Tinsel Korey Film Opens

Tinsel Korey who is slated to portray Emily Young in New Moon has an indie film opening this weekend in limited release. The film is getting good reviews. According to Straight.com:

“Using a fragmented approach that plays documentary-style interviews off dramatic scenes, Bessai focuses on three different relationships. Micki (Babz Chula) is a celebrity romance novelist who has always overshadowed her sullen daughter Rebecca (Camille Sullivan). Brenda (Gabrielle Rose) is an aging woman who’s lost her identity to being a homemaker, which only brings her the disdain of her driven daughter Kate (Tiffany Lyndall-Knight). And Celine (Tantoo Cardinal) is a Métis woman who’s lost her own child to the streets, but when she’s hired to paint a house, she finds a new, maternal role with the upscale young Cynthia (Tinsel Korey).”

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  1. runswiththewolves says:

    It’s looks really, really good!

    You should put a heads up about profanity and sexual innuendo in the video, though.

  2. It sounds nice. When does it come out? Or is going straight to DVD? TV?


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