Melissa Rosenberg Suggests Channing Tatum

Mark Malkin of E! had a chance to talk to Melissa Rosenberg this past weekend. When he asked her about Eclipse, she had a casting suggestion:

“There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well…And there are some complexities to that character,” she adds. He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for Victoria. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.”

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  1. He really doesn’t look like he would fit the part. .

    • Uhmm… not at all. Riley is suppose to be quite thin/tiny because he is young. And tatum is the polar opposite of that. But i have to say that i do love channing, hes just not right for the part.

  2. Riley is supposed to be 15-17 years old. Ew, please not Channing.

  3. the fact that melissa rosenberg is putting so much thought into such a small character just shows me that she doesn’t really get it. sure, that was an interesting relationship – Riley and Victoria… but how many pages did it take up out of the whole thing? not a lot.

    say it with me melissa: Edward and Bella… Bella and Edward. NOT the human teenagers, NOT the bad vampires… lines involving spider-monkeys and “I don’t just surf the internet” are not gonna cut it in the next three films. FIX IT!

    • heatherh: Not that I would ever defend MR, but Catherine reveals in the DVD commentary that she wrote the spider monkey line. She wrote out several different ones and let Rob choose. I can’t imagine how bad the others were.

    • I so agree with you. MR is trying to make a name for herself by screwing up the Twilight series. Apparently she has rewritten the character of Edward in NM and turned him into the Creepy, Evil guy and the source of Bella’s nightmares. People want Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series and not Melissa (freakin) Rosenburg’s. Twilight is a successful book series, so why is summitt allowing this crazy woman to screw it all up. How do we get Summitt to listen to us.

  4. I would be more sad that he gets ripped to sheds because I like him so much. I dont wont to see him die

  5. “Our fans are in the PG age range, and I don’t feel a big necessity to see violence, and to see gore,” Rosenberg said. “I don’t need to see that. This whole series is more about their relationship. It’s not about the gore. I mean, there are some scary and special elements to it, but the series is really about relationships and coming of age and owning one’s power.”

    I disagree with the above statement. I don’t believe all fans are in the PG age range. I’m a little disappointed that if Rosenberg ends up doing Breaking Dawn that it will end up being PG-13. I know the only reason it will stay that way is because it allows more people to go see the movie and they will make more money that way. If it stays at PG-13 I don’t think it will be anything like the book. I wonder how they will make the scene where Riley’s limbs are flying everywhere will they not show that since it will be PG-13 and the scene between Edward and Victoria?

    • I agree with you Nancy. Sorry to the younger fans, but I defintely think BD should be rated R. Eclipse could almost be R too. I bet they keep it PG-13 though. It would be nice if Melissa R. listened to us fans and understood that we want the movies like the books.

      • That would be way ironic. Stephenie wouldn’t be able to see her own movie. She’s specified that she doesn’t watch rated R movies.

        While I respect your opinions, I think that the movie could be PG-13 and still be true to the book. They’ll just have to get a bit creative.

        • I too agree that BD should be rated R if they wind up even making it a movie. If parents allow their children to read the books, why shouldnt they be allowed to see the same thing they read in movie version? However, i do understand the movie makers financial reasons for possibly wanting to keep BD/ eclipse pg-13. Still, i think it is necessary to stay true to the novels which entails some R-rated material.

      • I’m okay with PG-13. Seriously… It won’t be that difficult to be true to the book and maintain the emotion and have it be PG-13. I think Stephenie should be able to watch her own movie, after all.

        • Stephenie can watch whatever she wants. If she chooses not to watch because of the rating, that is different.

          Being true to the book? Forget PG-13. This is not an young person’s story!

          • rated PG-13 is telling you that this is basically made for 13 years and over,kids under need parental guidance..last time i checked the twilight saga is for teens.thirteen ends in teen….

          • Sorry Lola, but you are wrong.

            The last two books were not written with teens/highschoolers in mind.

          • I believe that it is against Stephanie’s morals to watch an R rated movie. Therefore it follows that she wouldn’t want Eclipse and BD rated R.

          • I know Steph won’t watch R movies, but then why did she write an R book? If the movie is true, it will be close to that. Like it or not, the birth is part of the book!

            This book may not have gone into graphic sexual detail, but it went into it enough.

            I am sure I’m forgetting other stuff as well.

            This book is head and shoulders maturity-wise from the others. I remember she mentioned somewhere that she realized she did this and that the last 2 books were really not for the youngest people BECAUSE, the characters progressed into more mature themes. She regretted it, but it is what it had to be. This is no kiddie fairy tale!

