Have You Switched Teams?

Given the release of the hunky abs photo…er…we mean the very formal PR shot of the wolf pack…oh heck who are we kidding…we mean the abs! All 24 packs of them (not that we counted or anything), is it anyone else’s IPhone photo? Sorry, regaining focus.

Anyway, EW wants to know, have any of you switched teams over the photo? Take their poll.

Have we mentioned the abs?


  1. hell yes i have!!!I never really liked the wolves until i saw the actors….uh helllo Chaske Spencer anyone! he is so hot..

  2. I’d have to say that i’m more Team Carlisle,but i do love bad boys and Paul seems to be one hot bad boy.Hmm…..which to choose the good or bad?

  3. Didn’t change my mind. Still team vampire ^^

  4. HowlingJuanjo says:

    Team Jacob since the beginning, baby! No need to switch nowhere!

  5. Okay i don’r get the whole “team” thing therefore i have no team…wait maybe that could be a team!!the vamwolves? werepires? ummm…ooh! the werevamps! No? well the point is I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!! and the abs are totally HOT!!!!!!

  6. no amount of abs will make me switch! I’ll take Edward in all his marble glory anytime. I’ll take Pattinson and his messy hair over any abs anytime.

    Team ROBWARD forever!

    Pattinson = epitome of HOT. oozing with awesomeness. he SMOLDERS without even trying dammit. LOL

  7. AdrianaCullen@ says:



    Edward Β«’3

  8. i seriously thought abt it but then i was lk nooo ima stick wth edward:)

  9. Did anyone else notice the tattoo, stop looking at the abs for a moment, I know it’s hard…. now look at the shoulder, they all have a tattoo, wtf? Does turning into a warewolf suddenly give you strange tattoos?

    • Lisi Lobita says:

      we had a long discussion about this in a previous blog. You know how the vampires had the “Cullen Crest” well we think thats something along those lines for the werewolves… Something added in the movie thats not in the books just like the cullen crest.

  10. ruthieee says:

    lol..it’s not my iphone wallpaper, but it is saved on my iphone. Edward’s still my iphone wallpaper. lol

  11. Rachel M. says:

    Nope, haven’t switched teams.
    Besides, I’m team Jasper. πŸ™‚

  12. I started out Team Edward, then as I decided to read the seris again I became Team Swizerland. Not because of any actors that are playing the characters. Don’t worry eye candy is nice during a movie but I’m sticking to Team Swizerland!!

  13. I have always been team Jakeward, always will be.
    Plus the actor playing Sam Uley is butt ugly, and the rest of the pack looks way too old, I hate it.

  14. i atcually think that there all really UGLY I dont like abbs and it dosnt really look like they hav any. I THINK ITS UGLY.

    • ok becides im TEAM JASPER but i was already tem edward. anyways UGLY. i hold nothing against them theyre cool but i just think they are uglyer without shirts.

  15. Am I the only one to notice the article mentioned CGI wolves? How dreadful…

    • where else are they getting big wolfs the size of horses with the eyes of the actors?

      • Bluescreening in real wolves would have been my preference. And I don’t care about the actors’ eyes. I mean, they’re all gonna be dark brown anyway! And even if you wanted to add that effect, CGI-ing eyes into a real wolf would be so much better than creating a whole wolf from scratch. So disappointing…

  16. Still Team Edward! πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve been Team Jacob the second I started reading the books… it’s never going to change.

    But I do occasionally think “Jasper’s really damn awesome”… scars are one of my weak spots.

    But never ever Edward.

  18. These guys do not float my boat. I do not think they are very good looking either. Abs? So what. Let’s hold our breath so we look ab-ier!!! Lame.

    I love Rob’s face and his tall lankiness. I would never switch teams. If you switch from Edward to these guys, you were never Team Edward in the first place.

  19. Carolina says:

    Team Swizerland. Always have been always will be.

  20. Twilitex57 says:

    Ahh, life is good, life is good.

  21. Morgayne says:

    I’ve always been Switzerland.And who cares if the vamps/wolves are drool-worthy? I’ve been loyal to them,and seeing this picture doesn’t change my mind one bit.

  22. JessakaMitz says:

    I actually do not like muscles so it’s just another picture for me. I wanted to see them altogether, but the shirtless thing wasn’t necessary for me haha..I wanted to see what their faces really looked like closer up hahha.

