David Slade On The Twilight Saga

I don’t know if anyone who reads our site was a fan of The West Wing, but on the West Wing there was this episode where Martin Sheen playing President Bartlett said something really stupid, and his legal counsel played by Oliver Platt beat the hell out of the recording device on his desk with a baseball bat so there would be no evidence regarding the really stupid thing that he said.

Well, flashing forward to the Twilight world, it looks like David Slade was using a baseball bat of his own. Only it looks like the metaphorical bat here got to the evidence on Twitter, but it missed the call in show.

Slash/Film has the details on what is at the very least going to be an embarrassing incident:

“Today, however, it seems like Slade’s Twitter account has been deleted, which is a crying shame. Besides the loss of an interesting tweeter, another of the reasons this is unfortunate is that the deletion covers Slade’s tracks a little and hides a rather amusing little attack he launched on the Twilight franchise.

That being the very same Twilight franchise Slade has subsequently signed up to, and for which he will be directing the third installment, Eclipse. Oops.

So, the original Tweet might be gone but after the break we have audio of Slade ripping into Twilight”

Once you check out the full story on /Film and listen to the audio to judge for yourself, we have a question. Unfortunate foot in mouth trying to be witty on a call-in show, or is it worse than that?

The critical material in question happens at around the 9:00 minute mark in the second download, of what was otherwise and interesting an non-controversial interview.


  1. Freyja says:

    Yeah, it sounds like a real good idea to have a director who hates what he’s directing. This is not going to turn out well.

  2. This is not going to end well…….
    He is very obviously not suitable for the job and I’m not gonna go see the movie in theatres if someone like that disrespectful prick ruins it!!!

    He made very clear what he thinks about the series. Not only did he insult Stephenie and her wonderful work, but also the actors he’s supposed to work with.

    Twilighter,write to summit!

  3. I guess that there’s a lot of things I could say about this…but I’ll get to the point.

    Let’s consider the market audience of Twilight, both movie and series. Now, I know that there are men and non-teens who read Twilight–plenty of them, I know that. But I would think that the largest quantity of Twilight fans are teen girls. There’s a reason for that–the writing and plot appeals particularly to that age and to women in general. I am not at ALL surprised that this particular director is not a fan of Twilight; he’s a middle-aged guy who, I imagine, is not personally interested in reading a book/watching a movie that revolves around a teen girl and the love of her life. Not that movies/books with teen girls as protagonists are bad–that is NOT what I am saying. It’s just that not every guy is going to be interested in that kind of thing.

    And as someone mentioned, he was talking about the movie, not the book, at the time. The fans might not agree with me, but the majority of reviews I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a few) place Twilight around the 50% approval rating. I’ve seen the movie, and no matter what I might think of the book, that movie was pretty bad. This is not the place to go into it, but even the fans have to admit that there were flaws there.

    So imagine someone who is not a fan and who makes movies for a living. I would also assume that those in the movie industry watch a lot of movies. I mean, you don’t get into the film industry by hating film. And when the Twilight movie doesn’t make par quality wise…what would be the pull to go see it?

    Ok, fine. So get a director that is a fan of the movies. Write letters to Summit protesting their choice…although, first of all, I’m not sure that that would really work. But the problem is, I’m not sure that getting a director who is a great fan of the series would really pay off. Catherine Hardwicke seems to be a fan of the series, but I’m not sure that that made her movie better. Honestly, it might have made it worse, but that’s an argument for a different day.

    Also, I’m sure that David Slade is not the only director in the world poking fun at Twilight. I DO agree, however, that saying it so publicly when he is slated to be the director for one of the later movies was a poor choice. There are some things better kept to oneself and he should have known that the Twilight online fanbase would not let that fly.

    Look, I swear, this all sounded a lot more intelligent in my mind. I normally don’t post here, as I think my ideas go against the grain. I hope no one finds me too offensive.

    • Oh, I guess I should mention–I know nothing about this guy. The above comment was in principle. For all I know, this guy is also a really bad filmmaker, I wouldn’t know. I also would not necessarily say he hates Twilight. And there’s nothing wrong with him trying to make money of Twilight–lots of people do that. Look at Hot Topic and their Edward body glitter (can it really be any different from any other body glitter?). That’s just how the world works and, as I said before, that is not necessarily going to ruin the movie.

    • Really well said Eva. I think you are exactly right.

