Kelly Clarkson On New Moon Soundtrack?

So, we’ve been scoping this one out all day. Early this morning DJ Elvis Duran claimed that a leaked version of a song called “Did You?” by Kelly Clarkson was slated to be on the New Moon soundtrack.  Various audio files of the rough-cut of the unreleased track are going around the Internet.

We thought it was a little early for final decisions on soundtrack artists to be made especially since folks like fellow AI alum Justin Guarini were just making their pitches public. Now it looks like Mark Malkin over at E! ran down the rumor.

“However, a rep for movie studio Summit Entertainment is singing a different tune…There are no plans to use the song, according to the rep…A source tells me that director Chris Weitz has made no decisions regarding the music for the movie.”

Read it all at E!


  1. Leslie says:

    is there a link to the song?

  2. I love Kelly Clarkson. Her intense vocals would be perfect for the soundtrack.

  3. Leslie says:

    oops never mind!

  4. Melisa says:

    To be perfectly honest I rather they didn’t have a soundtrack for New Moon. All the soundtrack did was drown out the score. It just made the movie one long MTV music video. Really good movies don’t need to have THAT many songs playing in the background. If Chris and Alexandre choose to do a nice marriage of song and score, then I hope it turns out like the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. But Alexandre seems more like the classical type of composer, so I don’t see how songs are going to work with that.

    • I agree that there were too many songs within Twilight, but that doesn’t mean New Moon can’t have a soundtrack. There are a few movies out there that have two soundtracks one with artist contributed songs, but don’t neccessarily show up in the movie and then the musicial score. I defintely would prefer more of a musical score for New Moon. The music in Twilight became way too distracting, so I hope Chris will change it up.

  5. La Bruja says:

    Kelly is o.k but not for the N.M sountrack.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mod edit: Link to file removed. Since at this point we don’t know if Kelly is OK about the leaked item we would prefer that links to the material not appear on this site.

  7. Luna Nueva says:

    My eyes are rolling out of my head right now.
    Can it get any cheesier?

  8. I heard it and wasnt impressed.

  9. If there is any Kelly Clarkson song that should be on the New Moon soundtrack, it is “Addicted.” That song fits Bella in New Moon PERFECTLY right down to hearing voices in her head.

  10. mschicklet says:

    I love Kelly but that song is terrible. JUST SAY NO, Chris Weitz.

  11. TwilightBrit says:

    Kelly’s okay, but this song sucks and I don’t think she’s right for the soundtrack.

    I vote for WITHIN TEMPTATION! If you don’t know who they are, you gotta check them out on youtube. 🙂

  12. Gryffyn says:

    It’s elvis duran not moran

    • Twilight_News says:

      TY fixed the typo. Can you tell the person who was on the phone with me as I typed it has the last name of “Moran” talk about being distracted.


    • AlbertaJenn says:

      I agree! How to capture that one “feel” for a certain scene would be almost impossible. I’m glad smarter people than me make these decisions.

  14. blah

  15. Her music is not good enough for New Moon.

  16. safina says:

    Kelly’s song won’t fit New Moon.I hope this rumor gets cleared up quickly.

  17. Not a fan of her music at all….sorry Kelly

  18. I like Kelly, but I like more indie bands when it comes to Twilight.

  19. Is there anything that is real news anymore. It is great for Kelly if she get the gig, but would it have been better not to say anything untill it was for sure instead of getting hopes up?

  20. i'mwiththewolves says:

    i <3 kelly clarkson, i hope she gets on the soundtrack….

    and gah why isnt there anything super interesting???? im trying to procrastinate from studying for my APUS exam in roughly 35 hours…

  21. Deanne says:

    I love Kelly Clarkson, but I don’t think this is the song for NM, I agree with a poster above that “Addicted” fits better, I also think a song of her new album “Cry” would also fit. I loved the Twilight’s sound track so I can’t wait for this one.

  22. it’s a good song in general but i don’t think it’s perfect for the new moon soundtrack, but if they do decide to put the song on the soundtrack then they should really remix the sound of the music, for the lyrics there okay…..not good just okay.

