Jackson Rathbone’s Upcoming Gigs

This weekend 100 Monkeys are playing in Philadelphia.  The 3:00 show is for all ages so under 21’s  no worries, you can get in. The 9:00 show is 21+.  We will be there to cover the show.

It looks like Jackson’s work on The Last Airbender is going to prepare him for an upcoming role, or at the the Greenland weather that he endured will.  He will also likely get to use some of his muscial training. Jackson will be filming in Norway. The film is a dark one called Lords of Chaos. Jackson will play Varg Vikernes, former leader of the Norwegian black metal band Burzum.

Check out the details on Rolling Stone.


  1. I will be there!!! see you guys there!

  2. i think i’d give my left arm to have them come to kansas city. well, maybe not an arm…but you know what i mean.

  3. Brianna says:

    when is your next gig jackson were you suppose to have one at kennys bar or somthing. you should reschedule it


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