          • I never said it was a kiddy fairy tale. The book BD does not deserve an R rating. That is crazy. It goes into about as much detail on the sex scene, as a PG-13 movie. Ever seen James Bond movies? They are full of it and most if not all of them are PG, PG-13. As for the birth scene and all the blood. Have you ever seen CSI? I rest my case.

          • And I rest mine.

          • HAHA! No I don’t!

            Oh, whatevs…

        • Shelly: I have visited the site for Summit Entertainment. They have a list of names of those on the executive board. I am sending each one of them (ten in all) a letter by regular mail. My point will be to try to sway them away from ideas as expressed by MR. I suggest you gather your friends and do the same. Mention your age, your club at school and it’s age restriction and don’t hold back, let Summit know how you feel on this topic. It can’t hurt.

        • I agree with you. It’s not that hard to make it PG-13. You don’t need to see everything, it just needs to be implied. The Notebook was rated PG-13 and those two were all over each other in that movie. RENT was rated PG-13, and the stuff they got away with….

    • IF U HAVE NOT READ BREAKING DAWN DO NOT READ!!!!!!!this is only my opinion 14 and i love the twilight saga.if they made eclipse and BD R rated then my parents wont let me see it.even if they do make it rated R they are not going to show isle esme clear.SM didnt even do that.if your talking about the part were bella goes into labor and has the baby they are not going to show that much either.eclipse r rated,what in eclipse needs to be rated r..if alice can rip off james head in the movie then im sure edward and seth can tear apart victoria and riley….as for channing he is way to old….love him but to old!!!!!!

      • Sorry lola, you are in the minority. You don’t know what they may or may not include in either of the last two films.

        I want to see the relationship between Bella and Edward as it is written.

        If your parents won’t let you see an R rated then that is their decision. It doesn’t follow that all the fans who are old enough to see such a movie should miss out because of your restrictions.

        • I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but can you tell me exactly what you think you are going to miss if the movies are PG-13.

          • Okay imagine IF breaking dawn gets rated R
            imagine not being able to see a movie that you created the idea, plotline, and characters for
            not to mention that i doubt summit would ever go for it, they’d lose about 65% of their income for that movie with all the teenagers being banned from seeing it

          • SHE WROTE THE BOOK!

            Doesn’t anyone get that??? She wrote a book that, if the movie is true, could be R rated!

          • I get it. I’m with you Jane.

          • THANK GOD!!!

          • Once again, creamy and Jane, think of if you were a younger teenager and couldn’t get into an R rated movie. Personally, I’m not a young teenager, but I don’t believe that’s fair to the 14-17 year old range, who are old enough to read the books but not to see an R rated movie.

          • You all who think Eclipse or BD needs to be R are funny. Those books are completely PG-13 by movie standards and Summit would NEVER make a R rated Twilight movie, period. Hell, half the action movies out there are PG-13 and get away with a lot. Did any of you see The Dark Knight? That movie pressed the limits plenty. There is no swearing in Twilight, no reason to show blood when the vampires are torn apart and the Bella’s birth scene can be filmed with all the horror, but still within in guidelines. Even Terminator Salvation coming out in a few weeks is PG-13. Sure the MPAA can be a little wacky when it comes to what they deem to be PG-13 and R, but plenty of movies press the limits of voilence and gore and sexual content. The violence in Twilight is considered fantasy violence and will be judged completely different than voilence in an action movie. I leave you two more examples. Narnia had a few scenes of violence and Deadman’s Chest showed a slowly dying man’s eyes plucked out by bird. I think you all should rest assured that Twilight can toe the line of PG-13 and not compromise the material.

          • Fair? This is NOT a young teen book, Step said so herself!

    • I personally think PG 13 movies are worse than R movies. it just depends on what it is exactly you’re trying to stay away from. PG 13 is usually for language, sexual content, crude humor, where as R is for violence, and language. I’d rather my kids watch the fight sequence’s than a bunch of sex, but these books aren’t based on sex, sex, sex, so there really shouldn’t be any problems. And as far as Channing Tatum is concerned, um no thanks, not at all what Stephenie describes him as.

  6. soozabooza54 says

    I think Channing would be great… easy on the eyes too. 🙂

    As far as the whole PG13/R debate, Steph doesn’t even see R rated movies, so I highly doubt any of them will be rated R. Plus, it cuts out a lot of the fan base.