  4. I agree with most that it is worrying that Summit would hire someone with such an obvious disdain for a franchise that so many are passionate about. They could kill their momentum, the franchise and the careers of their stars with this one decision.

    That said a lot of ppl said the same about Chris when he was hired and have now been converted.

    I’m reserving judgement at the moment, ppl change their minds on a daily basis and his earlier comments could just have been influenced by the hype rather then by the saga itself. What I will be watching for now is how he responds to this, whether he will address the issue and respond to fans’ concerns or just continue to be the idiot respresented by his earlier comments.

    If the latter is the case it is my hope that Summit would take action, fire David and hire someone who will do justice to the story.

  5. riddleinside says:

    me not happy at all!!!! and I know all what we’re gonna say doesn’t count cause business is business!!
    I’m so disgusted! Catherine Hardwick didn’t have the money for spectular visual effects, but sure she was passionated and we felt that, and we love her for that! if David Slade thinks he’s smarter enough not to watch the movie why is he directing it? cause whatever changes he may bring when directing eclipse, the core of the story is still the same!!!
    Plus, what a coward for having deleted his tweeter!!!He doesn’t even take responsibility for himself!!
    not happy at all!!

  6. I am less worried about his directing ability than his attitude. It seems like all the actors are really enjoying their characters and making the New Moon movie, but with a director that is going to be making little aside comments and not truly sold out and enjoying making the movie (like Cathrine obviously was and it seems Chris is as well) I am afraid that will seep onto the set and then into the attitudes of the cast! 🙁 How very sad I will be if that happens!

  7. he hadn’t seen the movie, he said no to what he thought it was. He has said yes to direct which means he does not think it sucks. forget it

  8. This guys gives me the willies, always has.

    This needs to be addressed by Summit, and fast!

  9. IT’S A LOVE STORY!!!! Sure this guy can handle gore. But Eclipse is a love story above all things. Eclipse is probably the sweetest book in the series as far as Bella and Edward having totally cemented their relationship and preparing for a future together. You can’t have eclipse without the hilarious competition with Jacob and Edward. And all that great cuddling and kissing with Edward. Can you imagine if the director of Harry Potter would have made fun of the books? Where is Stephenie Meyer? Girl protect your vision, we trust you!

    • I completely agree with you. Eclipse is a LOVE STORY moreso than it is an action story. Having the vampire action death match w/ Victoria and the newborns will be fun to watch, sure. But above all else, we’re going to want to see the romance between Edward and Bella from the book!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!!!!

  10. “This is not going to end well…….
    He is very obviously not suitable for the job and I’m not gonna go see the movie in theatres if someone like that disrespectful prick ruins it!!!

    He made very clear what he thinks about the series. Not only did he insult Stephenie and her wonderful work, but also the actors he’s supposed to work with.”

    have you never judge a film by its cover. He did and he changed his mind. Get over your self. you will boycott a movie because he made a joke about what they were going to watch one day. It wasn’t a critique of the work, of the book or the actors, it was a romance and he was a guy looking for a not chick flick.

    • Yea but if he as a director wants us to spend our money to see his work, he shouldn’t alienate us so much like that. And Summit should realize that as well. Our (the fans) money is the only reason the first movie broke records opening weekend. CUSTOMERS don’t like to be insulted. We want to be happy with the product we’re paying for.

      • And David Slade, who is trying to sell a product (the movie Eclipse) to us, is being a really bad salesman. Furthermore, Stephenie Meyer shouldn’t WANT someone around who obviously has disdain for her work.

  11. OK, since he said that, I hope he will make Eclipse the best possible. If he thinks Twilight sucked, then he MUST show us that he can do a lot better, whih I doubt, cause Catherine Hardwicke is a director who made great movies and he mostly shoots video clips. When I actually find out that fact I thought “All right, what are you guys in Summit really think??”. I don’t know, I really hoped that the saga would have better people to direct the movies from it. This was a total disappointment…

  12. Olivia says:


    GREAT JOB, Summit!!

    Holy Hale, do they WANT millions of people to hate them and burn down their studio??

    This either needs to get his act together or Summit needs to hold another director search. Personally, I think they jumped the gun already, what with having a “director” and a release date already.

    This literally makes me sick with fear. I seriously want to cry.


