Defining Twilight Updates Contest

Older (note I didn’t say old) fans are now in luck. Defining Twilight has heard you, and they have created a category in their contest for the 19+ crowd.

According to the organizers:

“Many Twilight fans were upset that there was no age category in the Defining Twilight Essay Contest for fans older than 18.

So due to popular demand, I have added a “19 and older” age category to the Essay Contest; First Prize in each category $500.”

Get the details on Defining Twilight.


  1. TRY 50 AND UP! LOL

  2. Yeah the over 19 group is cool but 50 and up works for me! They still don’t realize who their fan base is.

  3. Alu Rathbone says:

    It says 19 and older… there is no cap on the age… at least as to what I have read. But I do think that they are looking at those who are more likely going to us the book for studying for this test… which is the 14-24 year old sect of fans. I, for one, am now studying for the SAT and the ACT (a retake) and I’m 21! And I’m sure I could use this book for the CLEP exams.

    Now I must go start my essay or newest piece of fanfiction… WOOO!

  4. I can’t enter ’cause I’m British. Sucks.

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