Twilight Saga: Dollars and Common Sense

It’s no secret that there’s a big cash pay-out when it comes to Twilight. Everyone from Hot Topic, to Borders, to Wal-mart is cashing in.

According to marketing shift:

“Since the premier episode of Trueblood and the premier of Twilight, vampires have replaced pirates as the “in” movie or TV characters.”

Now according to Wales Online, Michael Sheen is getting a 5 million pound payout. That’s roughly around 9 million American dollars.

We are wondering how true that is as actors’ contracts are usually very hush-hush, Rob is currently driving what could politely be termed a “fixer-upper” car, and he reportedly scoffed to the BBC about the reported figure that he is receiving for New Moon stating:

“I read some gossip thing saying, because I looked really uncomfortable in a paparazzi photo or something, they’re like, ‘He should get used to it. That’s the price to pay if you’re getting $12m (£8.1m) a movie’. If I’m getting paid $12m a movie I’d walk around naked. That’s all nonsense. I don’t know who makes that stuff up. Even the price for the first one was nonsense.”


  1. Megluvstwilight says:

    I love how freakin funny Rob Patt is. We need to start raising that 12 mil so we can all see him naked.

  2. Yes, give that man $12m stat!

  3. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking!! Can we please start a fund to come up with that $12m?

  4. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    walk around naked? Yes please.

  5. Rob is always saying such funny things.Can we figure a way to pay him that much so we can see him actually follow through on that statement?? Kerry I agree lets start the Undress for Success fund to promote Robs nudist future! lol.

  6. Hmm Rob naked…something to ponder. But I have to say I was hugely surprized that in our little town I was very frustrated. I had walked by the huge Twilight display many times. The books were there the movie was there…even the double disc edition. I finally watch the movie (Netflix) and make husband go buy me the book the next morning. The next day I NEEDED New Moon and Eclipse. I rush back to Walmart and lo and behold they are GONE only Twilight and Breaking Dawn are left. I run to the book section and relief NM and E are still there but in Hard Cover form. I NEVER paid full price for a book, never buy hard cover. I stood there for ten minutes and threw them both in the cart. The next day I went to walmart with my mom and begged her to buy me BD for my birthday and she did. On Easter I recieved money for my B-day and ran to Walmart to get the movie for my self. It was gone. All the double disc copies. Finally my son found one for me hidden behind other movies in the movie section…Actually went digging in the aisles. It is amazing how fast these products are going. As to the amount of money they are making…I wouldn’t be too surprized if they start getting more money. If you listen to the commentary they joke about recasting Mike because he hit a growth spirt and Rob goes hey you can afford it now we made some money. LOL. (during the scene while mike is asking bella to prom before the greenhouse) Now double digit millions I don’t think so YET. Maybe by BD! I mean look at how much HP actors are getting.

  7. oh yeah, i’m writing out a check for 12 million right now, it’s so worth it!

  8. LOL you guys are funny.
    But yeah, I’m all for the $12MM fund raising 😉

  9. I’ll go in on the $12 million

  10. I suppose he must have been paid the big bucks for “Little Ashes” then. Unless the gossip is wrong (wouldn’t be surprised), there’s some serious nudity in that movie.

    • Little Ashes was filmed BEFORE Twilight, and he was still pretty much a no-name, so I venture to say he is not making much for Little Ashes.

  11. He’s worth a lot more than twelve million dollars w or wo clothes.


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