  7. tbh i think he looks too old,

    Bella, when she first sees him, says “I could barely look at the blond boy—yes, he was just a boy, though he was muscular and tall, maybe my age when he was changed. His eyes—a more vivid red than I had ever seen before—could not hold mine.”

    I don’t know how old he is but to me he looks around late 20’s. When i read the book I pictured Riley looking 18/19 at the oldest.

  8. As beautiful piece of man meat Channing is..I think they need someone more of the tortured and bruting type. **Daydream**.. oh how wonderful it would be to be the casting director and “proffessionally” check out all the hot wannabe vampires.

  9. Let the movies be rated R! im sure younger fans parents will make an exception to let them see it. I love Channing but I can’t see him as Riley. I could see him as part of the Volturi guard or something

  10. maybe they could sell unrated dvds of eclipse and bd….they do that w/ other dvds out there don’t they? That way people have a choice. I dunno….

  11. R-rated are sounds nice but i know it won’t end up that way because a milion teens will sneek in to see the movie. Not the wisest decision as a movie maker to jump from PG13 to R-rated.

  12. noooooo,I would like to see actor Henry Cavil play Riley..He should get the part i think it would be great to see the TWO EDWARDS face off….He was S.M. first choice as edward Let henry get a piece of the action..LOL!!! totally love r.pattz as edward c.. PLEASE twifriends stand with me on this one….

    • Sorry laura, if Henry was too old to play Edward, he is too old to play Riley. Not to mention that Riley was a blond. Let Henry take the lead in something else, let him make his mark in a new romance.

      They need someone insignificant in the Riley part. It really isn’t very important.

      As far as facing off, Edward rips Riley’s arm off as an aside. No face off occurred. Riley was a minor point for Edward.

      • NerdBucket says

        So you’ve never heard of hair dye?

        I agree that it is an insignificant part. It should go to a newbie, not Channing Tatum.

        • Sure, and a wig would work as well. I agree a newbie would be better. Riley just isn’t that important of a part.

      • Movies get R ratings for blood content, sex scenes, and language. Call me crazy, but vampires don’t bleed, we never ever see anyone in sexytime, and SMeyer didn’t write anything vulgar. Violence isn’t even a factor anymore. Limbs being ripped apart? Have y’all seen CSI?

      • But dont forget seth confronts riley as well.As for if its going to be rated R/PG-13 who knows>>>I know LORD OF THE RINGS was PG-13 and they had body parts and things flying all over the place.Im sure they will produce a film that eveyone of all ages will enjoy.I think they just put this stuff out here to keep everyone talkin bout the movie..Im sure this time summit will step it up a knotch..(get it? STEP IT UP AND DANCE the movie that Channing was in) IM a dork i know….

      • Dont forget seth confronts riley as well.As for the movie being PG-13/R who knows what summit will do.Im sure they will produce a movie that everyone will enjoy.I remember LORD OF THE RINGS was PG13 and they had body parts and everything else flying around.IM sure summit will step it up a knotch get it?(step up and dance the movie that channing was in)I know im a dork..

  13. I wouldn’t mind it being R either, but doesn’t Stephenie have it written in her contract that all the movies must have a PG-13 rating? Stephenie does not watch R movies, so it would suck a little for her not to be able to see her own movie.

    • Stephenie only made this stipulation for Twilight. At that time there was no guarantee there would be more movies.

      Stephenie has spoken on more than one occasion she realizes the stories matured beyond teenies.

      Remember, if she decides not to see the movie, which I doubt very seriously, that would be her choice. She is an adult and can make that decision for herself.

  14. This book series wasn’t intended for people ages 15 and lower really. So the movies shouldn’t be either. Obviously if they do make it R people younger are still going to see it no matter what, just have their older brothers or parents buy the tickets. They will make just as much money. Plus if they do add in the gore of the fight scenes and other things they will probably draw in more fans that enjoy that kind of thing.

    • Obviously my rant isn’t over. The R rating will insure (hopefully) the movie will be close to the book.

      For Summit to worry about a younger audience seeing this is ridiculous. That is the worry of the parents. Just as when the DVD is in the home, will Summit worry about who watches it there? No, that is the parent’s responsibility. They are the ones who should supervise the younger fans, and edit their viewing if necessary. Not cause the adult fans to miss out so parents can slack off on their jobs.

