Justin Guarini Wants In On Soundtrack

Justin Guarini of American Idol fame has a song that he has specifically written for New Moon and hopes to catch the attention of Summit and Stephenie and have it on there. TY to multiple people.

“Here’s a song that Tammy Hyler, Shaye Smith, and I wrote specifically for “New Moon”. I’ve set it to some stills, and slapped my vocals on it. If you like it, make sure to spread the word and ask Stephenie Meyer to put it on the soundtrack – JG”

What do you think?


  1. AnnieCullen says:

    It’s hard for me to say this, but I actually like it.

    • Yea, I agree. It was hard for me to admit too. =)

      • AnnieCullen says:

        lol never thought I would say I like a Justin Guarini song.

        • Ellehcim17 says:

          Justin Guarini, you are a good singer but stay away from commercial songs, you repeated too much the same thing. If you wanna do something good for New Moon, change the song (experiment with it and don’t repeat to much, listen the Twilight soundtrack) or stay away from it (the best choice). Yeah, stay away from New Moon or any Twilight Saga Movies.

      • Jennifer says:

        deff have to agree didn’t want to like it but hey what can I say it deff captures the way Edward would feel! Yuck i hate that I like it!

        • Minaminx says:

          I like the lyrics, I HATE HIS VOICE! OMG he’s so pitchy… Maybe if they darkend the melody and got a tallented singer. Really I expect they’ll be better songs coming along.

    • totally agreed… at the end of the chorus when he said “I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist” I seriously got chills.

  2. This song totally sucks and not in a good way.

  3. OMG…I thought this song was horrible…It’s not dark enough. When I think about the songs that should be on the New Moon soundtrack I feel they should be like or darker than those that were the Twilight Soundtrack. Plus, it’s not even that creative. It sounds like something my 15 year old cousin would come up with…

    …actually I take that back. My cousin could probably write something way more creative than this song.

  4. It’s not bad, I actually like it. I don’t LOVE it, but there are some parts to it that are spot-on that make it good enough. =)

  5. NuttyNetty says:

    this is pretty good 🙂

  6. Gonna have to agree… /gags at the thought …..It is pretty likable. Not completely in love with it tho.

    I don’t know if anyone has heard of the twilight girl group but they have some really great songs *nod

    I could maybe see this working for New Moon soundtrack, depending on how much the kid” up the script LOL

  7. Gag. Blech. Sorry, Justin…not loving this. He’s fun to watch on Idol Wrap, though. I really hope songs like Hana Pestle’s make it in…such a perfect mood/lyrics!!!! And so beautiful.

  8. It was decent. But I agree with the earlier post that the songs should be darker. He does have a good voice though.

  9. It’s okay. Though I have to say….it sounds like they steal some of the music off Decode at some point.

    • JO I thought the same thing sounded like decode.I dont ever like to put down someones creative juices though.I didnt think the song was so bad.Ya know who i tkhink would make a good song? the guy from the cure.Hes always on all those soundtracks he did the crow,and rise of the lycans (think i spelled that wrong) or maybe evanesence.The book has so many emotions in it sadness,lust, anger happiness.Sure the s.track will be great!!!

  10. the song is really good for New Moon, HOWEVER… where do you think it would go in the movie? Cause that’s what a soundtrack is, songs that are in a movie. I can’t really think of where it would go.

  11. ugh no thanks. couldn’t even make it through the whole thing

  12. It’s an okay song…it’s not anything special. I don’t think it would be right for the movie at all. If he wants to be on the soundtrack I think he needs to try something a little bit darker.

  13. ok so i dont watch American idol and some of the people that come off it really suck, but i guess this guy is pretty good. like i really like it. its not theat bad and to answer Erin’s question of where it would go in the movie it could probably go where Bella is running towards the clock tower.

  14. Taylor says:

    i actually liked it as well. it’s pretty good if you imagine someone else singing and besides it would probably make the last song on the credits anyway

  15. I couldn’t make it through the whole thing either. Sounds like a lot of the other crap that’s out there. Sorry Justin, you’re cute and everything, but—no.

  16. Tiffany says:

    fame whore…
    new moon is going to be uper different from twilight… I think they should go a different way in the soundtrack too.. maybe some more haunting voices like stuff from ray lamontange’s I still care for you, or even A Falling Through from his latest cd… or even Empty from his earlier cd. gosh if fans like Rob’s voice they would love Ray

  17. Medya [MSquared] says:

    Ahem. Ew.

