Be A Twicon Correspondant! NYC Audition.


  1. This sounds great for anyone who able to go. Good lucky to who ever is lucky enough to tryout.
    (Also, I like the music in the background of this video.)

  2. ugh no fair! I just had surgery and still not cleared to travel! /sneaks …

  3. Catherine says

    well, you know, if i lived in the US…

  4. AlwaysAlliee says

    if only i lived in the states….

  5. Yessss. I live in NY. :]

  6. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    OMTL! this is EXACTLY what i want to do when I “grow up”( get out of high school and college)!
    imagine getting paid to do this…the only thing going on in NYS and i dont get to go! im pretty sure i would be a finalist tho… used to play pretend be a news correspondent wen i was little instead of house or dress-up! lolz

  7. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    omtl! i just read the thing..WEREWOLVES CONSIDERED?!?!?!?!?!!!! how unfair! just goes to show u that the biased vamps vs. hot wolf boys is obvious! UGH!

  8. HowlingJuanjo says

    Why do they have 2 b so prejudiced about the wolves! Gosh!

  9. NOO i live in nyc but im going out of town on the 26th!!!