New Moon at Comic Con: Get Tickets NOW!

If you are interested we give this a hot 24 hours before this sells out, if that long. DO NOT WAIT if you are interested!

This just in from Summit:

“We have some exciting news for you and your readers!

On Thursday, July 23, Summit Entertainment will hold a panel for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON at Comi-Con International in San Diego, California. Come see our stars and exclusive new footage for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON — there may be even be a surprise or two in store!

Tickets to Comic-con are selling out fast, so we recommend you get your Thursday tickets soon so you can have access to our panel. Unfortunately, the 4-day passes are already sold out, but the Thursday single-day passes are available, albeit in a limited quantity. Tickets can be purchased on the official Comic-Con website (”


  1. Oh I want to go!

  2. Jeannaly says:

    damm it why donΒ΄t they do that kind of Stuffs in other country like in Dominican Republic, theyΒ΄re twilight fans here too.

  3. *le sigh* Too far away. πŸ™

  4. Chloe Cullen says:

    O.M.E. I was already going to Comic-Con on that day to volunteer, and it was the only day I could go, which made me nervous since I was wondering if New Moon would have a panel. But now that they are, and on the day I’m going.. It’s meant to be haha πŸ˜€ HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to work it in around my hours… I’m so excited!! I saw the Twilight panel last year as well πŸ˜€

  5. hmmm….it’s only 8 hr drive from where I live very strong possibility

  6. Kassidy says:

    I’m sad. When I saw the comic-con panel last year, i was like “i am so going next year!” but i am having surgery three days before that….i cant go =(. oh well….at least i can watch the videos….=)

  7. Well whoever gets tickets, hope you can give us a synopsis.

    Personally wouldn’t go near that place if it also granted me eternal vampire life. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the books, I love the movie, I love the actors playing in the film. I enjoy talking about the series with friends and family who are Twilight fans like myself, but when you get a few thousand of them in one room, I got to go in another direction. That just too much.

    Whoever goes, have fun!

  8. Angelica says:

    To freakin far for me to go πŸ™ Im all the way in PA they should so something for us too! LOL

    • alpalswim says:

      ahh I know! I live in PA too, and I just called my mom to ask her if I could go and she was like GET TO BED! IT’S 11! and I was like, they’re almost sold outt!!!!
      guess I’m not going…..

      • To you PA gals…I’m in PA too and you should check out the Twilight Convention in NJ at the end of August. They have quite a few actors appearing.

  9. WAY too far.. πŸ™
    i live in Dallas Texas……

  10. Dude I want to buy tickets but i want to know which actors are going first…

  11. im going! if anyone else is going, dm me on twitter we can twi-meet up!

    • What day are you going? I want to go on Thursday but I don’t know what to do, I really want to know which actors are going..

  12. CaliMum says:

    Good luck, Chloe Cullen! I’ll be going on Friday, so I’m going to miss it.

  13. For those that have been before, can you help me? The website seems confusing to me. I signed my husband and myself up for Thurs.(I hope the schedule doesn’t get changed).
    Can you tell me what I need to do. ie. Do I need to get in line to get in even though I signed up? I saw that it’s not guaranteed you get in. Also, the site doesn’t say anything about New Moon. Is there a section I need to go to for the info.

    • Ellimere says:

      If Summit’s already slotted for that day, the schedule shouldn’t change. The passes never guarantee a spot in the events, so really, get there early! Hall H seats at least 6000 people (from what I can remember) but that’s hardly enough space to accommodate all the Twilight fans.

      Hope that helped ._. If you have any other questions, I’ll do my best to answer them!

  14. Ellimere says:

    Yay, they finally told us the day! I bought the four-day pass because I wasn’t sure πŸ˜€

    Hope to see some of you there!

  15. I’m going. My boyfriend and I have 4 day passes. However, he refuses to go to this panel with me. To those who went last year to the panel, how many hours in advance did you wait in line to get in to it? I have heard horror stories about the long waits for the popular panels at Comic Con.

    Anyway…I’ll be there in my Alice baseball costume. πŸ˜€

    • Because they don’t clear out the panel rooms, you probably will have to scope out where the New Moon panel is going to be, I think… At least that is what my friend told me. It’ll be my first time at Comic Con.

    • I went last year and I waited in line about an hour and half. The overall presentation was about an hour if that. They introduce the panalists and then they show a clip of the movie and then Q&A. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I’m going again this year. Hope to see everybody there!! I hope they have lots of GOODIES at the Summit booth…..