      As for gore in the movie, I don’t mind if that is kept to a minimum. Show a little and let the sounds convey the violence. That doesn’t have to be front and center. Subtlety can go a long way for this part of the story. This is a romance more than anything else. Focus on that moviemakers!

      • Imagine for a moment that all of you older people saying that the movie should be rated R, are teenagers again. Now, you aren’t allowed to go see it either.
        Do you see the point?

        • Yes, I see the point. You just have to wait to see it.

          • Somehow I have a feeling that if you were a young teenager and Breaking Dawn recieved an R rating, you’d be petitioning to lower the age limit on it lol

          • Truthfully, I would be VERY disappointed, but would UNDERSTAND the reasoning for it.

          • I’m sure you would

          • Avery: This isn’t an all or nothing chance to view. If you don’t see it immediately in the theatres, it will be on DVD soon after. Your argument seems to be about the timing of your viewing.

            Are you saying you have never seen an R movie?

          • You don’t think so? I guess I’m not very selfish in wanting a movie to fit for my age.

  15. How I am not screaming at this point is beyond me. Once again, Melissa Rosenberg demonstrates she does not have clue as to the make-up of the fans of this series, or the progression the story line has made since the first book.

    To think the majority of fans want a soft, less than candid portrayal of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn just shows this woman DOES NOT KNOW!!!

    I am grinding my teeth at this line of thought. Tiptoeing around or excluding altogether the heightened state of the relationship between Bella and Edward, especially with the agitation of Jacob in the mix, is madness. It’s beyond madness. I am SO angry with Summit to allow this woman to kill this opportunity. The last two books especially are not children’s books. Not children’s stories. These are adult characters with adult themes. Summit, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!

    Stephenie, please, please, step up to the plate for your characters. They and the story you have created are both being buried under an avalanche of
    mindless catering to the wrong group. We want to see on screen what you wrote. Or, at least a very close approximation of it. Knock them out of the park on this. Make Summit do it RIGHT!

  16. I think that whichever actor they ultimately chose, it will work out great. I think Channing would be awsome, but there are others also that would be good. As for people wanting Eclipse and/or Breaking Dawn to be rated ‘R’ I think that is a big mistake. No matter who you feel the main audience is, the fact remains that the books just aren’t rated ‘R’ content. Yes, there are some violence, but not to the extent of a rated ‘R’ movie. I, personally, don’t believe in watching rated ‘R’ movies. There is already enough violence and filth in the world without me chosing to subject myself to more at the theater. As much as I love the series, I wouldn’t watch any movie (Twilight related or not) that was rated ‘R.’ I think it’s highly unlikely that any of the Twilight saga movies will be rated anything but PG-13.

    • S, not a problem at all. Stay home.

      • creamy, what do you want that to see that needs to be rated r….kristen is not going to be naked and neither is rob i think[im pretty positive they are not gonna want to get naked].like i said before if alice can rip off james head then im sure rob can rip victoria up limb to limb…rob and kristen are not going to do a sex seen

        when bella drops her towel…kristen is probably gonna be in a swim suit and when she drops the towel the camera is gonna go up and rob is probably gonna be in swim trunks and all their gonna show is his bare chest in the water…even if rated r

        • I’m not looking for naked. That is pretty boring and shallow. I want passion. I want romance. I want those things to be portrayed by the endless touching and kissing we have read about since Edward stayed in Bella’s bedroom the first time the night after the meadow scene. I want to hear Bella try to pressure Edward into making love to her. All of this can be done in a spectacular way with subtlety and class. I want to hear him tell her how much he loves her.

          Will all of this earn an R rating. Maybe, maybe not. I would think a graphic birth scene in addition to the above might do it.

          I’m just tired of tip-toeing around the teeny crowd and having a movie skinned down to a shadow of what it should be, when everyone knows the too-young crowd will see it anyway. You may not see it in the theatre, (but probably will), but when it is out on DVD, it will be open to everyone. You may not own a copy, but a friend will. If the movie is made without the focus where it should be, it will always be weak. FOREVER. You won’t be a teeny forever. The older fans should not have to lose out because if this silly mindset.

