Forks Prepares For Edward’s Birthday

In case you are going to be in Forks for Edward’s birthday, you can celebrate with other fans in an event run by Dazzled By Twilight.

The group also runs tours of the La Push and Forks area.


  1. aw how funn! ill be missing it of course! but hey ill make him a cake!!

  2. ok when did i miss the mention of his birthday in the books?

    • CeeCee29 says:

      I must have missed it too. I will have to look now. hmmmmmm

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      It wasn’t mentioned in the books. It was in Stephenie’s e-mails to the Lex where she said what date it was (see the cool stuff on the left side).

      I find it very ironic that his birthday is the day BEFORE the longest day of the year.

  3. Bummer!! I am going to be in Forks the 11th – 13th taking the Dazzled By Twilight Tour. I wish I would have known about this I would have waited!!!

  4. If my travel plans go through…I will be there!

  5. Angelique says:

    I will be there June 19th through the 22nd with my husband and 11 year old son. The best birthday gift I can remember receiving. Do people think it is worth it to take the tour or just get a map and drive to the different locations?

  6. im going the 13 though the 20 to be back for fathers day.
    i went there last april and it was great.

  7. I wish so much I could go.But I just can’t.Stuck in Canada, again.

  8. I wish i could go but i liv in ireland so it wod be impossible!

  9. Is Robert Pattinson really going to be there?

  10. i live in forks hell i wanna see this!!


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