Fans Turn Out For Melissa Rosenberg Signing

Melissa Rosenberg signed Twilight scripts yesterday in Los Angeles at the festival of books. All proceeds went to support The Writer’s Guild.

Lexiconer Cindy, pictured left, writes in:

“I thought you might enjoy the photos of Melissa’s script signing session this afternoon at the LA Festival of Books at UCLA. My daughter, Caitlin, and I were first in line for her arrival and I was able to ask her if there was any news at all about Breaking Dawn. She said “nothing yet”… She was also very appreciative of everyone that turned out in support of The Writer’s Guild.

It was great  chatting in line with other gals who had been to Comic Con as well as one who was older like myself and just getting into the extreme passionate fan-dom of Twilight. So it was really fun to share stories, anecdotes and updates with all of them while we waited for Melissa’s arrival. It was well worth the wait!”


  1. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    i WISH i lived in LA soo bad!!! actually right now i want to be in vancouver and then la.. just follow the cast and TAYLOR!!! id probably get really annoying but… Who cares?!? lol
    <3 TAYLOR! <3

  2. Looks like a great turn out…No surprise to me at all. I sure do hope Breaking Dawn gets a green light real soon before the actors get tired of playing the roles for the movies.(KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED).

  3. Amie(vampwolf) says

    I hate melissa’s work. She ruined twilight. They should have gone right out of the book. Plus, have you ever seen an interview. She sounds crazy!

  4. I am so glad women are beginning to be respected script writers and directors. Maybe this will lead to more than one relatable female movie character a year coming out of Hollywood. And maybe Hollywood will actually do a few movies where all female characters are not employed by the sex industry and maybe the female characters will be complex for a change and possibly some of them will have ambition aside from finding a man and shopping……………………..

  5. i have to agree with Amie(vampwolf). Twilight the movie was a BIG disappointment. i think they need to change the script writer

    I really like what chris is doing so far he actually seems to be keeping true to the book. i absolutely love how he told melissa that they were putting in a scene that she didnt think was important.

  6. Does anyone know how many people showed up and how much was raised. I wish I could send in for a signed script!!!!!

  7. Twifanatic Amanda says

    eeeeek! get it away!

  8. how much did the script cost?

  9. The scripts were $20 each at the event. If they were able to get more signed copies, it might cost a little more to ship but it’s worth asking… Their website is It was a great turnout with a long line but no idea how much was raised. People were buying multiple copies. The staff in the Guild booth were very pleasantly surprised with the turnout. I don’t think they realized how many fans she would attract so it must have been a successful fundraising effort for them.

  10. actually Breaking Dawn got a green light already. they start shooting next yr


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