          • im sorry,,i did not mean it that way… im just ticked that if they do decide to put it rated R[you never know what could happen]im not gonna see it..i want the same passion,and love that was in the book. but i think they could capture it on a pg-13 level…i agree with you creamy,they could get a good version of the movie on a R rated level but they would do perfectly fine rated pg-13….i love these books and i want the best movie possible but they should be on a pg-13 level…and sorry i was ranting

          • Creamy, I think you need to go watch a few PG-13 movies and realize how much a movie can get away with the PG-13 rating. What usually constitutes an R rating? Saying the F word more than twice, nudity and EXTREME acts of gore. Most of the movies out there these days are PG-13…did you see The Dark Knight? Having romance in the movie doesn’t constitute an R rating. The passion can be there it is up to the screen writer and director to put it there. Summit will never make a R rated Twilight, period. Neither would any other studio. A book with a largely teen following would never be turned into an R rated movie. I have nothing against R movies, I watch them, but a lot of movies don’t need that rating and the ones I’ve seen lately are R because of swearing and drug use.

          • Im 26, so I’m not a “teeny.” I’m not going to get into a childish argument, because ultimately it doesn’t matter what any of us post here. It’s up to the movie-makers and movie-raters what to rate Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. As I stated before, I believe the same as Stephenie Meyer: rated “R” movies aren’t worth watching (no matter how good the story is). Even after it went to DVD, I still wouldn’t watch any rated “R” movie. They can do the books justice, without the bad rating. They can’t keep every detail in the movies anyway, because of time constraints. Things will be adjusted. Anyone that wants to see rated “R” content doesn’t understand the full concept of Stephenie’s books. They are some of the best books out there. Pure in every way. No one is going to “lose out” because of a more practical PG-13 rating.
            Calm down, and don’t be so bitter. Everyone doesn’t have to share your opinion. Things will happen the way they are meant to.

          • Actually I’m pretty calm today. Not bitter either. And, if you read several of the posts here and on other sites, many people agree with me.

            Certainly not all, that’s what forums are about, discussion. I doubt we will agree on this. We do agree that Stephenie’s books are great. I just hope Summit doesn’t gut the last two like they did to Twilight.

            As for you not liking R movies, no problem. Sometimes it just takes one word or action for that rating to be given. That is a pretty sweeping statement to say no R movie is ever worth watching. It’s your loss.

  17. tbh i think he looks too old,

    Bella, when she first sees him, says “I could barely look at the blond boy—yes, he was just a boy, though he was muscular and tall, maybe my age when he was changed. His eyes—a more vivid red than I had ever seen before—could not hold mine.”

    I don’t know how old he is but to me he looks around late 20’s. When i read the book I pictured Riley looking 18/19 at the oldest.

  18. Melissa Rosenburg is annoying me to no end. I hope she doesn’t write the screenplays for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to suit what she wants to see, but for the fans (not the youngest ones). I wouldn’t say most of the fans are in the PG range either. I’m 21 and my sister is almost 17. I will be extremely disappointed if the end of Eclipse with the fight with Victoria is toned down to suit the tween viewers. And the same goes for BD if Summit gives the go ahead. I want these movies to be the best they can possibly be!

    • if melissa does write the scripts for BD and eclipse she better put emmetts jokes and jacobs blond jokes

      i hope she dosent though

  19. This is a hard one.. i would love to see Eclipse & BD as a rated R movies but I dont think that will happen… Good article by Melissa though

  20. I agree with everyone who is for the R rating. It’s insanely moronic to do what Melisa wants. I’m 16, and I know the Twilight club at my school specifies that you be 15 or older. Because of the content in the next two books. I will protest to making the movies geared toward young children and tweens, it’s disrespectful. These are gut wrenching, heartbreaking novels that should get the respect they deserve and to not be censored for profit. Shame on them if they do make them PG-13 or PG. I personally would probably not watch the movie in theaters, just so their profit goes down, to prove this point.

  21. No, No, No, No. Love Channing but he is all wrong for the part of Riley. I imagined Riley as a really sweet guy who just happened to get used.

    I also imagined him less muscled/less stockier

  22. Maybe we should petition it?

  23. I think we should Shelly.

  24. Riley should look a bit younger than this guy.

  25. Crissa Geekette says

    Ugh Melissa Melissa Melissa, why wont she just let the books be?!? I’m going to be so disappointed if she screws it up and then Stephenie lets it happen. I mean come on!!!

    Didn’t they say that the reuniting is different in New Moon too?!?! Why in the world would they change that?

    Oh and I do NOT believe Channing Tatum is a good idea for Riley. In my opinion they need a no name to fill the part, he isn’t that significant of a role and Edward’s main priority in that moment is Victoria, Riley just happens to be in the way as a distraction.

