Cam Gigandet, Funny or Die Video Debuts

For the sake of your computer monitors put down all liquids before watching this PG-13 spoof by Funny or Die.

Speaking of spoofs, the Wayans Brothers’ new movie, Dance Flick, has a key scene that parodies the Twilight prom. RadarOnline got the full rundown.


  1. Oh Cam. So pretty. Even covered in blood.
    Hmm… Sadly, there are fans convinced, or close to it, that the actors really are the characters they play.

  2. arazcal says:

    This just in:
    When Twilight Teens Attack- a New Fox Special!!!

    Loved that spoof! Cam was such a good sport and props to the “book club” for dedication and devotion worthy of a true Twi-Hard πŸ˜‰
    Have to watch it again as I can’t stop giggling MAO!

  3. LMAO hahahahaha ahaha… haaaa
    that was hilarious. i’ve always thought that would happen and to finally see it actually played out… so funny.

  4. LOL!!! Loved it…you go Cam!

  5. Be sure to vote the MTV awards for all the things Twilight………………..

  6. hhaha that was so funny
    loved it πŸ™‚

  7. Vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    That was so hilarious! Laughed through the whole thing. lol.

  8. Tara Lurie says:

    Lol that was funny, poor cam got attacked for playing james

  9. Midnight_Melody says:

    ROTFL!!!! Hilerious! Go Cam;D


    • Yes, I have Never Back Down and he is Super HOT. Its funny how he is playing the bad guy and makes me love him just as much as (or evne more than) the good guy.

      This Video was so funny. πŸ˜€ I have trears rolling down my face becasue this is mostly likely ture for some twilight fans out there who STALK the twi-cast. :0

    • ScarletRubie says:

      hey i have it too, i love it. He’s really good in it. This videos was so funny.

  11. Wow. That was unbelievably hilarious. As often as Cam seems to attach himself to something Twilight it’s really too bad he’s not in any of the other movies. Maybe Melissa will write him in just to be nice and give him a chance to come back. πŸ™‚

  12. AWESOME – he’s a really good sport!

  13. twilighted says:


  14. Sweetdevil says:

    Omg πŸ˜€ that was funny.
    But there really are people who can’t see the difference between a character and an actor who plays the character. Of course it never gets this far πŸ˜€

  15. grownasswoman says:

    lol that was HILARIOUS!

  16. Vampire says:

    I want him to hit me

  17. WTF that was so funny!! I laughed so much I cried it was fantastic. Need to watch again…

  18. kimberly says:

    that was great, cam was a good sport as were the girls. you know they had fun shooting this. cam is so SEXY and amazing god i love him.


  19. kimberly says:


  20. one word LMBO

  21. The best part of this video is Cam’s socks! lol

  22. Super funny!!!! What a way to start my morning! Thanks Twilightlexicon…you guys ROCK! Go CAM!!!!

  23. Bahahahaha!!! That was SO hilarious!! Love their quip “Strong enough to kill you!” Perfect moment. hahahaha. That was sooo funny!

    I’m gonna spread this video everywhere now! haha. XD

  24. jessica says:

    gahhh!! i’m SO jealous of the girl in the pink pants…
    i’d love to get thrown off Cam’s back anyday πŸ˜€

  25. OMG that was awesome. I laughed during the whole thing.

  26. LOL! That was funny! Cam is awesome! πŸ™‚

  27. I watched this earlier today and had to keep from laughing out loud at work. And trying NOT to laugh, hurts! (BTW: Greatly appreciated the warning before screening)

    Props to Cam and the girls who played Twilight fans. They look like they had fun!

  28. oh man that was funny

  29. Julie M. says:

    OME! That was awesome. Those girls were great. I loved that they were wearing Twilight stuff. Cam was great and the while thing was hilarious!

  30. LOL – hilarious!!!

  31. Catherine says:

    lol did anyone else notice the ‘menacing’ knuckle crunching? πŸ˜›

  32. OMG! Me and my friend were laughing sooo hard!! RUN CAM, RUN!!!!

  33. Starrbbella says:

    When i first saw that video i thought how funny.Then when it got in the middle and the end i didn’t like it.So,let me tell you why theres alot of abused women and children in this world and i know this was just a funny video but,still if its not ok to abuse women or children why make a video of someone doing it.

    • i see your point, but i think everyone know that this was just for fun. and you know cam would never hit any of his fans, he loves his fans, and i dont think the parents would have let their girls do it if that is the way they saw it being dont, they know that is was just a fun video. dont take it so seriously

  34. Dude, this is totally the way this movie shuld have ended XD

  35. HowlingJuanjo says:

    LOL! That’s rite! Some of u girls do creep pple out, u need 2 STOP it!… Team Jacob all the way!

  36. Starrbbella says:

    I know this is just a funny video.

  37. Starrbbella says:

    Also,i don’t take it seriously i just hope it dosen’t send the wrong message!LOL

  38. Rachel M&M /RachelStar13 says:

    Oh so hysterical, hitting various web sites thxz MTV & Twilight Lexicon & keepN the fans entertained! FYI Kelsey still loves U & maybe U can keep your head on more often now Cam like in this clip, Im just saying lol! Who knows MTV might take it off your neck before the night is over, I think there’s Twilight fans N the audience 2 B careful most of us no fact from fiction but not all of us live N reality!


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