  23. I will always be Team Edward! I don’t like Jacob’s character and I never will. Some people are so shallow, to switch because they see pictures of abs. What if they decide to remake the movies in 10 years of course there would be different people playing the parts! It’s all about the characters, it will always be EDWARD.

  24. I was always for the natives (and Jasper!) so this is just yummy icing on top, lol.

  25. Am I the only one who dosen’t really find this pic that attractive? I mean, yeah its great to see; I was curious how they would do the wolf boys, but no one- except possibly Paul- is really that hot… their ok, I guess.

    Personally, I’m more interested in the cool tattoo idea..

  26. mehmohree says:

    NO… Im sTiLL tEaM jACob sINce DA begInIng…loVE dA PaCk aNd i DO loVE rOB…IT Is niCE tO loVE eVERyBOdy…wEN dEY R aLL gooD looking Guys…

  27. BTVSTwilightfan says:

    NO… I’ve been Team Edward since the beginning. Though those abs, goddamn! They look hot! But I won’t switch teams over that. Edward and Bella are meant to be. I do love Bella’s relationship with Jacob, as friends, they are the best then. Nothing more than friendhsip, though. Though, it was entertaining to read Eclipse and the whole triangle between Edward/Bella/Jacob. But I’m team Edward always!

  28. It will be too shallow to switch teams based on the actors protraying the characters.

    In 2008, many girls got attracted to the movie Edward who is played by Pattinson and they went Team Edward. Don’t tell me now that people are Team Wolf pack because of the hot guys. Please.

  29. veronica says:

    I will always be team jacob=] but i love edward too just jake more!

  30. I’m staying Team Switzerland forever.I’m neutral.

  31. I will remain a Edward fan and have been all though the books but for some reason (dont hate me)
    i love taylor more. Just knowing he poses all thoguh muscles and can warm me up across from the room just makes me shiver with pleasure πŸ˜‰

  32. Edward forever!!!

  33. i’m team switzerland,but if i had to choose i would pick team jacob

  34. i’m def. team jacob and will always be

  35. Um, yeah that’s on my iPod. I showed my friends…I must say they were impressed Canadians could look like that…very little proof of that where I live.

  36. Team Edward no doubt !
    but i fell in love with Jared!

  37. D****Cullen says:

    You know what, I’m team Seth because I can’t choose between Edward and Jacob!!!!! They are both amazing!!

    By the way I’m also team Alice!!!

  38. I’ll never EVER be fan of this wolf pack just because of some group of actors and their abs. Come on, they just play the part. The basic for me is the BOOK, the essence of the story and how I picture them.

    I’m with Edward a hundred percent and with Taylor too. Lol. <3 TL

  39. ScarletRubie says:

    i’ve always loved EdwardXBella, and don’t get me wrong i love Edward but i have always ADORED Jacob and the pack, they’re so fun and Jake is hilarious and a bit more spontaneous.

  40. never switching! TEAM EDWARD FOREVER<33333333 i think its kinda lame to switch because of a picture. besides, i find Rob way hotter than all them. even though alex does have some nice abs(;

  41. Why switch when you’re already there? πŸ˜‰ Nice pic, btw…

  42. Nope, still Team Edward forever!!!!! πŸ™‚
    These guys are still hot, though. I might have to keep staring at them for a while. πŸ˜‰

  43. Well I’ve always been on Team Jacob,
    & the wolf pack just validated my reasons even more.

  44. I’ll always be team edward but these photos and movie are definetly making me love jake more! – maybe i’ll end up as team switzerland….?

  45. *hangs head*
    Sadly, it is my iphone photo..I laughed when I read that!
    But the moment I saw Alex Meraz cast..Team Paul anyone? I love Edward..don’t get me wrong…but um, the pack..New Moon just looked a bit brighter

  46. I didn’t have to switch teams, i was always team Jacob.

  47. I was already team jacob! but i will be switching to team PAUL in the movie! alex meraz is truly amazing. πŸ˜€

  48. No team to switch too. XD I’ve always been a wolf girl becaus Edward happens to be a creepy controling mentally abusive stalker. I’ve always been fond of Paul for some reason and now I really really like him. XP Yeah, I see the abuse irony of my whole statement, but at least I admit that Paul has a chance to be abusive.


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