Twilight Saga Twitter Rundown

Here are a listing of the real Twitters
relating to the Twilight Saga

Peter Facinelli

Michael Sheen

Jamie Campbell Bower

Justin Chon

Charlie Bewley

The Twitters supposedly run by Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed are all fakes. Ways to tell: mislabeling of photos stating where & when the pics were taken, Tweeting while clearly performing , all created around the same date, claiming they are posting personal photos when in reality are actually recycled paparazzi shots, official sites of actors don’t list a Twitter, etc.


100 Monkeys The Band Jackson Rathbone plays with

Bobby Long Writer of Let Me Sign along with Marcus Foster, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Sam Bradley Writer of Never Think, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Marcus Foster Writer ofof Let Me Sign along with Bobby Long, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack


  1. taylor lautners is real
    check it out

  2. Hey, thank you sooooo much for listing Bobby, Sam, & Marcus! They are awesome & their tweets always make my day! Funny, lovely boys!

  3. Thanks for posting! I might also add that since we know Kristen’s is fake, it’s also safe to assume that Michael Angarano’s (who appears to be tweeting back and forth to his “beloved Kris) is also fake. Just yesterday “he” tweeted that he is in Italy with “Kris” when we know he was in LA. Busted.

    • Twilight_News says


      Further evidence, up until recently there was a Kellan Lutz and Ashely Greene (both now deleted though another fake Ashley Greene has popped up) that were Tweeting with those accounts. Kellan gave an interview where he categorically denied having a twitter. Next thing you know the Ashley and Kellan accounts disappear.

      I also knew the Ashley one was a fake because it had her tweeting while she was at a event in NYC. I was there, she wasn’t any place near a blackberry to tweet and all her posts were via twitterberry

  4. kristenstewart9 is fake?

  5. its is just look at it it even shows hes real myspace

    • Twilight_News says

      But more importantly his real myspace and his real website don’t recognize the Twitter! The sites that are legitimately under his control do not link to the Twitter.

      Heck, I can link to all I want. It doesn’t mean I’m Michelle Obama.

  6. Thanks for the listing of Bobby, Sam and Marcus! I always get a kick out of reading their tweets 🙂

  7. Angelina says

    Kristen’s, Nikki’s, Anna Kendricks and Taylor Lautner’s are all real. Kristen was having a conversation with an Australian radio show, and it was all pretty real.

    • Twilight_News says

      HEADDESK no they are not legit.

      If they were these celebs would also make mention of it on official websites which they would take the time to have, managers would send out press releases, the content would actually be there to back it up.

      • Maybe I’m another jaded fan, but I don’t believe they would have to publicly announce they have Twitter. Maybe one person started and the rest of the group was convinced to create an account. They seem like a pretty tight-knit bunch.

      • AlbertaJenn says

        That desk have a groove in it, yet? 😉 😀

  8. Thanks so much for listing Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long. Love getting their tweets…very funny, adds sunshine to my day!

  9. kristenstewart9 is very, very convincing. Maybe she’s a fake–but if so, she should get an award for being the best fake out there. I do hear what you’re saying about posting their Twitter account, if they had one, on their official page. But here’s why I would consider her as a “maybe”:

    1. she hardly ever posts
    2. she has very, very candid pictures…some that look like they were taken in a mirror
    3. one time she posted in the middle of the day and I immediately thought “fake–she’s at work filming all day in Vancouver” only to read in a gossip site the next day that she actually had the day off that day
    4. she has posted a couple of pics from Italy/the plane ride. Granted, you could find those types of pictures anywhere. But it’s pretty convincing
    5. she’s friends with “nhoustonreed” who is also pretty convincing…she posts only very occasionally and when she does, says stuff like “out to dinner with so and so” and the next day, gossip sites post that she was, indeed, out to dinner with that person at that time. So how is it possible that the “fake Twitter” account knew it before any of the hound dog-type gossip sites did??
    6. she is also friends with “PattinsonRT” who hardly EVER posts and when he does, he says short, weird, quirky things that sound just like Rob.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll take it all with a grain of salt, and see how it turns out.

    • Twilight_News says

      Believe me, I’m not saying that they aren’t convincing. they really are. Just that they are fakes.

