for laurent though it looks like an amazing scene =]]

          • Actually, if you look at what Bella is wearing in the scene with Laurent vs. when she runs under leaping Jacob, its a different outfit. so, I think they just spliced 2 scenes together to have it make sense without being too long. I’m imagining that she sees the wolves come out of the woods with Laurent and doesn’t know yet, like in the book. Then, the scene where Jake leaps over her — maybe that’s where Paul goes all wolfie on Jake and Bella is telling him to run away, but instead jake becomes a wolf and goes off in the woods to have his little fight with Paul.

          • You do know that for trailers they splice scenes together to make it look like that’s how it’s going to be, but when the real movie comes out, it’s not. Where Bella yells at Jacob to run away or whatever, is probably the scene where he fights Paul. They just added it after the whole thing with Laurent to make it look like it was part of the whole scene. I flipped out too, but then I remembered that they do this with every trailer. Calm down πŸ˜›

          • Babyish? My nephew would laugh it was so unrealistic- horrible. I hope and pray it was just for the trailer until they could get the real ones.

          • I just dont’ see how it would be possible to use real wolves with all they have to do in the movie, the CGI wolves are great I think, and think about the rest of the books and what the wolves have to do, how ya gonna get real wolves to do all that? LOVE THE NEW TRAILER!!!!

          • That trailer was awesome and the movie will be too………to the true Twilight fans anyway!!! People need to get over the whole CGI wolf thing, and stop anal-izing stuff!!! NEW MOON ROCKS!!!! can’t wait till NOV!!!!!

      • chris+opher says

        I’m impressed with the trailer but a couple things, like the splicing of scenes together to make the Laurent/Bella/Jacob scene work for the trailer is a bit iffy for me…

        and p.s. Blood & Chocolate = amazing book, HORRIBLE movie compared to the book, but good as it’s own movie, but most of all I LOVED what they did with the wolf transformations in that visually and I guess I expected something close to that for New Moon and so on… hmmm

        • I have to be honest… when I saw the wolf I was very let down. It looked like it turned into an animated Disney flick… I watched the trailer a few more times to be sure and think it might be okay… but it depends on the finished product. I was hoping for a bit more realistic looking versus cartoon. The hamsters in the commercials look more real!

        • I can’t agree enough, I was so bothered by that baby mess. Yes, I expected an awesome transformation into a real wolf too. Definately not what we got last night. Seriously, everyone go back and look, and then pause at the change. It couldn’t get more horrible. Time for a rebellion. Maybe if we cry long and loud they will change it. Child care 101

    • That cg wolf was awful, you have no idea how much I agree, I couldn’t sleep last night. Even Catherine got real wolves. They could have made real ones look bigger by enhancing size in green screen, you know, making background look smaller. Jacobs character is not cg in any way. I can’t believe they even attempted a fake. I’m team Edward but I want to protect Jakes character. ugh I loved the trailer until that part. Laurant looked so good didn’t he. Thought they might give a small look at Dakota.

      • TeamSwitzerland4ever says

        once again: G-E-T O-V-E-R I-T !

      • when did catherine get real wolves?

      • Wow, the wolf wasn’t terrible. I was surprised they even had that ready for the trailer. It could get better in post production but even if it didn’t I don’t think its enough to disappoint. The trailer was everything I’d hoped for and then some.

        My hope is that the dialogue isn’t and dry and cut up as the first, which I’d admit was very disappointing. It lacked the ability to bring the books characters to life.

  19. omg this trailer is so awesome!!!! πŸ˜€

  20. littleyellowporsche says

    thumbs up!

  21. the wolf looked sooo stupid.

    • twilove26 says

      i think it looks pretty good but not big-and-pretty-good-enough for new moon. they’re suppose to look big as horses or bears right? but still tht was my third best scene =]]

    • The wolf looked like a cartoon! And what was up with the eyebrow thing when she asked for the kiss? The first words out of my mouth were: You got to be kidding?

      • That is what I said….What is up with the eyebrow thing. Loved the rest of the trailer though

      • The wolf sucked. Thank you for noticing, I dreamed about it last night, and not good, more last nightmares. It was so fake and I can’t believe they did it.

  22. Great trailer.

  23. OMG THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. OMG!!! When Jacob broke into the wolf, I thought it was just like I imagined in my head when reading the book. The movie will be awesome!!!

  25. new moon looks AMAZING!!!!
    10 x better than twilight! i CANNOT wait!

