Stephenie and Breaking Dawn up for Children’s Choice Book Awards

Breaking Dawn is nominated for the Children’s Choice Book Awards.  Breaking Dawn in nominated under the Teen Choice Catergory for best book and Stephenie is nominated for  Favorite Author.  You can vote for both Breaking and Stephenie at


  1. Kadee Taylor says:

    i voted lots of times.
    hehe. i know she’ll win.
    shes MY favorite author,
    thats for sure :]]

  2. Of Course!!!!

  3. Julie M. says:

    This is so odd. While I absolutely love BD, I defintely don’t think that it is a children’s book.

    • I don’t think of it as a children’s book either. Granted it’s very PG-13 could be on it’s way to R depending on the parent’s view.
      But I would say hands down Stephenie deserves an award because it is such an awesome book!

      • Absolutely! I hope my comment didn’t come off that I didn’t think she didn’t deserve to win, because I agree that she does. 🙂

        • yes i wonder too why BD is included in the award. i wonder what are the criteria set by the organizers that BD falls under the category of children’s book. is it because some children are reading it? of course, Stephenie is a good story-teller.

    • water lily says:

      agreed, BD is not age approprate for this award, though I loved it. I personally would not give it to a kid under 18 unless their parents were informed of the content and thought it was appropriate for their child. Some kids are more mature than others, but it was shocking and graphic to me, even as a 25 year old.

      • TeamSwitzerland4Ever says:

        well it depends on what age group you’re talking about… but seriously? I’m 15 and I have no problems with it – I think it’s a bit of a overreaction not to want people under 18 to read it? Under 14; maybe. But I think people over 14 can cope with it perfectly!! Even though you have it in your own head, a movie of it would be much more scary (cause they tend to make it more hooror-ish and having more action). But as a book: no problem!

        Back to subject – I don’t think BD should be at the children’s choice award, even as a teenage book. I agree that it’s a bit too adult for the award, (I’d rather choose Twilight for this award) but I’m defenetly going to vote for Stephenie as favourite author!!!

    • higgin704 says:

      I am in complete agreement. I am a BD fan, but will not let my daughter read it till she is in high school.

  4. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    Breaking Dawn is my fave book of all time( LOVE part 2!) and stephenie is the mastermind behind all this so… OF COURSE!!!!1

    • Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

      hey this is a kids choice thing.. yea, i dont think BD is a kids book! i dont even think twilight would be on there!

  5. i voted for breaking dawn and stephenie of course…but i might have to go back later and vote for the hunger games and and james patterson in the author category lol

  6. insert name says:

    I believe that if breaking dawn wins the childrens choice awards then more girls are going to read it and think that it is okay to instantly turn from one guy to another and get pregnant when they are teenagers with old pale men, and the boys that read it if the do will think that it is okay to stalk girls and climb through peoples windows even though we all know that these things are bad.

    I also believe that many of you twilight fangirls and few fanboys are just showing that Americas I.Q level is dwindeling by obsessing over a book that is poorly written and has no plot at all.

    Also dont get angry because everybody has the right to an opinion and if you dont believe me check the constitution. So farewell

    • But yet, here you are.

    • And you don’t even have the guts to put your real name on your comment.

    • Okay… So you say that this proves how our IQs are dwindling, yet the first PARAGRAPH of your argument is just one long run-on sentence…

      Sorry. If you want to tell us how dumb we are, you should put a little more effort into your wording and sentence structures.

      • Did you just randomly decide to come on here and rant about Twilight? Well, thank you EVER so much for your opinion, but it generally isn’t welcome on this website unless you have something constructive to say.

    • water lily says:

      LOL. Seriously, who gets this far into a fan site of a book they dislike?

      PS- for someone with such a stellar IQ, I’m suprised you think that the constitution grants you immunity from people getting angry with you. It doesn’t. It allows you free speech, no matter how ridiculous. You won’t be arrested or punished by the government. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are no social consequences for saying whatever you want or that other people won’t be offended by it.

    • Why don’t YOU check the constitution, it doesn’t mention opinion anywhere. It does guarantee free speech, and that is referring the government not suppressing opinions of the people.

      That said, no one is trying to keep your opinion under wraps, as evidenced by the fact your small minded rant is still visible to all.

      This is a fan site for the Twilight Saga as written by Stephenie Meyer. If you don’t like it, no problem. Don’t read it. Why don’t you seek others with like minded opinions. No one here will be calling you back.

      Your pitiful effort at causing dissension here has failed miserably. As for I.Q. level, I sincerely hope for your sake, your post isn’t representative of yours.

    • I forgot to ask, did you forget the part that both main characters were teens, not just Bella, and he was her husband? Not OK to have a baby with your husband? Did you actually read this book?

      Tell us again about YOUR I.Q.

  7. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    How the heck can Breaking Dawn be up for a Children’s Book Award?

  8. good grief says:

    okay….looks like someone is trying to start some drama….

  9. lol breaking dawn isn’t a childrens book at all.
    lol so theres no twilight-y stuff im the illustrator thing so i just voted for the coolest sounding one: the pigeon wants a puppy!

  10. Haha but then again it says “Teens Choice Award” and plus I am 13 and I read it. Oh well Hope she wins – Of course she will

  11. I agree with a lot of what is said. I lot of teens and kids read it and they did not like it. One reason because Bella sounds different. Well of course she sounds different, she grows up. She gets married. Get’s pregnant. Chose between two loves.

    All that is bound to change a person. Breaking Dawn is a great book, but in all reality I would suggest a kid or young teen to read it. So as far it winning Kid’s Choice Award, I don’t agree.

    Which kid will really understand all the aspects of love, relationship, choice, sacrifice, eternity etc. that this book has to offer. It would be a great disservice to the great mind of Stephenie Meyer to bring down to that category.