    • Karen I have to respectfully disagree. So far, I feel like Chris is being more respectful to the franchise. Granted, maybe part of that has to do with his VFX resources. But from the get go he’s felt like he owed something to the fans. He even wrote us all a letter within the first week of being signed onto New Moon. He cares. I can tell he cares. Catherine had her own “vision” for Twilight. Chris (from what I can tell) cares about what the FANS want.

  14. you people sending e-mails.

    have you forgotten what happen when Robert was cast.

    hope you all apologize and grow a scene of humor when the movie is out and you all love it. he cracked a joke, get over it.

  15. Alice Kiki Cullen says:

    Oh greeaaattttt. I though I hated the dictor of the last 2 HP movies. At least HE LIKES IT!!! …Perfect just Perfect. If he ruins Ecplice there will be h-e double hocky sticks to pay. I agree with Olivia. I want to cry.

  16. Sakura says:

    This does worries me. If someone is directing a movie that they clearly doesn’t like then there’s a big possibility that the film would go down the drain and for that to happen is going to be disastrous considering the amount of fans that Twilight has. Of course this was back during the time when the only concern that Summit has for the moment was New Moon hence he didn’t have a clue that he’ll be directing Eclipse. But for someone like that to direct the film? I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right knowing that he doesn’t like the franchise.

  17. Summit are only in this for the money guys, I think that’s what everyone is forgetting, otherwise they wouldn’t want to shoot them out so fast. It’s kinda obvious they want to hire a director who has the same intentions as him, and hiring a horror movie director guarentees to bring more action and more guys to the movie, generating a wider audience.

    I do think it’s a shame, as eclipse is my favourite book in the series, but it’s the way movie franchises work, I’m sure in a couple of weeks time, when he as been media trained or whatever, there will be a statement saying how dedicated and how much he is looking forward to directing eclipse >.>

  18. I can understand what people are saying when they are being “realisitic” about how Hollywood works. The fact is that it really isn’t about the art and and the story at this point, it’s about making money. Case in point is the fact that they have hired this guy who obviously doesn’t care for the premise of the movie at all, and is open about that fact. I know that he is entitled to his opinions, and he really isn’t the movie’s target demographic, and that he could still pull a decent movie out of it…I just don’t think he will. I think he will be great at orchestrating an epic battle with the vampires and werewolves, but considering his feelings toward “the kind of romantic, you know, repressed hormone teen vampire movie” that this franchise is, I can’t see how he would be able to pull himself to that level and get the proper emotions out to the audience. The fact is that , yes, this is the book with the most “action” in it, but it also has very important emotion connections and disconnections, and he seems to have quite a disdain for that sort of thing. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  19. Brittany says:


  20. Alliebeth says:

    I’ve been worried from the beginning about this director, mostly because his entire body of work is in the horror genre. While Eclipse has its fair share of that, it’s a romance above anything else, and I worry about that being translated with him at the helm. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and go with it (I don’t think Stephenie would greenlight anyone she didn’t think would do a good job), but his comments do irritate me. Hopefully we’ll get a nice letter, a la Chris Weitz, and all will be well again! (for me anyway..)

    • I’m wondering if Steph Meyer knows any of the most recent goings on (aka Slade’s participation in all of this, as well as his intentions). If she’s signing the rights over to her work, she still wants to be protective of it. And I know she was very involved in the first movie. Has she TALKED to him about his “vision” for Eclipse? Does he REALIZE that it’s a romance story??

      • Alliebeth says:

        I’m sure SM knows all about it now! lol. I would think (and hope) she she spoke with him about the overall vision of Eclipse…and I don’t think Summit would have announced him unless he’d already met with Stephenie. And I also don’t doubt that he knows that romance is an integral part of the book- I just question his ability to bring it to the film the way that we all expect, since he seems to have no prior experience outside of horror.

  21. Ilu_una says:

    I feel I’m mature enough not to go cry or have a fit about something someone said about a movie they hadn’t seen.

    I understand the Lexicon is just presenting the news, but I feel like there’s a certain power of suggestion in the way it was presented. Like, “you will not like this, he said something stupid,” and then everyone freaks out.

    I guess this is where I do not lament my lack of friends who like Twilight Saga as I do.

    Chill out. It will all be okay, and if its not, well the Dark Materials will never fully see the light of day, but I’ve managed to move on.

    • I know the end of Golden Compass was changed completely, but the rest of the movie was beautiful. And I also know that after GC came out in theaters, Chris Weitz said “OMG I made a mistake. If we make Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass, I will stay truer to the original story.” So more than anything, I think he’s taken the lessons he’s learned and tried to translate that to New Moon by being more faithful to what the loyal audience wants.

