Charlie Bewley: On New Moon & Demetri

We recently had the opportunity to interview Charlie Bewley who plays Demetri in The Twilight Saga:New Moon.  There’s an old adage that “There are no small parts. Only small actors.” It means that any part is largely what an actor makes of it. He or she can really make an effort at getting a tiny role right, or they can “phone it in”.  Lucky for all of us, Charlie Bewley falls into the former category.  We look forward to seeing Charlie’s interpretation of Demetri on the big screen in November when he will breathe life into a small, but pivotal role.

New Moon marks Charlie’s first major film role. This week Charlie is in Montepulciano filming New Moon exteriors. Break a leg, Charlie, and may the Kraft services tent have plenty of nuts!

Photo: Brandyland Photography

1) We understand from a recent interview that you have read New Moon. Have you also read the other two, and what do you think of them?

Yeah, I read the audiobooks. Obviously I honed in on all the Volturi bits in order to build my character profile.  So, I am looking forward to a more thorough read during the break in between films. I do understand the general plot of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but unfortunately I can’t sit down and read at the moment because of my insane schedule.

2) What was the audition process like for you?

In terms of time spent on researching backgrounds and story, I don’t think there’s been an audition I worked harder for than New Moon. I did a lot of work, but I understood the stakes of getting such a role.

The scene was the bell tower approach immediately post-Bella saving Edward. The first audition was simple, over very quickly and I was called back in days later.

Wyck Godfrey[the producer] and Chris Weisz were in attendance at the call back. Chris and I had a small chin-wag about how great England was so I felt grounded before I started. Diffusion of tension: Crucial. I brought myself into the character much more this time around. What came out was good: charm, control, threat. It felt good.

I was then hauled back in to read for Marcus a few days later, but truth be told I always wanted Demetri.  FYI, Chris Heyerdahl is an excellent excellent choice for Marcus; his voice is captivating.

10 days later….

“Charlie, you booked Demetri”… cue delirium.

3) What was the make-up and costuming process like for you? Some of the actors have had difficulties with the contacts, did you? Did the costume help you find the character?

I loved wearing the contacts – bottled threat: straight into character. I knew my costume awhile back which allowed me plenty of time to think about my demeanor, but only when I put the wardrobe on and interacted with my surroundings and other characters did the idiosyncrasies of Demetri become apparent.

4) How did you and the other Volturi cast members build your character relationships?

Dan Cudmore and I met for coffee a couple of times to discuss life before shooting. Otherwise, I didn’t meet most of the cast until the day of shooting. Not ideal, however, I had formed opinions on each of the other Volturi members as well as Edward, Bella and Alice, so I interacted with each accordingly in scene.

It’s Felix who I am allowed most interaction with and as such, we spoke about our relationship in depth. In life, Dan and I are two very similar people; sportsmen, scrappers, Rollerbladers Anonymous members… but the way we come across is very different; perfect contrast for these two roles. We shared rides into set in the morning and got on supremely. Our alliance in life is very natural and this should translate well to the on-screen relationship between the two guards.

5) Did you approach Demetri’s character with a specific agenda in mind, as in to make him scary, yet appealing or simply frightening?

Demetri is a lethal killer with a pretense of charm.  Actually, pretense is a little harsh – he genuinely is a Casanova of life, and this might be his biggest weapon.

Felix and Demetri both carry huge threats in our individual powers: Felix is the enforcer; Demetri is the cat to the mouse… thrill of the chase, yada. But it’s when you know you are the best, unrivaled for so long… complacent, almost arrogantly threatening becomes you; so couple that with centuries of acquired knowledge and experience… that’s a whole other level of danger.

6) Which member of the Volturi do you think the audience will find the most frightening?

Dakota. Jane. Both, in fact, are a little unnerving.

7) Actors generally pull from life experiences to build their characters. Since you are playing a fictitious super-natural being, did you find that difficult to do or is it more fun to build a character off imagination?

I love bringing a character to life. I revel every time I get an obscure, abstract character to play because it’s not immediately accessible to you. After a while, I find that a character is organically meshed together using many different facets of your make-up and this collage plays out honestly as the character in question.

