Fans Turn Out For Melissa Rosenberg Signing

Melissa Rosenberg signed Twilight scripts yesterday in Los Angeles at the festival of books. All proceeds went to support The Writer’s Guild.

Lexiconer Cindy, pictured left, writes in:

“I thought you might enjoy the photos of Melissa’s script signing session this afternoon at the LA Festival of Books at UCLA. My daughter, Caitlin, and I were first in line for her arrival and I was able to ask her if there was any news at all about Breaking Dawn. She said “nothing yet”… She was also very appreciative of everyone that turned out in support of The Writer’s Guild.

It was great  chatting in line with other gals who had been to Comic Con as well as one who was older like myself and just getting into the extreme passionate fan-dom of Twilight. So it was really fun to share stories, anecdotes and updates with all of them while we waited for Melissa’s arrival. It was well worth the wait!”