The Lexicon is in Vancouver!

Alphie and Pel are in Vancouver and Alphie will be on set!  Right now we don’t know who or what we will see but we hope to bring you updates as soon as we are allowed.

While you are waiting for the updates here is a question for you to ponder: If you could ask one of the actors any question what would it be?

PS-Just remember the “will you marry me” question gets old!=P


  1. Profit2829 says:


  2. YAY!!!! I was waiting for this!!! hope you get do some interviews from the cast like you did for Twilight….so excited i cant think of a question…????????

    • Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

      wow, me either! im braindead but i just HAVE to think of something to ask taylor so….. what is your best comeback to those people that say stupid stuff like “team edward, b/c Jacob doesn’t sparkle”?

      AND..i know im not supposed to ask this but…”WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!!?”

      or at least a dinner?.. PLEASE!! im suffering from OTD here!

      • gabrielle stevens says:


  3. Question to Kristen: What does she do to keep her relationship strong with Michael A.- despite SOME fans wishing it were her and Rob.

    I hope she answers this one if you ask! I read Summit is encouraging her not to be seen with Michael, so hopefully she will answer. If not- at least tell her lots of fans are actually rooting (sp?) for her and Mike! 🙂

  4. B Cullen24 says:

    Lucky ducks! I would like to know, since most of the actors are musically inclined, if they listened to music to get in character, and if so, what music that was.

  5. that’s so cool!!! i have one question: ”Do you guys think New Moon will be better than Twilight?”

  6. If you were not an actor, what would you do instead?

  7. Profit2829 says:

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to go for the longest time!! Thank you!! Alphie & Pel are you gonna do the same thing you did last year? Hope the weather’s gonna be nicer…Am sending you Singapore’s sweltering 92 degrees temperature ASAP! 🙂
    Thank you, thank you for being there from Twilight Singapore and we can’t wait for your reports!!! AAHHHHH so exciting! Twilight Lexicon is in Vancouver!!

    About the questions..gimme time to ponder please!!

  8. To any cast member: Who from the cast has had a “diva” moment?

  9. General Question: What is one thing you’ve never been asked but would love to answer?

    And, obviously answer it haha

  10. This question is for anyone: What scene are you looking forward to filming the most or which scene you have done already that was the most exciting to do?

  11. will there be a reference to the ruffled tulip (new moon cover) like there was in twilight with the apple?

  12. where is the location of the filming? I am in vancouver and would be interested in attending the site

  13. What difference from book to script that Melissa has made do you think has bettered the story? (If they can answer it.)

  14. Envy loves Wrath says:

    I’ve always wondered… Are their any fangirls on site, Twilight or otherwise?

  15. My question would be.

    did you cry in the edward and bella break up?

  16. Obviously Twilight has helped to get young people to start reading again (I am a teacher, trust me its true), what other books would you recommend besides the Twilight series? Or if you could play any other literary figure, who would it be?

  17. Ok now I have one: Is Chris Weitz as motivated/excited to work on New Moon as Catherine was for Twilight??

  18. How do deal with the fact that you cant do anything or talk to anyone without all these rumors being said about you?

  19. Great news!!
    I would ask:

    1. What’s your favorite twilight couple and why?

    2. With which Twilight character do you identify with?

    3. Which character would you like to date?

    Good luck!!!

  20. Question: If you weren’t playing your part who would you want playing it? for any of the actors.

  21. LMCullen says:

    Kristen: After you are done filming an intense scene as Bella (for example, Break up scene in NM, Fight Scene in Twilight, etc). Do you find it hard to walk away from “Bella” and be “Kristen” again? Also, do you stay in character between takes?

  22. Here are my questions:
    1. What do the leads think of their Twilight dolls?
    2. If they end up making Breaking Dawn, will Rob and Kristen still be willing to reprise their roles?
    3. If asked back, would Chris Weitz be willing to direct Breaking Dawn?

  23. I would want to ask: How is it being back on set and how are things different on the New Moon set from the Twilight set?

    This is soo exciting can’t wait for your coverage!

  24. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Ask Kristen how the Joan Jett movie is going, please?

  25. La_tua_cantante says:

    if you could be any type of mythical creature in the world what would it be?
    is it a good experience on the new moon set?
    what made you want to become an actress/actor?
    what is your favorate book and why?

  26. Donna Rogers says:

    Question for all of the actors:

    Do you get any residuals (money) for licensed products that your image appears on? (The Edward doll, Edward cut-out, etc. for example?)

  27. If you had the choice of portraying a different character from the one who’ve been casted in, who would you choose and why?

  28. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE ask them how long they will be filming in Vancouver and when they go to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh crap, I was going to ask the “will you marry me” question. Huh. Ask if it’s funnier on the set of new moon than twilight xP

  30. Profit2829 says:

    My questions for Chris Weitz:

    1) How is Chris Weitz interpretation of the ‘breakup scene’?

    2) How are the ’empty months’ pages in New Moon gonna be projected/interpreted in the film?

    3) Will we see Bella lying ‘stunned’ on the cold, wet forest floor where Edward leaves her..saying the words..”He’s gone” over and over..

    4) Will we see the empty Cullen House?

    • “How are the ‘empty months’ pages in New Moon gonna be projected/interpreted in the film?”

      I second this question, I LOVE those pages, such a simple device but those pages were heart-breaking…I’m quite curious 🙂

    • I totally agree with your question “How are the ‘empty months’ pages in New Moon gonna be projected/interpreted in the film?” I think it would be cool if the screen was black, with a ticking clock in the backround and Bella saying those heartbreaking lines from the book. It was really only a paragraph but they were so moving, they just HAVE to have them in the film somewhere!

      Have a great time on set guys! I’m so jealous right now.