Demetri is different though. I am so close to Demetri in character and there is no one in the saga who is better suited to me than him, and vice-versa. I wish they would spin-off his character in a “Joey” sense, so I could bring this guy and his exceptional skills set and character to the world.

Clearly, I have a lot of love for Demetri.

I seriously hope we will get to see just how insanely dangerous he is. His charm will be on show in New Moon but I would love to demonstrate the other side of his being; his tracking powers. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time attempting to seduce Melissa Rosenberg in between takes.

8 ) You stated “Pattinson” in a recent interview, any particular reason?

He looks a lot like my little brother Andrew with whom I love a good scrap. We’ve been a long swim away from each other for a while him and I, and I was hoping Rob would stand in for a couple of rounds. But he was too busy being a superstar…Meh.

9) What parts of filming did you find challenging (ie green screen, make-up). What was most enjoyable?

The experience on the New Moon set was a thrilling one. It’s this big hive of activity and everyone is working their proverbials off to pull this thing together. The crew were all brilliant, but I have to mention that Chris Weisz is just the coolest guy to work with. I still don’t really understand how he does it, but he just does, and brilliantly efficiently at that, without breaking any eggs.

It was great hanging around with the cast, on and off set. There are some great figures in this flick. Big shout back home to Jamie Cameo-Power, very entertaining. Special thanks also to the make-up department who were a lot of fun and kept us all awake and entertained at 5am call-times.

The most challenging thing was keeping away from the kraft tent. The food they serve up is damn good and I have a nut addiction which rivals your average lipid-deficient Brazilian squirrel.

10) Which wonderful characters would you like to breath life into? What would be your ultimate character?

Any character who attempts to conquer the pinnacle of his passions with ferocity, creativity and freedom. These are the most inspirational people of our time. It has been the bearing of witness to such figures which has inspired me to “act”, or more appropriately: step into the shoes of and breathe life into legends, fictional or otherwise, experiencing life through their eyes before allowing the audience to live their lives through mine.

Ya know..?

Ultimate role: Tyler Durden – Fight Club 2, please (in a non-Cruel Intentions 2 manor, svp). That film has everything I could ever want from a film and I am insanely jealous that Brad Pitt got to play that role. But I heard Brad was up for Demetri too…Unlucky pal.

11) Do you have anything more you’d like to share with Twilight Fans?

I don’t really rollerblade…Much.


  1. rollerblading?
    that was really random….lol

  2. Nice little interview I look forward to seeing his performance as Demetri.

  3. Hmmm…someone came across quite charming…I like it 😉

  4. He seems like a really cool guy. Can’t wait to see him in the movie.

  5. this guy sounds a little wierd….i lk him alot(:

    • Lol thats funny 🙂

    • He seems pleasant. But that was just one interview, though he seems to have analyzed the role well enough and is going to be very into character.

      I’ve goggled him everywhere at I can’t find out his age. He might be late 20’s, 30 at the most.

      I can’t really say too much about him until promotion for the movie begins and the new actors begin to blossom in personality by their interviews.

  6. He seems so smart, and is very well-spoken. How old is he?

  7. I love love love love LOVE hearing from Charlie. He sounds SO into his character, and the story, and just seems SO enthusiastic…I love him! I cannot WAIT to see him as Demetri!! 😀

    • I totally agree with you! I am glad that he seems so into his character, not just one of those actors who only wanted the part b/c twilight is so popular. he really seems so excited and really intune with his charater! i think he will be great as demetri and i am so glad he got the part!

  8. Aw, I really do like Charlie. He’s really funny.
    I honestly can’t wait to the Volturi scenes; the casting seems perfect.

  9. Charlie Bewley, i loved this chance to get to see the kind of person you are… you seem lovely…and an Anonymous member too….!!!
    cant wait to meet you as Demetri. (-:

  10. Charlie seems cool, and much older than he looks, I
    like the way he looks @ his work

  11. Finally, someone asks about the audition process. Aside from Rob’s audition, Catherine acted like the other auditions were top secret government material that couldn’t be disclosed.

