Dune Take 4

Dune, the cult classic novel by Frank Herbert, was first made into a movie in 1984, then there was the Dune miniseries in 200o, not to be confused with the Children of Dune miniseries in 2003.

Why is any of this important? According to Extra and X17, Robert Pattinson is up for a role in the latest incarnation set to hit screens in 2010. Peter Berg is slated to direct.

Recently Rob was rumored to be linked to the Pirates of the Caribbean fanchise, these rumors proved false. Rob also had to pull out of Parts Per Billion due to filming schedules that couldn’t be worked out.ย  Good luck to Rob on his Dune venture assuming this project is what he’s looking for.


  1. I’ve been a fan of Dune a lot longer than I’ve been a fan of Rob. I love that they’re making a new movie and I would love to see him in it. I just don’t know if he would make a very good Paul or not. I wonder what part they are considering him for.

  2. AlbertaJenn says:

    I’m not a sci-fi fan, so this doesn’t really excite me. Not like Little Ashes or New Moon.

  3. I love Dune and I’m happy that they’re trying again, but I don’t think that Rob would make a good Paul, who I’m assuming is the role he’s going for. Not exactly a lot of other youngish men in that book…

    Technically, Paul is supposed to be 15 for the first part of the book, but I doubt they would want that for the movie.

  4. not familiar with ‘dune’ i will have to look it up. does sound like something i would like. i don’t think i will like ‘little ashes’ from what i’ve seen but still going to give it a shot.

  5. umm…well if it happens than I am more than happy for Robert! Dune has zillions of fans worldwide and it has great potential for success…it would be a very interesting move when it comes to the roles he’s been taking on…goes to show he’s not planing on sticking to a predictable pattern “uh oh ima play the heartthrob now forever and ever(or well, until I go bald, then I will play Die Hard movies until I retire)” I am not quite sure that anything is penned out though…so I’m reserved ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Suh-weet. Science fiction + Robert Pattinson works just fine with me.

  7. He should just keep working and ride this as long as he can, bank at least half of everything he makes and enjoy the fun without taking it too seriously. Would hate to see him on a “Where Are They Now?” show or Rehab Roster in 10 years.

    • Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

      I know! i think all the twilight stars should do that! they’re in really good places right now and especially after new moon comes out with even more fans than ever, they should take advantage of it!

    • made me laugh

  8. leahluli says:

    Hmm. RPattz in Dune? I’m not so sure. Then again, I wasn’t sure about RPattz as Dali, and I saw how well that worked out. Geeks like me are a tough audience when it comes to Dune. Haha.

  9. Squee! I’ve loved Dune for years and just started rereading for the 100th time last week! I think Rob could be a great Paul, but I don’t know who else he could reasonably portray. To heck with naysayers, this girl’s onboard!

  10. Science Fiction is definitely not my cup of tea, but I am up for widening my horizons. If Rob wants to do this or any other kind of role I hope he gets the chance.

    It says it is to hit the screens in 2010. When exactly is he suppose to film this? What with Eclipse, NM promotional tours, Remember Me, and, oh yeah, sleeping and eating, not to mention breathing, how would this come to pass?

  11. So I guess he’s going to do this inbetween Eclipse and Breaking Dawn maybe??? What do you think will be the time frame? They said 2010……

  12. Cathryn says:

    Very few wanted Rob as Edward when he was announced, remember? I’m going to trust his choices–Idk, I just feel confident about the direction he’s heading ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. shavei7 says:

    I hope he finds a good project after Twilight and that he’ll have longevity in his career ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Huh…I can’t seem him as Paul…who else could he play?

    • what about the character that sting played in the first movie (i have no idea what that character’s name was)?
      maybe he will just be playing a smaller part, seeing as he is going to be quite busy in the near future.

  15. Jeannine says:

    Did any one see that msn article about a woman finding the scripts for New Moon and Memoirs in a trash bin? She was going to spill it to the tabloids but decided against it.

  16. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    whats Dune???

    • Dune is one of the greatest works of science fiction ever written. It was written by Frank Herbert and first published in 1965. David Lynch wrote and directed a film version in the 80s, but it was total crap. The story is very complicated, and spans years, so any script for a film version would be difficult to say the least. Sci Fi channel did a couple things with the story a few years back, but I didn’t see them so can’t offer an opinion. It’s an amazing story, incredibly well written, but not the easiest of reads. The story follows Paul Atriedes, (the role I will preliminarily assume RPattz is after), as he grows into a man, discovering his purpose/destiny and ultimately becoming a God-like entity.

    • It’s originally a really long (but really good) book by Frank Herbert. It was made into a movie and two miniseries’, my favorite of which was Children of Dune (James McAvoy – need I say more?).

      It’s sort of like futuristic feudalism…it’s really interesting. If you like medieval/royal history and sci fi, you’d like Dune.

    • Dune is a very famous science-fiction series…it’s pretty good

  17. I love Dune and I can see him playing Paul! Good for him why not, this is a good career move.

  18. Who cares about Dune???? I want the Haunted Airman!!!! I also want to see the Vampire baseball in NY!!!! We just re-built Yankee Stadium!!!! Yahoo! Lol!

  19. Just watched the trailer of both Dune movies. My family is a big sci-fi freak so wether Rob plays in the movie or not I most likely will be watching it.

  20. DUDE, that would be SO amazing! I loovvee Dune, AND Peter Berg, AND Robert Pattinson. That would make my year!

    And who cares about Dune!? It’s only fantastic! Give it a chance before you knock it, rudies.

  21. La Bruja says:

    Whoa!! Dune was Awesome!!! I remember watching it in the 90’s alot.hahah That is so cool that Rob might be in it!

  22. i.pattz says:

    He is so sweet dune was awesome!

  23. Magiclily says:

    OMG!!! I love Dune! I’m not sure what role Pattison could play, but it’s great that they do another movie! YAY!!!

  24. I wouldn’t think he would be a good Paul, but I wouldn’t mind him at all as Feyd Rautha…that’s the only other person I could see him being.


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