Have You Switched Teams?

Given the release of the hunky abs photo…er…we mean the very formal PR shot of the wolf pack…oh heck who are we kidding…we mean the abs! All 24 packs of them (not that we counted or anything), is it anyone else’s IPhone photo? Sorry, regaining focus.

Anyway, EW wants to know, have any of you switched teams over the photo? Take their poll.

Have we mentioned the abs?


  1. Yay first post! I love abs as much as the next girl but I haven’t switched. Edward all the way!!!

    • NezziLautner says

      we’re just giving edward a run for his money! GO WOLF PACK!!
      btw, taylor and jake are the best part of the owolf pack!!
      im dying to see new moon….

    • water lily says

      I love the cullens, and for every movie and book I’ll be team Edward….Except for New Moon. I’ve decided to root on the wolfpack and Jacob, because this is their time for the spotlight and they are the heros of this story. Bella wouldn’t even be around for eclipse or Breaking Dawn had it not been for the pack. I <3 Jake! (and 6-pack paul, Mmmmm)

  2. I would never switch teams (team Edward now and forever) because I am not a lame fickle fangirl who screams and squeals about the actors and the characters. My love and appreciation for all this Edward and Rob go much deeper than โ€œomg, are those abs? like, wow! Oh, I am so team Jacob now because he is so HAWT. Edward is SO 2008. like, ewโ€
    *rolls eyes*

  3. Danislytherin says

    TEAM EDWARD, FOREVER! ( beautiful abs…)

  4. HECK NO!!! Just because the wolves are HOT! That does not mean I am switching sides! Edward is HOT too! I will always and forever be and EDWARD FAN!! I am sure he has nice abs too, he is just to polite to show them to the world!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I <3 Edward!!

  6. edward4evR says

    I said it once and I’ll say it again – the guy they picked for Sam is WAY too old. Abs are nice, but undying love? Better. Team Edward!

    • He doesnt even look that old.. I like how he looks older so you can tell who is the authority figure.

    • Um, if I remember correctly Sam was older than all of them anyway. Wasn’t he like 19yrs in Twilight?? Then once he turned into a wolf he would have aged to his mid twenties, so yeah, I don’t think the actor cast is too old, in fact, he’s quite perfect.

      • Meli what i meant was that I didn’t think that Sam was as old as edward4ever was making him sound like..like he was 30 or somthing.. i was saying that i didnt think he lloked THAT old..
        I think the guy they chose is Perfect and I am glad he looks older than the others so you can teel he is the authority figure. I think you misinterpreted what i said and not sure if you realize my coment before was in reaction to edward4ever

    • I must admit that for brief, very brief, moment my loyalty to Team Edward waviered, but then I recovered. Sure they these guys are swoon worth, especially the guy playing Paul, but I love me the vampires.

  7. And I personally, really do not find these boys THAT attractive. far too airbrushed. Same problem i had with the Edward promotionals. Let the actors appear AS IS with some make up to help them appear paler (or in this case, maybe tanner) and leave the airbrushing for playboy pictorials. that said, i love how Rob/Edward looks UNairbrushed, but i have not seen these boys as such yet, so i withhold hotness-judgment until that time.

  8. Great pic/abs – but EDWARD STILL FLOATS MY BOAT!!!!

  9. NO.. Team Edward all the way!

  10. Nahh, hasn’t quite make me switch teams.
    I might when i see the film.
    I’m Team Edward, Then I warmed to Jacob in New Moon For like two Chapters, then back to Edward. Then I was Team Jacob for about 5 minutes again in Eclipse.
    Final choice. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. the pic did not change my mind it has and will always be jacob 4 me

  12. Hmmm….while Edward is away let little Bella play..lol I am seriously still devoted to Edward although I am really feeling like Switzerland right about now.

  13. I am Switzerland, always have been. No I have not switched.

  14. I’m still Team Edward!!!
    The abs are nice, but they don’t have the hair and the eyes and the smile and the hair…
    Oh, I already said hair…
    That’s O.k., that’s my fave. part!!!

  15. I was always Team Jacob/Wolfpack ๐Ÿ™‚ always will be! XD

  16. LaTuaCantante says

    As tempting as it may be, I’m still Team Edward ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Boy do they look good! TEAM JACOB BABY! Always have been, but I am Tean Robert.

    Side Note: Where in the heck is Quil?!?!

    • yea i was wondering the same thing on where is Quil and Jacob. Someone mentioned the other day that these could just be the guys in the begining like when Bella and Jacob sees them jumping off the cliff. Quil wasnt in the picture then either.so it makes sense if you look at it that way.

  18. TeamEdward says

    I admit Paul has a nice body going on in that picture, but I am not running with wolves! I run with vampires! Team Edward forever!;)

  19. No need to switch, I’m already there!!! Yeah, it’s my phone’s background, too!

    @Sigh, Quil’s not part of the pack in New Moon, and besides, I think Tyson Houseman isn’t exactly ready to be showing off his bod like these boys. He’s not exactly the beefed up Quil of the books, so he’s most likely working on pumping iron so that he can shed his shirt for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I thought Quil becomes part of the pack in New Moon. Doesnt he mention to Bella the first day they go to ride their motorcycles that he is upset because Quil all the sudden started hanging out with Sams gang and he doesnt understand why cause Quil hated sam gang just as much as Jacob does maybe even more?

  20. Marta Hale says


  21. lucky_angel0309 says

    I’ve always been team edward but lately with all the stuff going on with New Moon I feel like i’m slowly drifting to the Jacob side….slowly but not quite.