    R ratings would be fitting, they could pull off believable PG-13’s but really these two books were not for the under 15 crowd. At least thats what I believe. Just my opinion though. Again I find myself standing on a soap box about this stuff. I really believe that Melissa could have done a much better job with Twilight, I loved the movie but it so could have been closer to the book. More could have been added. If she screws it up ugh I just I don’t know I’d be pretty irritated.

  26. Jeeze is this woman serious? Isn’t this the same woman who tried to make Bella some super athletic track star for Twilight? Does she even know the series, did she even read it? I’m starting to wonder if she even cares what happens. Please please please Summit get her out and bring in someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

    • Oh my gosh I AGREE! This woman came out of nowhere and decided to put some “script” together. Heavens take bits out of the book. The script is practically written! Don’t add stupid crap that makes no sense. If there’s too much in the book that can’t be added due to time issues don’t waste them with weird things. Like…SPIDER MONKEY. Ewww if you’re getting paid for it right.

      • catherine hardwicke actually wrote in the “spider monkey” line. in the commentary, she said that she thought there should be some dialouge right when they land on the tree so she wrote a list of lines and let rob pick which one he would use.

      • What annoyed me to no end was taking out precious moments from Twilight and adding the stupid fieldtrip scene!

        What could have been!!!

  27. I am just hoping that BD will get the green light so we can see our favorite love story be for an actor to play Riley it really does not matter to me since he is going to die any way. I am more curious who will be playing Seth?

  28. To be honest seeing who is directing eclipse, I very much doubt that this will be all lovey dovery slade is definatley going to want a darker side! I say bring it on!

  29. This woman is a quack, I see Riley as a tall, slender blond with very sharp features, but he really isn’t a big deal. As far as ratings go, there is no way you can make the next 2 books into movies without them being rated r(Pg-13 seriously woman are you trying to destroy what she wrote). Stephenie Meyer may not like watching rated r movies but she has to look at what type books she wrote. Take for example when they are on isle esme, you can’t cut the beach scene out just to make the teeny weenies happy.

  30. Nicole i have always wandered how they will do the isle esme scene, can people be shown naked when its a PG-13 lol????

  31. wow he is WAAAY too old. He doesnt fot the part at all

  32. OMG I <3 Channing Tatum…. it would be interesting to see him in that role… I think he could pull it off…. although he isn’t exactly how I pictured the character…. no harm in adding some dreamy to the destruction 😉

  33. Actually the books weren’t met for 15 and below. Stephenie took the first publisher that would give her a chance. It was the publisher that wanted it for teens, the material in New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is material for 15 and above. They better not water down these movies I don’t think they will, from what I am hearing from the actors. Let the parents decided if their tween should see the movies or not, it’s not the studio’s job to be a parent. Parents should know what their kids are reading and watching anyway.

  34. no way!

  35. StinaCullen says

    Tilly, I agree 100% BRING IT ON!!!!!! Slade will do FANTASTIC!

  36. ughhh.
    they are SOO going to ruin the Twilight movies with all these well-known actors. First Dakota Fanning and now they want Channing Tatum? gahh. I mean, I like Dakota Fanning and all, but now when people actually read the book, they wont picture Jane, they’ll picture Dakota. And now they’ll see Channing Tatum in their heads if he is in Eclipse. They need to stick to talented, not very well-known actors.

  37. Tatum was in a movie titled
    “Battle in Seattle”- (a hint of the future)
    K.Stew’s character Lisa in Zathura mentions the movie “Thirteen” also directed by Hardwicke.
    We should have a 6 Degrees of Separation
    for Twilight!

  38. Breaking Dawn won’t be R most likely. That cuts out a chunk of the series fan base. Also, stephenie has said she wishes the movies stick to PG 13. Honestly I’m glad and think they should stick with that. I don’t think it needs too much violence, gore or sexuality.

    Anyway, I agree with those who said what is Melissa thinking?! I mean she seems totally out of touch with the fans.

  39. I always envisioned Riley as a younger and smaller. I don’t know why, but I always thought of him as barely more than a teenager, and a thin one at that.

    As for the rating of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn..My vision of those books were very Rated-R. I understand why people want to keep it PG-13, though. If it’s the way Stephenie wants them, that’s the way they should be done, end of story. It’s her creation.

  40. to all you 13 year olds and under: DEAL WITH IT! eclipse and breaking dawn are supposed to be more mature! us older fans (I’m 17, as are my friends) want these movies to live up to their potential!