    • I agree with your whole comment. The editorializing of ‘news’ can cause a lot of problems, especially in a fandom where people are so passionate.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Certainly you are entitled to your opinion. Maybe the word ill-timed rather than stupid would have been better.

      From our point, we thought we were more balanced than what was presented on /Film, and wanted to show the other side that it was possible it was just an off-the-cuff remark that /Film didn’t really allow for in their coverage.

      That’s why we finished up with “Once you check out the full story on /Film and listen to the audio to judge for yourself, we have a question. Unfortunate foot in mouth trying to be witty on a call-in show, or is it worse than that?” Hoping that readers would evaluate the whole thing, see both possibilities, and then reply based on their experience.

      • Ilu_una says:

        I can see that ill-timed would have been a better word in tone but not in meaning. I think I should have put “something he might regret”.

        I understand the Lexicon was trying to present both sides of the story, so to speak, but hoping for the best in a fandom that has repeatedly proven than a loud and fervent number will react emotionally rather than rationally, or rather rationalize their emotions, to news like this… well, from what I’ve read on here, I’m still hoping there are more calm, open-minded people in the fandom.

        As always, I appreciate the work you do here at the Lexicon, gathering information and news items about the Twilight Saga and all things related. I just must avoid hitting the “Read Comments” button.

        • Twilight_News says:

          We hear your point. We just felt like the only other alternative was not covering the story and it seemed that that wasn’t really a viable option given that it was actual comments on the film franchise on a radio call-in show, not his private life even though (we assume) he had no idea of his involvement at the time. It seemed best to put it out there because the story was about to be picked up by mainstream media who only covers a soundbite. We wanted people to look at the whole thing. But again point taken, maybe the adjectives used could have been better.

  22. Alu Rathbone says:


    First of all, if you are directing a movie that is in a franchise, then you should see the first movie and the second… all the way towards your movie… and if you don’t like it… then you don’t direct it… If you do… your more likely to do a bad job and get ridiculed for doing something to a series that is much loved by it’s fan base.

    I say we get a director who has seen Twilight, likes Twilight, and is bound by contract to keep it like the book. Or at least as close to the book as possible!

  23. Everyone needs to chill out. Yeah, what he said was probably not the best choice, but who can blame him for not wanting to go see the first movie?? I, for one, am glad it seems like he wasn’t interested – this means he’ll make the third movie a lot DIFFERENT than the first one, which is exactly what it (and the saga as a whole) needs. The first movie was not really that great, to be honest. If he agrees, that means we have more of a chance of high-quality filmmaking doing these books justice!

  24. I’m highly disappointed with Summit once again. At least this time there’s still time left for them to do something about it (although I’m quite certain that they won’t, unfortunately). Seriously, could this guy be more foot-in-mouth!? What the hell is wrong with him? When someone, I don’t care who it is doctor/teacher/actor/director, it doesn’t matter…when someone is hired to do a job they should have positive feelings towards it. Ishta, you focus too much on everybody bashing this man to see the big picture. Say you’re in college and struggling in your math classes and not sure how well you’re going to do…would you want a barely mediocre History tutor who makes ridiculous comments about math to teach you? Or would you rather look around a little more, because you still have time to, and fine someone who loves math and is a good tutor? Maybe a bad analogy, but it’s still true. This guy, whose name I actually don’t even care to remember, make a complete joke of himself with his comment and alienated fans of a series that he signed on to be a part of. Sorry but rule numbers one and two of sales are don’t bash the product and don’t bash the customers…and he smashed those with a baseball bat before even STARTING his job. That is seriously pathetic.

    • I agree with you for the most part (and I liked your math teacher analogy). Summit needs to remember that this movie will do horribly if WE (the fans) don’t pay money to see it multiple times and recommend it to our friends and family. We’re the only reason the first movie did so well opening weekend. The moviemaking industry is a sales industry and part of sales is knowing what to say and what not to say, AND being proud enough of the work you’re attached to to make CUSTOMERS excited about it. He doesn’t sound very excited about the work he’s now attached to. I just want a post from Stephenie Meyer on her web site, similar to what she posted right after Weitz signed onto New Moon — I just want to know her take on all of this (Slade directing, what Slade’s said to her about his “vision” for this movie, etc). It’s her work. She should WANT it to be treated with enthusiasm and respect.