  23. Here is the link to hear the song

  24. I found the PERFECT song for New Moon! It’s called Stand in the Rain by Superchick. Check it out! 🙂

  25. umm we need songs thats are dark and mysterious with a vampire edge to it not wanna b rock….

  26. I dont like her music at all- infact, it was stupid of her, and anyone else- to spill so early- if i had anything to do with the soundtrack, id embarrass them a bit and tell them that they blew it!

    I dont think her music would be any good for any of the movies- she is way too girlie girl with her music- it would make the movie seem like a stupid lovey dovey type of movie… and ive read and seen way too many books and movies to know that one song like this could ruin the whole feel of the movie…

    put her on the degrassi goes hollywood soundtrack, or something of that sort- her music doesnt belong in this part of the fantasy world-at all! i could come up with tons better artists then her for this one!

  27. papermoon says:

    please. please. please. no.

  28. Medya [MSquared] says:

    I’d never heard Addicted before you guys mentioned it on here.
    But I just did, and I agree, it’s haunting and amazing.
    I don’t know where they’d put it in the movie, but it’d be great in the credits. =]


  29. I have all the same complaints with this song as I did with the Justin Guarini one…. i just think it’s kind of cheesy and obvious.

  30. I think that they should just stick with the score and not choose any other music because, let’s face it, they can’t possibly please all the fans no matter which artists they choose. If they go indie, the fans of mainstream artists will be pissed. If they go mainstream, the fans of indie music will be pissed. There’s really no way to please all of us and we not all that forgiving! Haha!

  31. Juliana says:

    I like Kelly Clarkson and her music. I personally, can picture her on the NM soundtrack.

  32. I like kelly C. but I don’t think she is right for the new moon… I do however think that SAFETYSUIT-something I said would be a great addition to the soundtrack…

    I think that they should find unknown bands since edward has an excentric music taste its only fitting to have unknown bands on the soundtrack…

  33. leahluli says:

    Oh, come on..

  34. I enjoy Kelly’s music from time to time but I can’t really see her doing anything on the soundtrack if they even have one.

    Personally I would prefer it if they just had a musical score for New Moon. New Moon was a very emotional book and I think a musical score would fit the mood better.

  35. Brittiany says:


  36. Melina says:

    I think it would be great if Kelly is on the soundtrack. I haven’t heard the song but I think that if they do put Kelly on the soundtrack it should be one of these songs “Already Gone”, “Cry”, both from her new album or “Haunted”.I thinks these would be more perfect for the movie.

  37. Personally, I think that Kelly has a great voice, but her music style is more pop-ish, so I don’t like her songs much. I prefer her older songs, from her first album. But on the other hand, I had the same opinion on Paramore until I heard “Decode”! And now I love the song.

  38. I think is too early to talk about this, they know what they are doing. It is just a matter of time… as I saw posted here, u can’t pleased everybody… some will love, some will not so much & others will hate, that’s business… let’s see how it plays.

  39. ScarletRubie says:

    i have nothing against Kelly but i don’t think the genre fits, she sings pop and i love it but not for New Moon i would actually like to see a Slumdog Millionaire type soundtrack, or something like the last soundtrack where they incorporated the songs subtly. Kelly’s Music just doesn’t seem to fit the mood New Moon has (in my mind)

  40. Kristi says:

    Has anyone thought of Into the Ocean by Blue October? All I can think of is the cliff diving scene every time I hear it! Love that song!

  41. Selena Antelo says:

    i think that “my immortal” should have something to do with new moon. For the movie eclipse “wine red” should have something to do with it….

  42. Selena Antelo says:


    Who shot that arrow in your throat?
    Who missed the crimson apple?
    It hung heavy on the tree above your head

    This chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect
    Give your immortality to me; I’ll set you up against the stars

    We lied, we can’t go on
    This is the time and this is the place to be alive

    Who shot that arrow in your throat?
    Who missed the crimson apple?
    And there is discord in the garden tonight

    The sea is wine red
    This is the death of beauty
    The doves have died
    The lovers have lied

    I cut the arrow from your neck
    Stretched you beneath the tree
    Among the roots and baby’s breath
    I covered us with silver leaves

    We lied, we can’t go on
    This is the time and this is the place to be alive

    The sea is wine red
    This is the death of beauty
    The doves have died
    The lovers have lied

