Charley Bewley Interview

Charley Bewley, who will be playing Demetri in New Moon, talked with about his upcoming role.
Have you read
New Moon? If so, what do you think about it?

Charlie Bewley: Yes. But being totally distractible, I’m a useless reader. However this one I just sailed thru, especially from page 453 onwards…

What’s great about New Moon is the author’s style delicately protracts the plot to reveal all the stakes for each character involved. This gives impact at major turns of events and also allows actors a much easier job of playing the characters truthfully and to the readers expectations.

Full credit to Stephenie for her intrinsic knowledge of human emotional interplay. Fairly genius on her part.”

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  1. Wow-great insight on his part. I agree with his comment “intrinsic knowledge of human emotional interplay.” Meyer does a great job of capturing emotions.

  2. Jeannaly says:

    1st…. he would play a perfect demetri

  3. a little confused…..HE seems very talented but i never put that much thought into his character…Boy these “BRITS” seem very eccentric (LoL) of course in a good way.cant wait 2 see the movie..

  4. One thing I do have to say- why are the majority of the Volturi British?
    Last I checked, the UK is nowhere near Italy. This is so typically American- European automatically means English. I love the cast and all, I think they’ll be awesome but it is slightly annoying.

  5. I think out of the entire new cast he’s the one I’m looking forward to seeing the most right now. I’ve never seen his work and he seems like a pretty cool person.

    Jo I don’t think people assume UK means they fit the Italian profile. I think it just doesn’t matter if the volturi are from Italy or not because Stephenie never told us where they originated. Should BD be made, they’ll probably have to take better care to get actors who fit geographically because there are only so many accents actors can fake, but I still don’t see BD happening as things stand right now anyway. The next year or so will be interesting.

  6. Melanie says:

    “Through” is spelled wrong….

  7. izzie: On the point of Stephenie capturing emotions, no truer words were ever said. For all of the many components that come together to create the Twilight Saga, this point is the most crucial.

    She captured Bella’s irrational love for an irresistible creature that wanted to kill her. She captured Edward’s unavoidable, life-changing love for Bella, all the while struggling to deny his inherent desires.

    Is it any wonder that with such a mix of addictive elements to this story that we are all drawn to it beyond all reason?

    OK, let me settle back down here, as for Charlie Bewley, sounds to me like this guy is in perpetual orbit. The Morning Club? Jeez.

  8. sillygirl says:

    Well he’s attractive of course; but he needs to put a leash on that ego!! I just hope he can act.

  9. He seems very articulate

  10. No, he seems to be very scripted

  11. kehacakes says:

    I agree, leash the ego. He seems strange. Hope he does well in the movie.

  12. Rockin'It says:

    I like him. He’s very eccentric, and I think he’s got confidence, not ego. Which will play perfectly with his character. I think he’ll bring an interesting edge to Demetri. I really can’t wait to see this movie!

  13. He’s perfect for Demetri!! I can wait to see everyone in New Moon!!

  14. i also loved his enthusiasm for life. refreshing and alive, i loved he doesd the morning thing, its
    my best prayer time too, and it is annoying sooo
    early but worth it. can’t wait to see new moon, gets more exciting every day!

  15. Don’t slap me, but why can’t I remember who Demetri is?

    • No problem. There is a very long list of characters throughout the books.

      Demetri is one of the Volturi who helps the three principle vampires. He has sufficient special gifts to be kept around by Aro, Caius and Marcus. He is a tracker extraordinaire. He can find people for the three brothers, even over great distances, as in thousands of miles. He sort of hooks into the mind of the person he is tracking and goes to them. No one can hide, except Bella of course, so he is a great tool for them when they want someone.

    • *SLAP*
      Just kidding, I would never slap anyone.
      And I can see why you forgot who Demetri was because his character is so small. I forgot who Sam AND Jacob was after I read twilight for the 1st time and their characters popped up in new moon. (I know how dare I forget sweet Jacob) I had to go back and re-scan it. I was just so focused on Edward and no one else. ( I mean who wasn’t?) 🙂

  16. WOW! he’s good for demitri!! xP

  17. Well, you can certainly say he is taking his role as Demetri very seriously. I sounds like he really wants to do a good job.
    Anna: Demetri is one of the Volturi guards, the super tracker that is usually with Felix, they met Bella and Edward in the plaza first, when she reached him just before he stepped in the sun.

  18. cristy_702 says:

    I didn’t really picture demetri like that…but he’s ok! 😀

  19. Okay, thank you everyone! I remember now, I guess I need to read New Moon again, but I am glued to Sookie Stackhouse for now.

  20. Charlie hardly has an ego, far from that. He is very humble. Who cares if he is british? what does that have to do with anything? He can act and makes a great Demetri. So there.


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