  26. andrea leighh says

    IM DEAD.

    • Amazing? Open your eyes

      • Kara, please calm down. Other people have different opinions than you. It’s fine that you think the wolf was terrible (I, on the other hand thought it was AWESOME), but don’t try to critique other people’s opinions. πŸ™‚

        • Bravo Ashley *hands clapping* well said!!
          I thought the wolf was freakin amazing to!!

        • andrea leighh says

          Thanks Ashley, I agree with you….it’s your opinion Kara, don’t just judge me on mine.

  27. I can’t see it!

  28. awesome! I think the wolf looks better than what I thought it was going to be. I really don’t understand why it was disappointing. I thought it gave us a little taste of a lot of what there is to look forward to. It will suffice…for now. πŸ™‚

  29. Amanda Beth says

    SO SO EXCITED. I just played in like ten times. We see one inconsistency obviously… she sees Jacob phase instead of the wolves just attacking Laurent.

    BY THE WAY her curled up in the forest is EXACTLY as I pictures it in the book!!!a

    • I noticed the inconsistency with that too… I’ll admit I was a lil “wtf” at first but honestly, if they had to cut the part of her not finding out how she did in the book… it really isn’t a big deal haha.

      sorry if this comment doesn’t make sense. My hands are shaking I’m so excited by the Trailor!!!!!!!!!

      • all i can say is EEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP

      • Shrimp Toast says

        at first I thought the same thing, but looking again it’s two or three different scenes cut together…in the meadow with Laurant she’s wearing a backpack. When she screams for Jacob to run she’s wearing a dark tailored jacket, so no fear!!!

        • yup good catch! it’s two different scenes.. i can’t believe we’re dissecting this teaser trailer to bits and pieces! LOL.

          I’ve watched this several times already πŸ˜€ still waiting for MTV awards..1 more hour! (i’m on the west coast).

          looove the phasing!

      • Yeah, I think that her finding out this way might actually be a lot better for the screen. More action-y.

        • As you might be right about this, that whole scene is actually just two or three scenes smushed together. You can tell by Bella’s change of clothing. :3

      • Its that screenwriter again who just has to change the book or she can’t function.

        • andrea leighh says

          Well it’s obviously not going to be the same as the book. She has to change some things..


  31. Gotta say- the whole thing was awesome, but the CG Wolf disappointed me. I was trying not to have too high of expectations, knowing it would never be like in my head, but it looked sorta cartoonish. πŸ™
    The rest ROCKED!

    • Oh come on its CG they couldnt use real wolf they are not that big… I think they did an amazing job with the Wolf!!! Go Jacob!!


        • yeah i agree with you both πŸ™‚ i thought the cg wolf was the best option, and it looks fantastic.
          They couldnt use real wolfs. The wolfs in new moon are described bigger than horses!!
          i cant wait – new moon has a much better director and the colour is great!! all together its just gonna be awsome!!

      • Next to Harry Potter this movie will be the event of the year- yes, they could have used the real deal. Catherine did. They could too, not that difficult, albeit, it would take a effort. Better than that fake, cartoonish cg they gave us. The trailer was awesome until that. I bet the actors were embarrassed. I was.

        • TeamSwitzerland4ever says

          kara, I’m not trying to be rude, I just disagree with u (very very much). The animation is going to b better in the movie itself + you COULDN’T really expect anything else than CGI wolf?
          1. Try to get over it
          2. See my reasons why above
          3. Try to get over it again
          4. GET OVER IT
          5. everyone who’s read a tiny bit of the comments know how u feel – u don’t have 2 send more comments: YES, WE KNOW U HATED THE CGI WOLF. πŸ™‚

          • Edward (L) says

            this is exactly right! you can voice your opinions but you dont keep saying them knowing that many other people disagree with you! you are being disrespectful of other people opinions and do you realise how rude you are being saying ‘even Catherine got real ones’ Catherine made a great movie so dont try and put down her achievement there!
            Get over yourself and have some manners

          • I said this to Ashley above and will say it to you to…WELL SAID!! *hands clapping* This is New Moon we are talking about!THE film from the books we all love.. So lets just love the film warts and all! (But I see no warts at

          • *That applause for was for both of you btw*

          • andrea leighh says

            I agree with you completely !