    • I agree that Kristen and Rob’s Twitter seem pretty legit. Also Ashley and Nikki that they link to. Angarano?? Maybe he tweeted he was in Italy to throw off any Robsten rumors. Anyway isn’t it fun just to think that maybe it is. What harm is that!!

      • It does seem as if the kristenstewart9 and pattinsonrt accounts for kristen & rob are legit. Especially the candid pics kristen puts up and how they both rarely tweet. They both are protected and you need their okay for you to follow them….unlike the others.

  10. All of the “official” twitter accounts of Nikki, Anna, Kristen, Jackson, Rob, etc. are always amusing and I enjoy reading them just to see how hard they try to pose as the real person. Maybe I just have a weird fascination with what would possess a person to pose as another? Just one Q: are you sure about Charlie Bewley? I’ve been following for a few weeks, but there are some things about it that make it feel sketchy…

  11. KristenjStewart and KristenStewart9 are FAKE

    There have been numerous things they have tweeted that don’t work out with what the true KStew would be doing…. yes they are convincing at times, but do your detective work and don’t be fooled by these people who – although must be major fans to keep it up constantly – are just laughing at the niaive people who are following them – and ALOT Of ppl… *sigh*

    IF they are real then the official site will say so and everyone will know – till then – dont be fooled

  12. PurpleSky says

    Hi Twilight people, this is my first comment as a site member, but I’ve been following Twilight Lexicon for a while. I got a Twitter account, like yesterday and weirdly enough Lexicon has a report on Twitter. Thanks for the advice!!

  13. AlbertaJenn says

    Kristen doesn’t like giving interviews much, or talking about her personal life. Why would she willingly give EVEN MORE personal stuff on twitter?

    But Stephenie’s is real, right? *KIDDING!!!!* We all know those are fake, too.

  14. ahsdkjhasd says

    No one is completely sure if they are fake.
    Maybe they are real and THEY have not TOLD anyone. Does not have to be in the “sites” they could have one. so don’t let all these articles say otherwise.
    and NO one is gonna know for sure.

    • AlbertaJenn says

      A secret twitter that 50,000 people subscribe to?

      And why would someone like Kellan lie about not having one? If it was just for his personal friends, wouldn’t it be a little less obvious, and not just go on about what he is doing in the media?

      I tend to agree with the Lex on this one.

  15. hey jackson rathbone has one too, its just run by his manager

  16. AlbertaJenn says

    Okay, Justin’s is pretty random. Odd.

  17. crap…….that sucks… =(

  18. KristenjStewart is fake?! :O
    i was like really happy that i found her!
    i thought it was real! because it has links to her myspace and a facebook fanpage, and her status’s are all like ‘this i my real one and all others are fake’ …
    this is depressing.. 🙁

  19. ohh wait how about TheRealAshleyG?
    shes following chace crawford, taylor momsen and taylor swift, all of which i think are real.. especially the taylor swift.. im pretty sure she’s real..
    and the chace crawford is also follwing her..

  20. Has anyone heard ‘I Was Broken’ by Rob? I downloaded the live version, and I think it says it was written by Marcus Foster.

  21. Jackson Rathbone has a twitter account?

  22. What about Anna Kendrick? There are a couple on Twitter…hm? 6,000+ followers on one.

  23. Thank you for posting this information! I always wondered why, with so many people pretending to be Rob and Kristen, that someone did not clarify specificly. Not that people would beleive them any way…but still it is important to not mislead the masses intentionaly.

  24. kristenstewart9 is real because she is marked in as other celebrities

  25. oh ok KristenjStewart is DEFINATELY fake, shes even changed her name to theFakeKristen.

    her statuses at the moment are:
    theFakeKristen Im not Kristen
    theFakeKristen you should follow @dakotafanning9 dakotas a good person
    theFakeKristen dont follow me

    …ok, ill stop following her now.

  26. So does anyone know who the real rob is? _RobPattinson_ or pattinsonrt

  27. I think that Rob actually did have a Twitter page. I was “following” the PattinsonRT and saw a posted pic of Rob & Jared Leto with the caption, Jared’s cool…or something like that. There were more recent posts such as; my publicist does not know I have this twitter account…
    I read all the comments about fake accounts and was just resigned that this too was probably a fake. The account has since been removed now for “suspicious activity” and then to my surprise…the same blurry photo showed up on ET’s web site on June 3rd stating that Rob snapped the photo himself.

  28. hiiii.


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