    • Ellimere says:

      Last year, it didn’t start until around 11 at least, but the front half was already packed with fans once the hall was open for the first show. I’d recommend getting there early.

      -_- I think I’m going to have to camp out this year. Or beg a stranger to save me a spot.

      • how early is early?
        and like do we wait outside or
        outside the panel?
        this is my first time this year too…

        • Ellimere says:

          I was inside by the first showing- I can’t remember the time, but it was at least three hours before the Twilight panel.

          It’s too bad the news doesn’t say when the panel is this year, but honestly, don’t wait out for that specific time. Better waiting inside with seats than standing around in a looping line outside. I got a whole year’s preview of Summit’s movies before Twilight came up, so it wasn’t a boring wait.

          And I imagine I’m probably losing my chances for getting a seat by recommending all of this here, but hey, I want all of you to make it. If anyone wants to meet up, I’m game!

  16. comi-con, go to Argentina!

    por favor,, kiero conocer a meyer!

  17. So excited! I bought a 4-day pass early in the year and I knew it’d pay off!! Iron Man 2 and New Moon!! It’s going to be awesome!

    And the New Moon panel is on my birthday to boot!

  18. vanessa says:

    Yaaaaay. I was just going to go friday and hope for the best, but my friends and I just bought tickets for thursday too. So stoked πŸ™‚ jope to see some of you there.

  19. Lucky San Diego!

    only reason why i would love to be closer to California

    Road trip Lisi!

  20. stephanie says:

    I went last year and we camped overnight and ended up getting 4th row seats. You should definetely get there early to get some decent seats

  21. Jessica says:

    So :'( I want to go sooooo bad and I can’t. *cries*

  22. I was going as a volunteer, but I just bought my Thursday badge!! w00t! I can’t waste anytime to get into the panel ;D

    Anyone up for a meeting? It’s going to take some effort getting inside, and also a ticket to get an autograph which is the hardest part πŸ™

    Sometimes it’s not a really pleasant experience with the whole tickets for autograph thing . . . @_@

  23. I’m coming from Illinois on Wednesday, need a buddy while I’m there on Thursday, since I’m traveling by myself! Help me out! K Thanks!

  24. I was really really going to buy a ticket but I’m going to Twicon. I’M REALLY SAD BUT PEOPLE TAKE GOOD video footage and I really want to see the crowd also !

    Thanks !

    • YES!!PLEASE PLEASE Take good video of the whole thing!! If i cant make it I would love to see video!!!

  25. Poo I want to go!! I live in england and they never have anything like this over here!! I guess I going to have to watch it on youtube like I did the last one (lets hope someone has a steady hand this time around). You guys over there are so lucky!BUT if you are going have fun and give the cast a wave for πŸ™‚

  26. I spazzed and ran for my debit card.

  27. omg!!! july 23rd is my b’day but *sigh* too far away from Maldives :C

  28. We need a thread on the forum for Comic Con so if Lexicon fans want to meet up we can arrange it.

  29. Melissa says:

    I hope as many people go as they did last year… I feel like without the whole ‘Twilight Tuesdays’ and way less coverage this movie isn’t as visible as the last one was. I hope the fans that aren’t avid internet followers are still as excited for this one as they were for the original

  30. Melissa says:

    i freaked and bought a ticket!! now i dont know if i can go, i live in Florida and i don’t want to go by myself :(. My Friends think im crazy but i really want to go .

  31. Emmanuel says:

    This is my 4th year going, saw the panel last year and it was crazy. i was in maybe the fifth row from the front and all i can say is that some girls are vicious.

    • Hey emmanuel how long did you wait to get to the 5th row of seats? Did you go camping? Did you get to meet the cast or just see them on stage?

      • Emmanuel says:

        no way i camped out. i may be a fan, but not a die hard one. i basically waited in line like everyone one else, ended up being seated in the middle and worked my way up. people leave during certain panels cause let’s be honest, not eveyone is there for Twilight.

        it’s up to you to camp out if you want, which i would never do.

        • Wait so you didn’t wait at all? Ahh well like I wanna get really good seats so I might camp out I’m not sure what time do they let you in?

  32. The tickets for Thursday are official sold out! There is no way to get tickets anymore. Luckily, I already got mine πŸ™‚

  33. *officially

  34. Nightswimming says:

    Ugh!!! I didn’t see this til this morning (PST) and they’re already sold out!!! πŸ™

    I don’t know if the passes are transferable, but if you out-of-towners who bought tickets end up not being able to go, I’ll by your pass from you!!!