        • apalmer91 says

          what’s funny is that everyone is commentin on how “catherine did real wolves!!!” when if you think about it, all they taped was wolves running through the wolves, not ones that had personalities, specified actions, etc. So do not compare Chris Weitz to her because the wolves are two different things completely. I could film wolves running through the woods!!! And to everyone out there who are complaining about the CGI wolves- I think they look really good. And, this is a rough cut- they just finished filming the other week! Give them some time. I thought they looked amazing and no matter how much complaining everyone does, they are not going to decide to use real wolves because a the minority of the Twilight fans believe they look bad. I think they look amazing and are the best choice for this film- its practical and it looks good. I think we all need to be happy no matter what. If you are so upset about the wolves- then don’t go see the movie!!! I think it looks amazing and everyone should just get over it!

  32. OMG when I saw this on MTV movie awards 09 I screamed.I really want to see New moon

  33. Julie T. says

    I already posted a comment on the other comment thing but I’ll post again. The movie looks really good, but I was pissed off about the Laurent scene. It is supposed to be in the meadow, not near Jacob’s house. When Laurent is about to kill Bella, the wolves are supposed to come out and Bella has no idea what they are. I know I shouldn’t think so hard on this, but I am. I am hoping that it will make sense when I watch the whole movie. Sorry with all of my ranting.
    Love the trailer though πŸ™‚

    • Julie T. says

      Before when I commented, I should have watched the trailer another time before I made a complete idiot of myself. Anyways the Laurent scene and Bella saying “Jake, Run!” or something. They are two different scenes so yeah. Forget what I said before πŸ™‚ Now I feel better about the movie πŸ™‚

      • I thought that too, but like Shrimp Toast said above, it’s actually two different scenes cut together. The meadow is all dead and brown which represents the loss of the magic! How sad and fitting! But when she sees Jacob phase she’s near his house and wearing different clothes so I think they cut them together to show the danger of Laurant and still get a scene with Jacob phasing in it. I think it’s all good!

        • Ilove how you mentioned that whole meadow thing. I was watching the trailer and I was like, “Oh my goodness, that’s the MEADOW. And it’s all dead because Edward is gone.” I absolutely LOVE that so much.

          • La Bruja says

            I loved that they made the meadow look dead looking too after edward left! It’s symbolic

    • inhiding says

      I think they are two different scenes though- look at what they are wearing, it changes

    • Yeah, shes not supposed to know that its Jacob.
      And where are the other wolfes?
      And why are Laurent’s eyes red?
      Isnt that just for newborns?
      Any why is it just Jasper that reacts when Bella got a papercut?

      • i'mwiththewolves says

        a) they cut scenes together
        b) ditto… not same part
        c) uhh have you read the books??? Only vegetarian vampires have gold eyes
        d) uhh have you read New Moon?!?!?!!!!!

      • La Bruja says

        no the eyes are red if the vampire cosumes human blood..not just in newborns.

      • 1. They spliced some scenes together.
        2. They spliced some scenes together.
        3. All vampires have red eyes UNLESS they are vegetarians, hence the Cullens.
        4. Jasper reacted because he is a vampire and she cut herself, causing blood to ooze out of her wound. Since he is the most affected by blood in the Cullen clan, he wanted her blood. :3

    • Im loving the colours.
      Twilight was so.. blue.

      • heatherh says

        i agree, i love the warmer tones. twilight was too blue – i always thought that myself.

      • okay here’s my thinking:
        Twilight: really cold & vampiric && whatnot, that’s why it’s blue and green and stuff.
        New Moon: Earthy brown tones etc for Jacob and the other quileutes (sorry i spelt it wrong :P)
        Also, different director, more money… million other reasons why the tint’s gone.

      • Could it be because she was in Edwards world then and now she’s in Jakes? You know, he is suppose to be her warmth and her sun. Just a theory.

  34. bigbluecheer08 says

    OMG that was awsome i can’t wait until November. Loving it

  35. OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!OMG!!! arms flailing…knocks over the printer rofl!!

    Speechless! (son looks over at me, and stares) LOL

  36. Bella Cullen says

    SOOOO perfect THE WOLF IS AMAZING I WAS SOOO worried about that but hes sooo perfect


  37. OMG dat was friggin awesome!!!!

  38. Beth Jacobs says

    the actual film clarity and lighting and actor makeup looked sooooo much better than the first film. the scene with edi looked so well done, the wolf, well, you cant make it look real. as long as it is better acting and better script than twilight! please!

