Robert Pattinson Wins at FirstGlance

According to Pattinson Online, Rob has won the best actor award at the First Glance Film Festival for his work in How to Be.

See the details on Pattinson Online.


  1. he definitely deserves it!
    robert pattinson is such a good actor =)

  2. I am so happy for Robert, there will be more awards in the future.

  3. VampireLover says


  4. Congrats Robert. You deserve it all.

  5. How nice his name is connected to a non-Twilight project and to win an award for it. Excellent news. Bodes well for future projects. Lucky us.

  6. BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ART!!!!!!!Love that CANADA sweatshirt ….. Great movie about the human condition we all have in common.

  7. I hope he will become a great actor in the future. He is very good now, too. I hope he wil someday take all this attention not only because he is playing the ideal man that every teenager is in love with or because of his lookings, but because he will be exceptional in what he does! He might as well some day go to the Oscars as a nominee and not just as a presenter 🙂

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