Edward and Bella Nominated Favorite Paranormal Couple

Bitten by Books has Edward and Bella nominated as favorite paramornal couple. Competitor couples include everyone from Vane and Bride (Sherilyn Kenyon) to Wrath and Beth (J.R.Ward). As we post this, Edward and Bella are seriously trailing in the poll. Now despite a large hunk of the admin team going to a certain other vampire author’s signing recently, we’re voting  Edward and Bella on this one. Fortunately there are no torn loyalties since Butch, Zadist, Rhage, and Rhev didn’t make the poll

According to the site:

“Polling runs through Friday 5/22/09 at 11:59 pm PDT. You can come here to tell us why you love your couple and who you think should win. Comment as MUCH as you like. This week’s contest entrant will win some of the amazing author swag we have been giving out all month. AND if the votes go past 1500 we will add the coveted vamp girl tote customized with your name on it! The poll is on the right hand side of the site. Invite ALL of your friends, fan groups to join in.”

Well they said tell your fan groups. Their wish is our command. Go rock the poll if you are so inclined. TY to multiple people who emailed in.


  1. aww bella and edward should deffinately win!!

  2. Switzerland says:

    WE ONLY HAVE 8%!!
    VOTEEE 🙂

    • i know tat,
      bt i cn`t find a link to vote……
      cn u help me with this…

      • SID!!! look on the side, its on the right and across from some mug.It says poll you just have to click on the couple. I did ED and BELLa i dont read the rest of those books.But no louie and lestat..Buit i still love bella s.and ed.c….

  3. oh man. I love Rose & Dimitri too. But I voted for E&B because I loved them first. 😀

  4. I can’t believe Bella and Edward are losing bigtime!

  5. petite_femme says:

    they are in third place right now with 11%


  7. rebecca says:

    as much as i love twilight… and edward and bella… VANE and BRIDE should win!!! GO SHERRI!!

    dont kill me!!!

  8. Meghann says:

    I voted Rose & Dimitri…Sorry guys, I just like them more.lol

  9. Jeannaly says:

    i´ll kill you girls both vote Bella and Edward or die

  10. Sorry guys but I voted for Rose & Dimitri.
    I had to pick one of the 2 couples & Richelle Mead got to me 1st.

  11. Jennifer L. says:

    they are way down the polls. and some comments bashed them. but i can’t blame them, the other choices were good too.

  12. therealmrswhitlock says:

    dude–I can’t vote for B&E when my fave couple isn’t even on the list. I love Jasper & Alice too much. Sorry.

  13. twilighter says:

    ok you guys we are almost there!!!! only 8% behind. so get voting. we can do it!!!

  14. Where the hell is Lestat + Louis in this poll

    They Win Hands Down

  15. I totally agree with Kole.

    Where the hell are the best vampire couple ever?!

    Louis x Lestat FTW.

  16. hmmmm…. as much as I love Steph’s Bella/Edward, JR Ward’s characters are allll damnn tasty…

  17. I can’t believe Bella and Edward only have 420-something votes! Where are all the legions of Twilighters?

    (I’m not actually a big Edward and Bella fan, but I have to support Twilight :))

  18. Haha I love sherrilyn kenyons books but vane and bride were my favorite ! Zarek and his nymph!

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      I personally love Kyrian and Amanda, but Vane and Bride definately rock! Can’t wait for Fang and Aimee’s book this August!

  19. Okay, I just went and voted, Bella and Edward are winning as of now, they have 521 votes, 28%! Awesome 🙂

  20. Hate to say this guys but I got to show my love for JR Ward…her books are amazing and Wrath and Beth are definitely my favorite couple.

  21. Voted! Edward and Bella are still in the lead!

  22. Awww, no Zsadist or Rhev? That’s terribly sad.

  23. Switzerland says:

    good job twilighters 🙂

  24. TeamNessie says:

    As of 6:00 pm EST, Wednesday May 20, we are winning with 35% of the votes, or 822 votes. Yay us!

  25. i love Edward and Bella:]
    they got my vote!

  26. Edward and Bella there no other couple that could be such a perfect pair! who would dare question that? Edward with his Silk voice and Bella with her love conqures all additude.

  27. Edward and Bella just gotta win!

  28. I seen the movie and I’m addicted. Edward just proves how much he loves Bella. I think they are a good match together.

  29. I hope that they make more movies from the book twilight.

  30. Edward (L) says:

    yesss twilighters we are still in top 😀

  31. Jenny J. says:

    I think Alice and Jasper should win. Only because they r just so sweet together.

  32. Sorry, I voted for Rose and Dimitri. >.<

  33. And Rose and Dimitri finish in first, B&E in second. Sorry guys I voted for Rose and Dimitri too.

  34. i love bella and edward they are the best i wish i was in the movie love you bella and edward i will see newmoon bye reanna

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