    When it comes down to it. I’ll always be Team Edward : )

  22. the wolf pack looks really good, but i’m still team Edward ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Taylor is great and I really think that the rest of the guys will make the roles justice,but I don’t really like Jacob’s character after he becomes a wolf nor the rest of the wolfpack(including their abs).
    Team Edward all the way or whatever,Switzerland(peace!)

  24. Do people actually do that? Switch to liking one side over the other because of how a few photos turn out? I can understand switching because you’ve re-read the series and have had a change of heart based on the story itself…but movie photos??? Hmmm…I find that odd. *shrugs*

    But no, I haven’t switched. Edward is still my fave.

  25. I am so Team Edward. That picture just looks terrible. and it being named the EW, wolf pack photo is right, the picure made me go “ewww its the wolf pack!” sounds childish but i’m completely serious

  26. These guys are HOT! But, I will forever be Team Edward. Yeah baby!!!

  27. Team Edward forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I guess I am alone here, but I really dont think they are THAT hot. My eyes are only for Edward and always will be!

  29. I’ve always loved both teams!!!!!!
    I have to admit though that the wolf pack in my head were hotter..but these guys are good too.

  30. The pack will make for nice eye candy while Edward is away in New Moon but TEAM EDWARD all the way, baby!

  31. yes it’s a nice picture & the wolf pack does look good. But I will always & forever be a Team Edward girl! I gotta say I love the Cullens & the vamps A LOT MORE than I do the wolves.

  32. No question this group is attractive, but Edward is hardly a slouch. How many times (hundreds?) did Stephenie treat us to a detail description of his perfection. From head to toe (almost!). Even if this group turned out to be pretty nice guys, I would go with Edward. I feel I know him. Nothing to surprise me in a bad way. That together with his physical perfection wins the game for me. Everytime.

  33. No I haven’t switched teams because I’ve always been Team Wolfpack. Team Jacob!

  34. I’ve always been Team Edward for Bella but Team Jacob for myself. This photo only cemented that. I’m Team Wolfpack for the movie, though. ET’s clip with Jacob saying, “I’m not giving up,” did it more than this photo, though.

  35. Still Team Edward. I’ll take a cold rock hard vampire over a ‘hot’ dog any day!

  36. I think (at least IMO) its actually having a FACE for the characters themselves. When I read the books, my pack is nothing like that promo pic, but now that I have actual visuals, it makes them much more appealing – bookwise.

    As far as switching sides based on the pic, NOPE. Gonna be Team Edward all the way, though I am on the fence of Team Switzerland b/c I really like the way Taylor has brought Jacob to life. I never had a problem with him in the books, I always liked his character and seeing the little clips has made me like the character even more.

  37. I think I’m probably the only one here with this opinion, but I think obsessing over a guy’s abs is like guys obsessing over a girl’s breasts. I know it’s all in fun, but to me it’s on the border of being sexist and tasteless.

    • Not to mention they are probably all sucking it up and holding their breath in a major way.

    • I don’t see how its sexist or tasteless…. they are shirtless in the books too, with MAJORLY hot bodies…. They look great! Why not talk about it. Its a promotional picture, its far from tasteless. And men dont have breasts, they have nice pecs ๐Ÿ˜‰ thats why its ok to look and talk about. No one is judging them/stereotyping them for being male. That is what sexism is…. And as far as I know EVERYONE is appreciating the fact that they are definately MALE. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Your comments only confirm what I’ve said.

      • sorry, didn’t mean to sound so abrupt. I never said that the poster was tasteless. I appreciate a nice bod as much as the next person, but what I’m saying is obsessing over someone’s body parts, whether male or female, is not tasteful. At least not to me. That’s just my opinon.

      • Sorry I agree with Moe Moe..It’s not wrong to appreciate the human body. There is a difference in appreciatting it and being perverted about it.

  38. Marta Hale says

    Vampires forever !

  39. I would never leave Edward sorry. It’s deeper than just looks!

    I’ll give the wolf pack props…they are sexy. But, I’m not all about vain hot bodies.

  40. Nope I’m with the Vampires! Team Edward Forever!

  41. Melissa the kellan fan says

    I have always been team Taylor and kellan for the movie, but I will always be team Edward just not team rob

  42. Oh no, I haven’t switched teams. I’m still Team Edward infinity %.

    However, I AM apart of Team Paul, however now. BUt if I were to choose between the two I have loyalty w/ Edward. True love never dies!! LOL

    Alex is SO hot though…unf…

  43. TEAM EDWARD- ALWAYS. Edward is the epitome of true unfaltering love and loyalty…..and he is gorgeous (ROB too). Definetely NOT SWITCHING!!!

  44. Bella Cullen says

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!

  45. VioletSakura says

    And I don’t know, what knid of an “Edward team” the fan should be, to just change oppinion because of a photo of shirtless guys!!!!

  46. I will always be Team Edward (*sigh*) but damn, Paul is hot! Jacob is still a punk and I will never switch to Team Jacob.

    • Totally, 100% agree with that statment. Paul is one hot, ab-licious man! But Eddie has my heart ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. I’ve been a pack girl from day one. Wolves all the way, Baby! Well… Unless Jasper comes into the picture. But we can all be friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Lisi Lobita says

    I’ve always been Team Jacob all the way and will always be. Edward is sweet, romantic, etc which is cut but I personally love how Jacob just goes for what he wants, his sense humor, speaks his mind, though, and not to mention he gets greesy under the hood. Im a sucker for those. =) He is just my type of guy. Jacob can be a sweet guy in his own personal way. TEAM JACOB all the way baby! Not to mention “TAYLOR” whos playing my baby is smoking hot!

  49. Lisi Lobita says

    Oh and I will never switch to TEAM EDWARD!!!

  50. No freakin way. Edward is still hotter and I’d be a vampire over a wolf any day! Paul is super cute though. =)