    • Luthien says:

      Very nicely said, Rose. And I am with you too, Julia. Someone who disdains ‘teen chick flics’ and ‘romance flics’ has no business doing any of the Twilight films in my opinion. Although teens don’t make up the entire fanbase (I am old enough to be everyone’s mother, I’m sure)you need someone who understands the draw of Twilight to do it justice. I’m still writing to Summit and hope everyone who feels the same does too.

      • Shout out to Rose, Julia and Luthien! Rose great analogy. Julia, I’m with you…A post on SM’s web site would put my mind at ease. I have been checking all day. Luthien, I am a mom too. I have three daughters. My 12 year old has read all the books and loves the movie. My 10 year old is going to start the books soon and also enjoys the movie. The six year old obviously won’t read the books herself for a while (she wants me to read them aloud to her) but has watched the move numerous times. She really likes it, with the exception of the fight scene between Edward and James. She says that it is too scary.

        My point is that a little reassurance from SM would be nice. Especially since Eclipse is the book where Edward and Bella finally commit to each other. I was really looking forward to some intimate scenes…like when they get engaged. Can Slade deliver the kind of tenderness we read about in the books?

        After research Slade on IMDB and watching clips of his other work, I’m not sure if my girls will be allowed to see it or not. His past films seem pretty dark and gory.

  25. Tiffany says:

    The people who did a campaign agaisnt Rob are not the same people who are mad about this… two totally different subjects. The Rob thing was totally lame, most people hadn’t seen the stuff that he had done and therefore judged him blindly and Rob did not disrespect the book or movie… David Slade on the other hand has movies out there, (not ones the most twilighters would ever want to see and nor should they, they are creep nasty) HE should have known better to keep his snarky comments to himself in an industry where everyone knows everyone. What if he had to work with Catherine after a comment like this was made? He’s an ass. why would he make such a strong comment about a movie that he had not seen? If I were a film maker the last thing I would want to do is talk about other movies that I thought were bad enough for me to be “shot” rather than see them. Its bad taste all around. Not just because he is directing eclipse but because when you are in such an industry you shouldn’t speak ill of another person’s work.
    He needs to apologize like now…
    Summit needs to see that this is a problem that fans aren’t going to ignore.

  26. I dont know about this, everyone made good points.We should all wait and see though.I just think its kinda stupid that he took down his twitter.He should not be afraid of what he said or be afraid of the backlash..

  27. I agree with alot of people on here, I just haven’t had a good feeling about this guy from the start, I mean I can understand that its not neccassarily ‘his’ type of movie, he would prob. want to watch car chases and bombs exploding, and all that, rather than a vampire/human love story generated toward teenage girls, but COME ON, you are the official director, show some respect. But LOL, I feel for the guy if he seriously screws up eclipse, can you imagine the rabid fangirls reactions? Poor bloke, he would probably be tarred and feathered, or atleast stoned lol ;P

  28. Ha, know what else will be funny? When he does damage control ;D

  29. La Bruja says:

    I KNEW this guy was WORTHLESS from the very begining!
    Feel free to diss me as much as you want for saying that..i dont care.


  30. Boy this guys is a Loser.

  31. well this stinks, we get a director for eclipse who hates twilight. i really really hope they fire him or something cause this makes me mad

  32. Las Lobos says:

    WOW! Can this guy be any more Disrespecful?

  33. I don’t have a problem with it. How many people do you know who made fun of Twilight before they saw the movie or read the books? I know many who are complete addicts now. Ignorant people deserve some slack.

    • Right, but this guy is DIRECTING the movie. He’s signing his name on the dotted line. He’s basically representing a product that he will sell to us customers (the people who pay to see it). And in order to get us excited enough to pay money to see something, he should probably NOT make it sound like he thinks it’s crap.

  34. WTF???? once again, summit royally SCREWS UP.

    What the HELL is he doing directing eclipse then? He’s not even a talented director, his movies have all been CRAP, and now he has the nerve to say that about twilight????? Im an avid fan of the series and I am DISGUSTED that this is the man they have chosen to direct eclipse, my personal FAVOURITE book out of the entire series! A director needs to have an actual love for the series, or else (no surprise) its not going to be NEARLY as good as what its capable of. Here we go, we have just put our beloved book into the hands of someone who is likely going to treat it with no more devotion or respect than he would his dog’s favourite chew toy. Summit, is it too late to fire him??? Because let me tell you, after hearing this, tilight and new moon fans are going to be SERIOUSLY pissed off.