    The sea is wine red
    This is the death of beauty
    The doves have died
    The lovers have lied

    The sea is wine red (Gloria, we lied)
    This is the death of beauty (we lied, this is the time and place)
    The doves have died (Gloria, we lied)
    The lovers have lied (this is the time and place)

  43. How fitting is this – I left out the first verse, but this is sooo Bella during the cliff diving scene.

    Blue October – Into the Ocean
    Now floating up and down
    I spin colliding into sound.
    Like whales beneath me diving down.
    I’m sinking to the bottom of my everything.
    That freaks me out.
    The lighthouse beam has just run out.
    I’m cold, as cold, as cold can be…be *sigh*

    I wanna swim away but don’t know how.
    Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean.
    Let the waves up; take me down.
    Let the hurricane set in motion, yea.
    Let the rain of what I feel right now come down.
    Let the rain come down.

    Where is the coast guard?
    I keep looking each direction for a spotlight; give me something.
    I need something for protection.
    Maybe Flotsam jump will do just fine…
    The Jetsam sunk I’m left behind.
    I’m treading for my life, believe me.
    How can I keep up this breathing?
    Not knowing how to think I scream aloud, begin to sink.
    My legs and arms are broken down
    With envy for the solid ground.
    I’m reaching for the life within me.
    How can one man stop his ending?
    I thought of just your face…
    Relaxed and floated into space.

    I wanna swim away but don’t know how.
    Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean.
    Let the waves up; take me down.
    Let the hurricane set in motion, yea.
    Let the rain of what I feel right now come down.
    Let the rain come down.

    Now, waking to the sun I calculate what I had done.
    Like jumping from the bow, yea, just to prove that I knew how, yea.
    Its Midnight’s late reminder of the loss of her; the one I love.
    My will to quickly end it all
    Sat front row in my need to fall.

    Into the ocean end it all… (x4)

  44. I love Kelly Clarkson. Even when no one thought she had what it takes on American Idol and I have loved her ever since then.

    She’s an amazing singer with an amazing voice. I have not heard the song yet but I fully intend on hearing it soon. I bet the song is amazing. Paramore wasn’t really on my mind as a song for the Twilight soundtrack but they pulled it together and they came out with an amazing kick-ass song. Kelly Clarkson could do that too. You don’t know what she’s capable of so why should any of you put her down.

    Its okay if you don’t like her but you do not have to put her down because she’s doing something that you could never do. So leave her alone.


  45. I like Kelly Clarkson & wouldn’t mind if she made it to the soundtrack. (her songs “Haunted” and “Addicted” would both work.) I haven’t heard the song so I don’t know if it would work for NM. It’ll be interesting to see what songs CW picks to make it into the movie/soundtrack.

  46. Devon061381 says:

    Kelly’s okay for some pop stuff, but I don’t think she fits the bill for what they’re going for on the saga movie soundtracks. I think the woman (I forget her name, I know you guys had a news item up last fall about it) who put together the soundtrack did an amazing job, and they like to use stuff that isn’t so completely mainstream it sounds like. Which I think is hot. A little is fine, but personally, I loved discovering Mute Math, Blue Foundation, and Iron & Wine just from this soundtrack. Stephenie wrote these novels with specific styles of music in mind (re: her playlists), so I think it only fitting that the soundtracks be evocative of that. Granted, I don’t care for every single band that Stephenie likes (not a Blue October fan – his voice is annoying – and TV on the Radio, are just two examples), but for the most part, my tastes coincide with hers so I’m a happy camper 😀

  47. Marley says:

    why is everyone so set on it being indie music, ef that, its so not the oc, folks. I would love a vampire flick with kelly clarkson on the soundtrack. There are more people into this story then goth kids.

  48. Ugh, hope not.

    • i agree, kelly is just not dark enough for new moon. Her song is totally pathetic, and it is really sad that she is already on the confirmed soundtrack. Her song better be drowned out somehow with an action scene so no one will have to hear it.

  49. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I love Kelly Clarkson music. I totally think they should put “Behind These Hazel Eyes” on the sound track because it goes so well with New Moon.


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