  31. I’d ask Kristen if she has read all the books yet, or just Twilight and New Moon.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Now that they are doing all the books, you might as well read them right? I mean what better way to prepare for the role and learn more about your character than by reading what Stephenie has envisioned Bella to be, how she reacts, how she feels, all that good stuff that made us fall in love with Bella in the first place. I don’t really like Kristen’s portrayal of Bella, I don’t think she gives the character justice.

  32. Nadia. S says:

    Question from my sister Alia:
    Hey taylorlicious, Whats your ethnic background

  33. My question is for Robert: When you’re in between takes, do you stay in character as Edward or go back to Rob; and do you continue to use your American accent (which by the way is just awesome!)or your British accent??

    • OH! I think that is a good question, I was thinking of that, too!! Some actors have a really hard time getting out of character when they are so vested in it!!

  34. Hannah W. says:

    Cool, I really hope you guys get some interviews etc.

    My question would be to any of the actors, “what book did you enjoy the most?”

  35. What’s it like to film a movie that was based on a book, versus filming a movie written for the screen?

  36. Elizabeth Sullivan says:

    For Kristen: I noticed that in Twilight you are wearing one of those wooden bracelets with pictures of Saints and Marian Apparitions on it. I was very excited about it and was wondering if you will be wearing it for New Moon as well.

    • Profit2829 says:

      Elizabeth I can answer that! Yes she was wearing it when ET visited them on set. The part where Thea was talking to Kristen about the worst breakup scene in literature history. I think Kristen was shooting the cinema scene with Jacob and Mike.

      She was wearing on the left wrist!

    • Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

      Also you could ask Kristen:

      Are they going to keep the scar that James left on her wrist/hand?

  37. Sophieee says:

    Probably “what would be the 3 things you would take to a desert island?”

  38. Jennifer says:

    I would love to know any of the actors’ favorite books. (and not just twilight books, any book).

    • jgulia45 says:

      Kristen’s favorite book is Grapes of Wrath. She mentions it in an interview on the press tour.

    • jgulia45 says:

      Question for Kristen:

      In light of certain media outlets and bloggers coming down hard on you, do you find this has created a backlash of a response from twilight fans or have they remained loyal? Also, since you were apparently misquoted about presenting at the Oscars and perhaps a few other times, is there anything you want to say to clear the air?

      I feel like somebody should give the girl a chance to defend herself without having to respond to PerezHilton or E calling her names. Sometimes people forget she’s only 18/19!

  39. Catherine says:

    Question to all (but if only one…then Jackson):

    Is there one quality of your character that you feel you embody the most in your own personality?

    Is there one that you wish you could embody more?

  40. Paulsbeyach says:

    My question would be to Kristin, In the scene where you meet Wayland, (The Buttcrack Santa scene) what is he talking about when he says “The kids loved those little bottles??” That drives me crazy that they dont explain it!!!

    • another fan says:

      I’m pretty sure it was joke about little bottles of alcohol, like what you would be see on a plane or in a hotel room bar.

      • Astrid M says:

        Yes… Waylan is apparently an alcoholic.

      • Astrid M says:

        I’d love to ask Kristen and Rob if they would do it all over again… or would they let someone else portray Bella and Edward. I am sure they wouldn’t answer honestly if the answer was that they wouldn’t do it all over again, but it’s the thing I wonder most… they are such private people and have zero privacy anymore. It must seriously suck.

      • Astrid M says:

        I’d love to ask Kristen and Rob if they would do it all over again… or would they let someone else portray Bella and Edward. I am sure they wouldn’t answer honestly if the answer was that they wouldn’t do it all over again, but it’s the thing I wonder most… they are such private people and have zero privacy anymore. It must seriously suck.

  41. Rob – how hard is it to turn on/off your accent. Do you manage it easily? Do you speak with an American accent any other times?

  42. Question for the whole cast:

    What has been your favorite part of shooting the New Moon movie?

  43. hey
    wow let me think about a good question.
    ok, I got one… maybe my english isn’t that good as it should be but actually I’m german so excuse me if I done grammatical mistakes.

    here is the question:

    Do you think that the twilight saga (all of the movies and as specially the books) had or have influence in terms of your acting and your following acting career and life ?

    I’m excited to know what they would answer, if they/you understand the core statement. I hope, that my scattered thoughts are a bit clear.

    best wishes
    your german girl !


  45. DetroitStyle says:

    Well, I’ve been a fan of Kristen Stewart since her seizure in Panic Room (lol), so my question is for her. “How ‘are you preparing’/’did you prepare’ yourself for such an emotional scene when Edward breaks up with Bella? How did you prepare yourself for the dismal mood of Bella in ‘New Moon’ compared to the exulant mood of ‘Twilight.’

    • Yes, me too. I would love for her to answer that question and I have one of my own;
      Out of all the Twilight Saga books which one was your very favorite one?
      Please ask her that. I know this ? has shown up alot and I just want to reinforce that.

  46. I heard that the wolf pack has been working out together before filming. Do they think that this has enhanced their ability to seem more like a family on set?

  47. If you happen to run into Rob, ask him what his favorite football (soccer) team is. But generally, would love to know normal things. so please throw some non TW related questions at them.

  48. Pea green with jealously ladies, really. So, here’s my question. It can be asked of any of the cast, really. But, I am most interested in answers from Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Ashley and Jackson.

    Even though we have no official greenlight on Breaking Dawn…yet, having read the complete saga, what scenes in any of the three unreleased films (New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn) are you really looking forward to performing? Is there one or which ones make you a little anxious?

    Have a wonderful time, Alphie and Pel. We await your reports.

  49. Lets see, the one question I would have for Robert is…If you had to play a character in New Moon as someone else who would you want to be and why? And for Kristen I would ask her if she is similar to (personality) Bella and if so, then in what ways?


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