  18. CltcMistress says:

    I wanted to hate it. I really did. But I kinda like it. I was much better than I expected it to be. I don’t see it in the movie so much as potentially in the credits. Some people have said where would this fit in the movie and that it isn’t quite the right mood. The mood is pretty close in my opinion at first listen. But I don’t see it in the movie. I think it would be a great credits song. Remember how much everyone loves Decode by Paramore or 15 Step by Radiohead? Both of those were credit songs. So I could see this during the credits. With some edits and better mixing, this could be even better.

    • I listened to this song a few times, to get the feel of it. It was pretty good. The part of the New Moon book that spoke out to me, where this song would possibly fit is, when Edward starts assimilating that Bella is dead, can’t believe it. Read a section of this outtake-just remembering. Is on his way to Italy, where he is constantly thinking of different ways to get the Volturi to end his life. Im sure on his journey to Voltera, he is just dwelling on the fact that -he thinks, Bella is dead, he can’t live without her. As Alice told Bella “He didn’t think he would out last or out live you.” Of course Im paraphrasing here.

      • Ellehcim17 says:

        Stephenie use for inspiration “Time is running out” – Muse, for the trip to Volterra, so I really think is the best song for it.

  19. I think the lyrics are good, they work. But his voice is too pop-ish and kinda pitchy. The music that was set to it is a bit too upbeat, it should be darker, more raw.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree the lyrics are good but he didn’t make it dark enough. kinda made me sick thinking about likeing a Justin song. He’s not the best singer at least it wasnt Clay Akin GAG!!!!

  20. When I think of what Edward’s going through in New Moon, I instantly think of Hate Me by Blue October, not some American Idol flunkie!

  21. shavei7 says:

    No NO NO. he just wants in because he knows that the Twilight saga is big. He’s just looking to jump start his so-called career and to be talked about. NO.

    oh, and i don’t like the song. nothing to do because he’s a former AI. i just don’t like it.

  22. Samantha says:

    Wow, I never liked him much, but I like the song…Maybe not for the soundtrack, but I like it.

  23. I think some people are being narrow-minded because of who the singer is.

  24. I will cry so hard if this actually makes the New Moon soundtrack.

  25. I liked it, maybe someone else could sing it. There are a lot of songs out there. Think outside the box, great country songs,R&B,Blues, etc. Seal covered really great songs, everything doesn’t have to be rock or pop. Look how Whitney Houston took a country song and made it her own, and it won a Grammy.

  26. I kind of liked it, but they definately have to include either the song “Almost Lover” or “Near to You” by A Fine Frenzy because tons of fans say that they’re both perfect for NM. Also PLEASE use “Time Is Running Out” by Muse for when they’re in Italy and trying to stop Edward from getting himself killed, its spot on! Of course they have to use Muse because Stephenie listened to them most when she was writing NM. I’m going to be so excited when the soundtrack comes out and I hope it meets all of our expectations.

  27. if you think this song is good for new moon, i think you were reading a different book than i was. new moon is dark, depressing, and gut wrenching. this song is none of those things. the lyrics are ok but the feel of the song is ALL wrong. we need a flyleaf song like sorrow, or all around me. someone else said blue october which is also really good. not saying its a horrible song but its horrible for new moon.

  28. Varsha says:

    I think it’d be a good song, at the credits, though. Not at the beginning or during the movie. It’s a good song, he’s a talented artist, but I feel this would be an AWESOME credits song, especially as an intro or foreshadowing to “Eclipse”, which is less darker than this movie, of course.

    I especially love the “Now that you’re gone…”

  29. It’s awful. I hope it won’t be on the soundtract. And I don’t know who the guy is (I am not from USA) but he doesn’t sound creative.

  30. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    I must say, I don’t like it and I can’t take him seriously.

  31. Krystal says:

    I think the lyrics are good for the movie, but just not the singer or the tune. I agree with the comments that is just isn’t dark enough. Especially if they are making the movie darker than book. I have no problems with Justin he’s just had too much of a positive tone. I picture him running through a field of daisies with little puppies. Just doesn’t work for me lol.

  32. I like the lyrics alot, But i also agree a bit more raw some remixing it could work. it works well as a song about bella and edward and I like it. I never pay attention to AI or any other reality show maybe I am in cave but i got alot more going on as a mom so i never heard him sing or payed much attention to him expect in passing and i like it.

  33. I can feel a hot one – by Mancheter Orchestra
    is absolutely perfect for Breaking Dawn.

    There is even a part that talks about how he dreams of his daughter…

    “she was crying instead your stomach.
    and I felt love… again.”

    another part says

    “I realized then you were perfect
    with my teeth rippin out of my head”

    I am trying to make a video of breaking dawn with this song behind it, because I think it is amazing.