    (Nightswimming on WP and Nightswimming93 on the Lexicon boards.)

  35. Suzanne says:

    I bought tickets for my husband and I before I checked with him. I really hope he lets me go! We live in WA so will have to buy plane tickets too. I am kind of nervous. I have never done anything like this and won’t know anyone. Can someone who has been describe exactly what to expect?

    • Nightswimming says:

      Suzanne- you’ll enjoy it if you go! Comic-Con is insane with people–literally 10s of thousands. Usually Thursday is one of the lighter days (it’s always Saturday that sells out first) but seeing how fast Thursday sold out after this announcement, I’m guessing Thursday will be crowded with Twilight fans. Even if you don’t know anyone, you’ll “know” lots of people there–all of your fellow Twilight comrades! πŸ™‚

      It’s also a great people-watching experience as there are so many Star Trek, Heroes, Anime, and you-name-it fans there!

  36. I tried to register and it says they are sold out for Thursday!! πŸ™

  37. If any of you cant make it…I will buy the tickets of you? need 2 or 3!!! Wishfull thinking but I’ll i can do is try …. πŸ™‚

  38. Why is it always in America???? Come to England or somewhere closer please!

  39. Switzerland says:

    1. none of my friends approve of my twilight addiction, so no one to go with
    2. i’m broke, and my mum would never pay for this.
    3. even if she DID pay for this, i’m not going with my mom.

  40. Twiligher14 says:

    i sooo wish i could go but i live on the other side of the country!!!! πŸ™

  41. Are they only gonna be there on thurs??? I couldnt get tix for thurs, it was already sold out by the time i found out that they were gonna be there and i really wanna go..i got tix for sun. any chance they’ll be there that day too???

  42. Just to warn everyone who’s hoping to buy a ticket off of someone else… Unfortunately, Comic Con doesn’t allow that, and they make sure that it’s next to impossible to do it. When you register online, they put your name and other info on the slip they use for confirmation. You then need ID (like your driver’s license) when you pick up the badge, to prove you’re the same person who registered.

    Really sorry for anyone who wanted to go… I just didn’t want anyone trying to switch passes and then get turned away at the door, because that would be even worse, especially for those who travelled a long way. πŸ™

  43. Question about kids. It says kids ubder 12 are free but did I need to register them somehow for headcount purposes?? This will be my first time and I feel really confused about the whole thing lol!

    • Rachel531 says:

      Hi just read your comment…I went last year with my hubby and 7-yr old twin girls. if you are bringing kids, you register them on the day you bring them. So, if you are bringing them the same time you are picking up your badge, then they will just create badges for you kids right then and there. No need to pre-register them on the website or anything. It was pretty easy. Good Luck! I’ll be there waiting in line for the Twilight panel, but my hubby and kids will be joining me Friday night in order to attend Saturday.

  44. Yea, I’m so excited!!! I have a couple friends going the same day, but I don’t know if they’re up for waiting around all day for the Twilight panel. I certainly am!!! Does anyone want to meet up? I really hope some of the cast will sign autographs. But that might be too chaotic.

    • Chantel says:

      hey! im going as well! I would love to meet up! I got ditched and now im going solo lol let me know!

      • Brooklyn says:

        i have to go solo too πŸ™
        does anyone know what to do when you get there? and what time we should be there?

  45. I just say it and I would have totally bought a ticket but they are all gone..

  46. Mrs. Lautner says:

    oh my god.
    i so wanted to go..but i live in switzerland. lucky me. oh man..iΒ΄m so sad right now. *sigh*

    i heard that some of the twilight/new moon cast are coming to germany is that right??

  47. Chantel says:

    hey guys, im super stoked about going to comic con this year and to see the new moon panel! Im planning on getting there super early to get a good spot. The sad thing is, is that the person I was supposed to go with waited too long to get their tickets and now im stuck going solo! Any die hard fans wanna meet up? lol im going to be such a loner! πŸ™

    • Ellimere says:

      Ahh I need a buddy to meet up with too ._. My sister is too freaked out to face the Twilight craze with me.

      • Chantel says:

        well we should definitely meet up then! Have you ever been before? this is my first year so im kinda freaked out lol. Are you willing to wait in that line? Let me know!

  48. Chantel says:

    Melody! I will certainly meet up with you! Are you willing to wait in line a long time to get an awesome seat at the panel? Cause i am! lol let me know! email me!


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