    I cannot even put into words how rude and disrespectful this is. I do NOT trust this man with eclipse at all.

    • I didn’t mean to put so much of this in capital letters, i’ve just read back over it and realised it looks like it was written by an overly enthused 13 year old. My apologies to those reading it, I just had a slight temper tantrum I suppose!

  35. melissa says:

    i think they should get rid of slade before he ruins eclipse!! if he doesnt care about the movie or series he should have never taken the job, i mean seriously let someone who actually likes it do the job. this scares me to think of some guy who could care less about it directing it!!

  36. we are all writting to Summit right? I am.

    can some start an online petition? I would but I don’t know how.

  37. that makes me sad.

  38. This really pisses me off HIS ASS CAN DO ANOTHER MOVIE THAT NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT ! His two movies I saw were violent with no damn story line !
    If he doesn’t care about this his a*s needs to go do something he cares about. DON’T RUIN ECLIPSE BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE BOOK AND IF HE EVEN MESSES AROUND WITH IT LDSKFJWLEKJ HE BETTER be ready for what comes after this !!!!
    And he didn’t even watch the film ??? What the hell ??

  39. I don’t care fire his ass ! Yes Twilight the movie was ok but if your going to do a film that’s loved by millions you need to respect the series and it’s fans.

  40. Ok…I was concern but hopeful…right now I’m concern, scare and not hopeful at all. He’s gonna ruin it…way to go Summit!
    I’d say let’s do something while there is time…production have not started yet…I don’t know..write letters…an online petition…something! This can’t be happening! OMG

  41. Summit – you know that these comments represent the opinions of thousands, millions of fans. It’s time to reconsider this choice that truly never made much sense in the first place. No one wants to see a movie directed by an ignorant, greedy bleep-hole! These fans are die-hard and if they’re not feeling it, the box office sales will not be there.

    • Agreed. Or at least, if he doesn’t care about it then fake it well enough that we’re happy with the final product. We want the movie to be “the book come to life” — not his half-assed “30 Days of Night” interpretation of Eclipse. I don’t care if he doesn’t like teenage hormone repressed vampire stories — that is what he signed on to direct. Though, if he were enthusiastic about the project from the get go and wholeheartedly WANTED to make this movie a loyal adaptation of the book, that would be best…. Just whatever gets the job done. And pissing off fans or criticizing a series that he is now a part of, isn’t getting the job done.

  42. It took me a while to find it, but here is a link to Stephanie Meyer’s original opinion of David Slade doing Eclipse.


    Wonder what she thinks now.

  43. lnoffsinger says:

    Does anyone know when Midnight Sun: Edward’s Version of Twilight comes out? I just finished reading all of the other books and I just heard about this one.

    • As far as any of us know, it won’t be. Not for quite a while, at least. Go to SM’s website and read up about it, if you’re still interested. There’s an unfinished trascript there, as well.

    • Midnight Sun is on hold indefinitely. If you go to stephaniemeyer.com you can find a partial draft of it there….and all the information behind Midnight Sun.

  44. And here is a little something for my fellow Twilighters to cheer you up in the wake of David Slade…


  45. vampbball says:

    Summit, what were you thinking? If D. Slade doesn’t like the source material, he’s not the person for the job, period. Thank goodness this got out, at least. What jerks.

  46. Catherine says:

    Jokes on him! Who’s dumb enough to insult what gives you your living?!

    I wonder if he knows he’s just insulted the entire fanbase of people who basically pay his paycheck! Have fun fixing that one Slade…deleting Twitter isn’t gonna cover this up!

  47. just mailed my letter to Summit!

  48. To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement! This is really who Summit thinks should helm Eclipse? How about we do our homework before we hire a Twihater to direct a much-anticipated movie!

  49. Rockin'It says:

    Oh boy…. This could get interesting…

  50. Leah1901 says:

    First of all, what he did was very disrespectful.
    It may only have been a joke, but that dosen’t change anything. Someone who says something like that about a movie/book he dosen’t even know, just because he’s judging it from the cover means he has major prejudices and isn’t at all interested in the material in general.

    We Twilighters may be a little passionate about things, but it’s US who buy the product.
    I don’t care if the guy’s the best director on this earth, unless he dosen’t apologize or gets fired, Eclipse is dead for me.

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