Have You Switched Teams?

Given the release of the hunky abs photo…er…we mean the very formal PR shot of the wolf pack…oh heck who are we kidding…we mean the abs! All 24 packs of them (not that we counted or anything), is it anyone else’s IPhone photo? Sorry, regaining focus.

Anyway, EW wants to know, have any of you switched teams over the photo? Take their poll.

Have we mentioned the abs?


  1. I was team Edward when I read twilight but Jacob won me over when I read new moon.

  2. NO WAY!!!! Team edward All The Waayy!!!!
    <3 <3 EDWARD CULLEN <3 <3

  3. I’ve always been team Jacob/Seth/wolfpack, so I don’t need to change 😀

  4. Nope, no team switch. Wolfies all the way forever. The completely epic video of Taylor showing of his abs and biceps, and the photo only reconfirm my undying love for the pack.
    And of these 4, Paul is the HAWTest by far! *Drool*

  5. appledream says:

    TEAM EDWARD forever and ever! NO reason to switch…gosh!!! just for ABS? Ewwww!!! I love the pack in the saga but not JACOB’s character. He is totally annoying and so trying hard and too pushy for Bella’s love. “I’M NOT GONNA GIVE UP”? Well, in the end its Bella and Edward.It’s the charm and magnetism on screen, perfect smile that could melt a heart is what matters most not just ABS.NO WAY!!!

  6. Yeah, those wolves are sexy. Except for the one that looks like my English teacher.

    New Moon’s going to be awkward for me.

    • lmao, i think i saw you comment over at TwilightGuy.com about the English teacher thing. i agree, it seems like it’s going to cause major awkwardness. good luck with that 😀

  7. nope, a photo ain’t gonna do the trick. in fact, that trick’s gonna be impossible to do. Team Edward all the way!! <3

  8. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Nope I haven’t swiched teams but I have to admit, I am kinda in love with Paul now.

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