    I liked the interview. There seems to be something a little off with Charlie, but that’s what I like about him.

  12. haha he sounds really great – i can’t wait to see his play Demetri 🙂

  13. Sweetdevil says

    I like him. He seems nice. How old is he ? I can’t put an age on him.

  14. Oddly enough… I think the “something that’s off about him” is that he’s pretty cocky! He seems a little full of himself… is it because of this role? I wonder.

    However, that being said… he seems perfectly fit for the role of Demetri. Despite this normally unattractive characteristic for a man to possess, it’s truly perfect for this role. I just hope that he isn’t like that in real life. He is beautiful though.

  15. It seems Charlie has done his research, a fact I’m sure will translate well to film. I wasn’t so much before but am now looking forward to seeing Demetri. This should be interesting.

  16. TwilightDieHard says

    He seems to be siked about the role. Can’t wait to see what he does with the role. I like that he appears real and down to earth. I hope that doesn’t change with New Moon’s success.

  17. I think Charlie is kind of awkward and has a very proficient vocabulary. He seems well into his character and aint looking back. Reminiscent of Robert Pattinson if you might say. Just not as adorable.

  18. cristina says

    that was a good interview. i look foward to seeing him in the movie. Im soo excited for new moon. I dont know about the rest of you but it seems to me like this one is gonna be bigger and better. (although I still love twilight the movie)

  19. michaela says

    Roller blading?! thats really…unexpected? but hey can’t wait to see “how you bring demetri to life” we’ll be watching!!!!!!

  20. BRAD PITT WAS UP FOR DEMETRI!?!?!?!?! soooo glad he did not get it. he would’ve ruined the movie. he’s a good actor but a huge name like that would not have been a good thing for New Moon

  21. Nice interview.

  22. Alexandria says

    It sounds like he put a lot of effort into bringing his character to life. I hope all his work payed off. I can’t wait to see him in New Moon.

  23. Omg I love Charlie now haha He seems pretty cool ^_^

  24. lirael cullen says

    Way too cool… can’t wait to see New Moon and his character Demetri..

  25. Uummm, I think the Brad Pitt thing was a joke :L
    He sounds cool, not as absolutely LOVABLE and ADORABLE as Robert but just a nice guy. I think he’ll be good 😀 I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR NEW MOON!!

  26. Gabie :) says

    I think Charlie Bewley is the best Demetri they could’ve had. He seems really awesome! I’d hang out with him anyday! AND he is SO much hotter than Robert Pattinson!(Sorry if I upset some of you but it’s my oponion. Probrably a doesn’t drink and cheat on his girlfriends as much either!) Anyhow, I really can’t wait to see New Moon! I have to agree, Demetri is a great character! Team Demetri! Break a Leg Charlie!

  27. How old is he? My friend really likes him. lol.

  28. i met him in person he is very extremly charming and good looking. would not say his age but did expose to me that they are planningon making midnight sun into a movie. awesome guy, and super hot(:
    thats all i can say.

  29. J is awesome says

    well, i saw new moon. not exactly the best, but not a yawner either. for some reason i’m obsessed over the volturi fight scene. also, charlie bewley is definitely 20 something, and kinda attractive… my favorite volturi guard. though i also like jane and alec…

  30. in us weekley (the super special twilight edition) it said he was 20 years old.

  31. I enjoyed twilight saga..great visual effect, superb! for twilight eclipse check this out..
    here are some really rare pictures of twilight eclipse movie. behind the scene and some interviews

  32. screw team edward and team jacob. I’m on team demetri.

  33. rollerblading… that’s awesomely random(: I saw an interveiw with Charlie and I am oficially Team Demetri! lol Or, as he says himself, Team Vicious Little Monkey!:D

  34. Aw… Charlie is so sweet. I watched New Moon yesterday and there’s an awesome interview on the DVD for all Team Demetri members and/or Charlie lovers. I like rollerblading too xD

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