Jackson Rathbone All Spiked Up

Nylon Magazine has a photo shoot of Jackson Rathbone sporting his Last Airbender mohawk while sitting at his piano/ What more could you possibly want?

Check out the whole Jackson Rathbone photoshoot on Nylon.


  1. dreamy jackson πŸ™‚
    those dimples make my heart flutter

  2. Sokka!

  3. I’m pretty psyched for this movie in general, but its an added bonus that Jackson is rockin’ this hair! I love it :oD

  4. Love Jackson, the hair not so much, love it long.

  5. Twilight Sun says:

    This picture is precisely why I LOVE jackson!! Doesn’t it just make you happy to look at him?

    • Rachel M. says:

      Agreed with you 100%!
      He just makes you smile every time you look at him! πŸ™‚
      And I can’t help but wonder how much hair gel that took. XD

  6. It’s a warriors wolftail! Hahha

  7. Melanie says:

    Woah. For a moment was was like a shock. But then I thought, doesn’t Sokka wear his hair back in a ponytail? Thinking of it that way…

    lol anyway that’s an epic mohawk.

  8. I love it!

  9. sorry, but why? not attractive!

  10. Aww, it seems any hairstyle that he has (that is his own hair mind) is awesome ^^

  11. Ms Lisa says:

    He needs a better hair stylist- his mowhawk flopped. Lol Jackson, if you’re reading this I am offering my services as a Cosmetologist to you. I would have used Elmer’s glue on it…..your hawk would have stood up all day like Viagra!

  12. He’s soooooo prettyy… πŸ™‚

  13. edward4evR says:

    If you read the article, you see it’s not his piano. It’s the piano in the hotel where they did the interview.

  14. theycallmeashleythatsnotmyname says:

    His eyes are like the prettiest color green I’ve ever seen…and his dimples are so cute…but the new hair do…not so muchhh…

  15. sexxxay! love it ;]

  16. LOL! Oh wow. Even with a mohawk he stills looks attractive.

  17. Heavenlysamuraigirl says:

    No! πŸ™
    Please don’t let it be the hair for The last Airbender. He’s not suppose to have a Mohawk?
    It’s like Bella being Blond. what the?
    Please no.

  18. can someone please tell me if this has anything to do with that TV show on Nickalodeon, avatar the last airbender? i have been wondering this for a while and have never comented on here before i just NEED to know this!

    • Yes the movie is based on the cartoon which, I bellieve, was based on a book series.

      • Melanie says:

        No, it’s not based on a book series. They just like to name each season as a “Book” and each episode as a “Chapter”. I thought that meant it was originally based on a book too, and I looked it up, and there doesn’t seem to be a book that was released before the series started airing.

  19. whowantstoliveforever says:

    You are looking at the number one loved-him-since-disney-411 fan. I love him to death and my wall is covered with pictures, some old, some new but I HATE this hair!!! I’ve never been one for ‘hawks, even real ones like his (faux hawks are lame) and on;t one of my personal aquaintences can pull it off and I prefer him in his former hair-glory. I miss Jackson’s former hair-glory… *crys* I literlly cried at the pictures.. NO!!!! *runs to watch S. Darko again to see him in his wonderful brunette straight-ironed goodness*

  20. I love Avatar and have been a ture fan of the show longer then Twilgiht. I own episode on every dvd, too. I’m excited to see it become a moive and having a Twlight star in it makes me love it more.

  21. ur mom, yes! It does. Jackson is actually playing Sokka. =) I like Sokka. He is so funny.

    I love Jackson’s mohawk! Jackson is super duper. These pics are nice.

  22. his hair looks major ways rad when he’s at the piano. i’m a massive fan of mohawks, wouldn’t mind seeing what he’d look like with a proper well styled one ^_^

  23. ashley_119882004 says:

    All I can say oh wow. That looks so awesome!

  24. foundmyjasper says:

    HIS HAIR! HIS PRECIOUS HAIR! *cries* *mourns*

  25. I kind of want to shake some people and yell at them that HIS HAIR WILL GROW BACK! Oh my gosh, it’s for a movie. And while I love Avatar and the fact that I really can’t see Jackson being Sokka in the first place, a wacky hairstyle won’t “ruin” the movie. Anyway, if you’d look closely, it’s definitely a PONYTAIL that he messed around with and turned into a “mohawk”.

    Seriously, Jackson is definitely one of the contemporary actors I admire. He doesn’t just take the roles with the looks that make him pretty. He takes the obscure, random ones as well. Seriously… His character is S. Darko? (About the only reason to watch the film.) NOT attractive. He’s greasy, awkward, nerdy, etc., but that doesn’t ruin him at all.

    Good job, Jackson. *thumbs up*

  26. He is sooo cute! Can’t wait to see him in a more relaxed role.

  27. tiffany says:

    I will take him with whatever hair!

  28. Rosalie says:

    WOWOWOW He can rock a mohawk!

  29. Catherine says:

    what more could i want? to see more of his gorgeous face!

  30. asdgaergr


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