  39. AMAZING!!!!
    1. The camera work is much better than Twilight. The first was so documentary. It just didn’t fit the feel. New Moon is the way it SHOULD be!
    2. The costuming is much better now. Hair, makeup…enough said. πŸ™‚
    3. The one thing I was most terrified of was how the werewolves would look. Too fantasy? Too puppet-like? No. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED. They couldn’t have been more perfect. Very very realistic!

    • That was exactly what I was thinking! The camera work looks better; the hair, costume and make-up; and the wolves transformation didn’t disappoint. I was so worried about that. Now I can rest easily πŸ™‚
      Also another thing is that they didn’t give the whole story like how they did with the Twilight trailer. It leaves you hanging even though we’ve read the books.

      • twilove26 says

        u know wat…inever thought about that but it does not give the story away which is really cool =]

      • Remember TWI had a zillion trailers though. This is just the first ONE. I am hoping it is the ONLY one or we will again see the whole movie piece by piece! But I doubt it… methinks they will def do an Italy one?

        • True. Like you said, it’s just the first one. But with Twilight they did sorta give away most of the iconic scenes, which kind of ruins the suspense. Hopefully they won’t give away too much, though I’m interested in the Volturi… hmm, maybe.
          I like surprises πŸ™‚

  40. This is SO Amazing! I cannot wait to see it in November πŸ™‚

  41. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! SO excited for 19/20/09!

  42. inhiding says

    Amanda Beth- the scenes are different– look at Bella’s clothes, in the meadow she has on a gray sweater and yellow backpack. When she tells him to run and he changes, she’s wearing a brown jacket. I think they blended them for the commercial but they are different scenes. I’m thinking the scene with him changing is when they go together to tell the pack that Victoria is hunting Bella, and he shifts mid-air to defend her from Paul…. we’ll have to see!

    • Smashley says

      i noticed that too!
      and i think that you are right!
      it fits with when paul gets mad and when jacob defends her…..hmmmmmm
      but they definatley blended the scenes for the trailer…they did that alot for the twilight one too…….

    • yeaaauupppp, i believe ur right. it does fit the whole paul getting a temper in the woods deal.
      Good call!
      At least, i can only hope *crosses fingers*
      && the wolves look spectacular, great job 2 chris n his staff!

      but really… i CANNOT wait for Nov. 20th
      Its gunna be a tear jerker, thats for sure.

  43. This is SO Amazing! I cannot wait to see it in November πŸ™‚ I completely agree with your expectations.

  44. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPICNESS everyone looks SOO much better! thank goodness for bigger budget

  45. Confessions says

    Bueno! hehe πŸ™‚

  46. I liked twitchy, depressed Bella. Can’t wait to see more of it.

    Also, Rob’s expressions are nice and angsty. ANGST!

    Did anyone else noticed the warmer color tones so far? Made the difference in skin tone between Bella and Edward more noticeable.

    • yes, bigger budget = better costumes and make up, THANK GOODNESS!! Kind of threw me for a loop in the meadow seen when Edward puts his flesh colored hand on Bella’s collar bone under her pale white face. I was like, “Wait, who’s the vampire here?”

  47. IT WAS AWESOME…but what’s up with Alice’s hair? lol <–nit picky

  48. OMG!!!!!!!Chris Weitz should direct the rest of the saga.

    • DITTO

    • Couldn’t possibly agree more!!!

      highlights of the trailer- A) Jackson flying backwards. amazing special effects with the piano smashing beneath him.

      B)Laurent in the meadow. His acting is so great! He seems so scary this time round, as opposed to twilight. and the meadow looks more sunny, i like it.

      C) the whole wolf transformation was very good, and if you look closely, you can see the wolf is huge, even if people are commenting that its only the size of a regular wolf. it isn’t! i wonder what scene that is going to be if it isnt the meadow…

      all in all, im one happy Irish girl.

      • Yeah, I like Laurent also but what is up with the beard and stuff? Did he have one in Twilight? If not they should not have added one because as a vampire, he would not change in looks from when he was turned.

        • Yes, he had the goatee in twilight, though it looks a little more defined in NM.

          I sooo can’t wait for November!!!

    • I totally agree!!!

  49. WannabeMrsCullen says

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP …etc i have played that over and over. EXACTLY how i pictured it. JACOB=HOT! wow and the wolf wow too omg omg omg i CAN’T BREATHE. worth staying up stil after 3.30am! omg omg omg!!!

  50. OMFE! it really does look amazing like there were so many things in that small clip that were like exactly how i pictured them in the book!! it’s going to be amazing and i am so friggin excited!