  34. I don’t like it even if the lyrics relates with the story.
    It’s childish in a some way, seems written by a 12 years old boy.

    It’s ok for a youtube video, but for New Moon Soundtrack it’s not good at all. It really sucks.

  35. Yolande Sellwood says:

    I liked the song. Words fit with the whole theme of Bella and Edward. New Moon will (hopefully) be full of a whole lot of angst and loss and this song seems to fit. Don’t know J.G as not in America watching your idol, but it is pretty darn good.

  36. I can feel a hot one – by Mancheter Orchestra
    is absolutely perfect for Breaking Dawn.

    There is even a part that talks about how he dreams of his daughter…

    “she was crying inside your stomach.
    and I felt love… again.”

    another part says

    “I realized then you were perfect
    with my teeth rippin out of my head”

    I am trying to make a video of breaking dawn with this song behind it, because I think it is amazing.

  37. had to fix that last comment, there was a typo, that’s why I left it again.

  38. I dont like the song for the New Moon movie at all….Sorry, but its not dark enough for Edward and Bella.

  39. I actually can see this song in New Moon. Either during where Bella finally decides to “wake up” or the credits. New Moon may be dark but ya’ll know all the songs won’t be like that. I mean really. Jacob’s a big part of NM. And he’s so happy-go-lucky in the beginning. There’s gotta be a upbeat song for Bella and Jacob. However, I don’t know if I like JG singing it. I enjoyed him on American Idol but I just feel like he hasn’t sung in a while or something.

  40. You want a song that goes right with the “New Moon” movie?

    Try to listen: Rascal Flatts – “What hurts the most”.

    I think that this song express very well Bella’s feelings in this part:
    “What hurts the most
    Was being so close
    And havin’ so much to say
    And watchin’ you walk away”

    • I agree with you 100% on that song choice…Everytime I hear that song it reminds me of BELLA AND EDWARD..SIGH

    • The Rascal Flatts song-What hurts the most, would be perfect for the section of New Moon where Edward has already broken up with her, he left and she is in the beginning stages of her agonizing torture. I know obvious, just thought I’d mention it.

  41. This song is amazing! I think it should go on the soundtrack for sure! I might even make a thespidermonkeymafia video for it telling everyone to check it out! ^_^ If I have time…

  42. Amanda says:

    I don’t think this song quite fits the mood of New Moon. But I like it alright.

    Why does he say to make it reach Stephenie Meyer? She doesn’t put the sound track together.

  43. 'Laina says:

    I honestly didn’t like that at all. First off his voice annoyed me and secondly it was repetitive in the lyrics department.

  44. I liked the song but then it just started repeating itself over and over and over again like they couldn’t think of anything else to write. Did anyone read the book or did they just watch TV to get an idea of what it was about? The song should have been 2:30 not a 4 minute song because the last minute felt like it was the chorus being repeated.

    And I agree, Justin wants in on this project because his career has been MIA for soooo long he doesn’t know how to make a comeback!

  45. Kristin says:

    Totally BAAAD. Grody. And how uncreative were the lyrics?! You can’t just dump the script/book onto sheet music and call it a day, which is pretty much what they did here.

  46. Bethany says:

    This song is absolutely horrid. Honestly, if it made it on the soundtrack I would burn a new copy of the soundtrack without this monstrosity on it. I have never liked Justin Guarini and he’s certainly keeping up the tradition here. The lyrics are sound like they were written by a 6th grade language class and I think the vocals might have been done by that same class.

    There are dozens of other songs that I can think of to better suit New Moon that are actually musical and meaningful. I can’t think of any other reason for this song to exist other than Justin Guarini is another faded out celebrity trying to use the Twilight Saga suck a few more seconds out of his long-gone 15 minutes of fame.

  47. Danél says:

    It’s okayish but it doesn’t scream ‘pick me pick me!’. There are a 100 other songs I would rather pick than this one.

  48. ObsessedTwilighter says:

    Bleh, really didn’t like this song. Too repetitive and he’s just trying to make some money by latching onto the franchise. :0

  49. ObsessedTwilighter says:

    +The opening musical bit is completly copied from Decode by Paramore. Plus it doesn’t follow the story properly, I bet he read a plot summary of New Moon spent 5 mins writing it down, took it to a music studio and made this horrible song >.<

  50. MinnKota says:

    I almost fell out of my chair when I saw something about Justin Guarini on here…but since I may be one of two people who actually own his CD (his Mom being the other), I liked it a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to rip on JG, I really do like him…I just thought no one else did. 🙂


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