    • Bingo!

      When people hear these books are winning Kid’s awards, it just puts a sort of cast on them.

      They deserve better.

      • Yes, CullenChick I’ve seen that also. It is wonderful the way that Stephenie Meyer’s work can transcend many age groups. Although girls, pre-teens, and teens may find this saga fascinating, it is not in their level to comprehend the multi-facet world that Stephenie has created…ergo disservice.

        • What do people on this website have against older teenagers? I understood the book. Almost everyone I know understood it. The people who didn’t were the ones who didn’t like Twilight in the first place.

  12. CullenChik says:

    I am currently student teaching at an elementary school, and I have seen third graders carrying around books from the Twilight Saga! I thought you all would find this funny, but today in my first grade classroom, I overheard a Twilight conversation by a couple of girls. Apparently, they had recently seen the movie…they were arguing over whether Bella’s name was just Bella, or really “Isabella,” and also talking about how much they both were “in love, like in super-duper love” with Edward. We’re talking first graders here – 7 year olds!!!

    At least we know Stephenie’s work is spreading across multiple generations. =)

    • Sorry clicked on mine rather than yours =)

      But all in all I am glad that my point was brought across. Not bashing the series in any way. I am just against–in Jane’s on words “putting a cast on them”.

    • And this is why I homeschool. I was appalled that my 9 year old cousin saw the movie. Why to children need to be concerned with romance? Can’t we let little girls be little girls? I just don’t get it. Obviously I love the series. I’ve seen the movie 10 times, have the books and giggle about Edward with all my mom friends. However, this book is for adults and older teens. Romantic love between two 17 year olds is just too mature of a concept for kids. I understand that the movie is not R-rated and that nothing really happens onscreen, but why can’t they watch Kung Fu Panda and read Little House on the Prairie instead?

      • Exactly… let’s let kids be kids. I almost gagged when my 7-year-old neighborette whispered to me that she had a crush on Edward. Please!!!! I told her he was too old for her, besides not being real. Kids should be climbing trees, playing outside, having FUN, not daydreaming about older men! There will be plenty of time for that when they hit the tweens and teens.

        So, no, I’m not voting. BD should not be in the children’s books category.

        • I both agree and disagree. Children younger then ten, yes, definety not. But my ten year old cousin read Twilight, but my other cousin and I told her mother that she shouldn’t read the other books, ESPECIALLY Breaking Dawn until she’s older. Breaking Dawn and portions of Eclipse are a bit too adult for a ten year-old.

      • KW: Why don’t you ask that very question of the parents of your nine-year old cousin? Why was she allowed to see the movie? How did she see it? Where?

        This is a parental problem and nothing to do with the books or movie.

    • I recently spent time observing in a classroom of 4th graders, and most of the girls in the room were reading one of the Twilight saga books. I was amazed at how young they were, and then they convinced the teacher to read it, and how she’s hooked…hehe.

  13. I’m torn on this issue. On one hand, this book definitely isn’t for children. I’m not sure I would say it’s *R*, but I probably wouldn’t read it to a nine year old or something… However, I’m very proud of Stephenie for being nominated for this award. Hmmm… What to choose?

  14. I actually voted for the Hunger Games over Breaking Dawn, because it was much better. (I’m anti-BD – you can tell.)
    But I did vote for Stephenie in the author category!

  15. As much as I love Breaking Dawn it deserves a better award than children’s. Putting that label on the book will most likely turn people away who don’t know the book, (though I can’t imagine who doesn’t know by now), And older audiences who would understand the book’s concepts and meanings better than a child.

    Stephanie should win an Author award though. If any of her books were to win an award I would say The host. The Host because it was such a great ‘human’ story and made me ‘think’ when I read it. It had such great meaning and all types of love (from family to lover) and made me look at the way we view people we don’t know differently.
    If so Twilight too, because it started it all, and that’s where the first true love lays. Though Eclipse and BD is my favorite.

    • I know I’m replying to my own comment but this is to my revoke part of what I said
      because looking at the website now for the award they are asking for TEEN CHOICE AWARDS which is better than what I though it said which was ‘children’s’. Paper Towns are on there and that is defiantly not a kid’s book.

  16. Everyone needs to chill out.
    A 9-year-old can enjoy Twilight. Its not our concern if they read or see the movie. Anyway, you can’t
    Keep Twilight in the closet anymore. Its bound to happen first graders know about it. And if they do stumble upon BD chances are they’re under-developed brains wouldn’t understand the sexual references.

  17. I love BD, but for kids, like others have posted, it is in the wrong category. I’m 20 and I sure hope that I”m not reading kids books anymore. BD is a more mature(d) book. Bella is matured by the turn of events, she has a child, is married. And isn’t the book a little gruesome* for kids?

    *gruesome as in when the little one is born?

    Many readers of the Twilight series that I know are my age or older. Not saying that younger ones don’t, but I doubt many ‘kids’ can grasp the concepts of Eclispe and Breaking Dawn. Dare I say the whole series at all?
    Just a thought…
    And I agree with other posters, Stephenie deserves an award for either the Twilight series, or Host, which is also a deep book.

  18. okay, yeah we all love stephenie and BD, but theyve won enough.
    can we show some appreciation for the hunger games? awesome awesome book. you should all read it.

    • It was AMAZING

      • I knew I should read it! I read The Host. LOVED IT.

        I think it is next on my list…

        Did you hear of the Almost Human series?

        If you like Twilight you will love it. I promise!

    • Sorry, I just could never agree that Stephenie has won enough recognition or awards.

      When you try to measure how she has enriched our lives, it just isn’t possible. Never enough.

  19. childrens? is that wat it said? HA!

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