    • I 100 percent agree with you. The later novels in particular, are definately not pg-13 related. After finishing the series, i was suprised to see how many young girls read the series too. Truthfully, the content in the book should parallel to the movie…and this cant be done without an R rating. Also, im pretty sure that (by seeing how obsessed some of the younger readers are) young girls will beg their parents enough to let them go. Afterall, if their paretns let them read the books, why shouldnt they be able to see it in movie version?

    • I am 18, and I think all you people who want Eclipse and BD to be rated R for the purpose of being the best possible movies are being ridiculous.
      (A) The author has stated that she doesn’t watch R rated movies. So she wouldn’t care for the idea of her movies being rated R.
      (B) You can make a pretty violent PG-13. Plus unless the vampires just hunted, no blood.
      (C) As far as the sex scene is concerned, has anyone here seen Top Gun? There is a sex scene in it and it is rated PG-13. I’m sure others can come up with more examples.
      I think they can make it the best movie it can be, without it being rated R. Just my 2 cents.

      • The sex scene in BD is so violent it batters Bella up and bruises her… Is it like that in Top Gun?

        • Even though I want a true and accurate portrayal of BD, I did not take from the first night of the honeymoon that Bella was battered in the normal sense of that word.

          Yes, she had a lot of bruises, but after reading her memories of that night, I thought the bruises were just that Edward sort of squeezed her too tightly. His super strength and his reactions to his first experience with sex caused him to be a little rougher than he meant to be. Not that he was mistreating her or roughing her up in any sense. Just that in the moment, he was not aware of how tightly he was holding her. Remember she said she wanted him to hold her tighter. She even mentioned (or thought?) about how easily her skin marked up. He was the one who freaked out over the bruises, not Bella.

          • Of course he didn’t abuse her! I didn’t mean to imply that!

            It was rough sex because he was strong.

            My point was it was passionate and I do not think TG could compare in a vamp sex sort of way…

          • You are exactly correct creamy. He was not beating Bella up as they were making love. Throughout the series Edward was always having to watch how he touched Bella, because of his super human strength. This is especially true in Eclipse. He wasn’t aware of what he was doing until after the fact and he was devastated when he saw.

        • I actually agree with creamy on this. Sure Bella gets a few bruises, but we really don’t need all the nitty gritty details as to how she got them. To be honest a really detailed sex scene would even go over R rating, and it would be gross. Do you sit around watching other people do the nasty all day. I think not.

          • Kristy: Two points: One, I did not mean to convey that Bella received her bruises in a way that could be described as ‘gritty details’. I think Edward was holding her, and his superstrength caused him to leave bruises accidentally. He didn’t realize he was doing it. Neither did she. In no way would I consider this abuse. I think this could be portrayed in a way that represents the book. Stephenie devoted several pages to this scene. Very intense communication between Bella and Edward went into this subject. That it was the first morning of their married life, and they had to immediately contend with this problem, well I just hope it is portrayed as written.

            Two: I am not interested in a simulated sex scene. Nor am I interested in an actual sex scene. But for you to refer to two people making love as “the nasty” would lead me to believe you may have missed the point of the entire honeymoon.

          • My comment is still awaiting moderation Creamy. I do not know what I said!

            Nonethelees, I will try again.

            I agree, it was NOT abuse and I did not mean to convey that. My point was that is was crazy STUFF, and the book conveyed that. THAT is risque!

            I also agree that we are not trying to say we want to see the ‘nasty.’

            These people are not getting the point.

          • Another comment of mine waiting for moderation, I think I used a word that had a ‘word’ in it. >:(

            Try again:


            That’s what we want, Steph’s story. How in blazes can anyone argue with this?

            We are not asking for anything other than a true representation of this very adult yet somewhat gory/violent book.

            (And that might push it past PG13.)

            Weak = Story being diluted to appease teenies who are afraid they won’t be able to go see it.

          • Jane: Let me just add to your ‘weak’ comment, the teenies seem to be screaming about not seeing it IMMEDIATELY. We all know they will see it at some point if they want. Especially after it is available on DVD.

            Let’s just hope Summit somehow grows some backbone very quickly.

          • A lot of people seem to think it is okay to skip or play down parts of BD because “no one needs to see those parts,” or “they can do it in a way that doesn’t show too much,” ETC.

            How does it makes Stephenie feel to have parts of her book – that she went into VIVID detail on and wrote page after page after page – deemed inapropriate for a movie?

            I am not a gore/sex fan at all, but then again I did not write this book. She had a reason for how she wrote it.

            Who are we to pick it apart? The screenwriter gets to do that… and I shudder at what she might skim over.

  41. Aside from the PG-13/R battle going on right now, I’d just like to point out that Tatum Channing can’t act! I wouldn’t want to see him in any of the movies regardless of what they’re rated.

    • LoL! My thoughts exactly, Rachel. The guy is easy on the eyes, but acting is not his talent. Whenever his name pops up for a movie I’m interested in I cringe.

      Honestly, I think Melissa probably just tossed out his name because he’s the current hottie on the scene. Thank goodness she’s not a casting director!

  42. Medya [MSquared] says

    I sense a lot of hostility in this thread.

    Alright, I’m gonna state my opinion for the hell of it.
    I’m 18, going on 19 in a couple months and I think if the newest Harry Potter movie can POSSIBLY be rated PG, then maybe Eclipse could be PG-13.
    As for Breaking Dawn, I can see it either as PG-13 or R depending on how much of the birthing scene they decide to show.
    In a lot of horror movies, they tend not to show a person being sawed or ripped alive for example, but instead choose to portray the blood spatter on the wall.
    If they want a PG-13 rating, they’d have to do something along those lines.

    But I honestly don’t think any of the movies will be above PG-13 because Stephenie Meyer specified when she sold Summit the rights to the books that she would not allow for an R rating.

    So there you go. My 2 cents.

    • I do not think we are hostile! We are probably the most respectful board out there! We don’t cuss at each other or berate… We do get frustrated, but that is okay.

      We are just sort of debating each other. And it’s fun to hear what each other has to say.

      We are an amazing bunch, us Lexi-heads!

  43. oh dear! i totally didn’t even see this, sorry lex!
    butt I will say that I like Channing Tatum, I think it’s weird that she’d mention him though. he doesn’t look how I imagined riley.

  44. Catherine and Rob came up with spider monkey not Melissa. But I do agree with those who said she’s out of touch with the audience.

    They won’t make BD rated R. First of all they are a business. People under 17 make up a significant portion of the fan base, and they want to make money. Also Stephenies one requirement is that all the movies would be PG 13. They need to respect her wishes. Besides, they can just show Kristen and Rob’s heads and shoulders on Isle Esme like other PG 13 movies.

    • Actually that was all Catherine. She didn’t like the line in the scene so the night before she wrote up a list of ten phrases. Right before they shot the scene she told Rob pick a line, and he said that was the best one (or something like that).

      But I do agree with the rest of your statement.

  45. I don’t want BD to be rated R. Honestly do we need to see the birthing scene? I think I could go without it and they could imply what happens. Also with the sex scenes, do we really need to see them completely naked? I watched The Notebook yesterday rated PG 13, and its love making scenes are steamy yet tasteful, the way I think BD should be.

  46. twilighter14 says

    i dont like him he doesnt look like riley. riley should be like younger and not quite so HUGE! lol

  47. twilighter14 says

    they would lose SO many fans if they were rated R! personally im young so i HAVE to hav 2 b able 2 go or i’ll be SOOOO MAD!!!!! OMG I WOULD DIE!!!!!!! besides if steph wants them PG-13 then thats wut they should be. its no diff then wen ppl get mad that they change a part of the movie that steph wrote.

    • Please come back and type in English. Perhaps your point would have more impact if we could understand what you are saying.

  48. LostInForks says

    He is absolutely GORGEOUS 🙂 haha. but i imagined riley younger looking, and not so big 😀 !

  49. There is no way BD will be rated R. All Stephenie said she wanted was for the movies is to be PG13. Summit and the fans should respect her opinion on that. Also, I’m 20 and I won’t feel like I’m missing out if it’s not rated R. I don’t need graphic scenes to enjoy movies.

    • Stephenie did say this about Twilight. I have never seen (but could have missed it) where she made the ratings remark concerning the later movies.

      I did read an interview where she said she realized the later books had more mature themes. Especially Breaking Dawn. Again, she wrote the book. She knows what it says, what it represents.

      I don’t think her early remark/request for the PG rating applies to the later movies.

  50. Although I realize there are alot of older fans such as myself that could see an R rated film, but bottom line is the studio won’t be willing to lose money by losing many core fans with a rated R movie. I think they can pull off the movie as PG-13, it’s not that big of a deal. But I do disagree with the Tatum pick, he doesn’t fit the character at all. He’s way too big for the part.

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