ET Canada Interviews Cameron Bright

Canadian Cameron Bright will be playing Alec in the New Moon movie. ET Canada caught up with him in what looks like a bowling alley. You get a real sense of the local Canadian accents in the videos.

Via New Moon Movie


  1. wow, that boy shot up since i last saw him in “Running Scared”. he looks a bit shy tho… he’s gotta get over that!


  3. so weird, I remember him looking much younger in Running Scared…I feel old all of a sudden lol. I don’t hear an accent, but I swear it’s not because I’m Canadian!

  4. hahah @ Wendy’s comment!
    I too came to comment saying that I could not hear any accents… *waves hello at fellow Canadian*

    I think that he will make a good Alec

    • maryellen says:

      I agree, I don’t hear an accent.
      Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian too. But honestly, there isn’t much of a different between Canadian accents and American accents…well other than the fact that a lot of us say ‘eh’.
      But anyways he seemed to be a good choice for Alec. Glad there are more Canadians joining the cast!

      • haha im canadian and i’ve never said eh in my life
        but anyway, he seems alright i guess…but maybe he should read the book

  5. he seems awfully flippant about the whole thing. i really hope he does some in depth character research before he films because at this point he doesn’t even seem to know what alec’s power is. *grimaces*

  6. i can’t hear an accent either, lol, and although i’m canadian by birth i only lived there the first 5 months of my life, so i highly doubt it’s that i’m simply used to the accent…

  7. what accent ??

  8. shortstuff says:

    LOL, i’m like, accent? what accent? i forget that sometimes we sound “different” to americans, but i honestly don’t hear a difference! πŸ˜›

  9. Catherine says:

    I’m a New Zealander and I can’t tell the difference between Canadian and American accents lol (in the same way some people can’t tell the difference between NZ and Australian). But I think I can hear something in the interviewer’s voice, I don’t know exactly what, that I can tell is different from an American accent. Like her vowels when she says ‘about’ and ‘twilight saga’ lol. Ok yes I am a wannabe linguist πŸ˜›

  10. I’m American and I hear no accent so I don’t know what they’re talking about lol. Maybe for some people it seems that way, but not really. Canadians generally have the same “accent” as most Americans.

  11. A accent???
    Mabey I don’t hear it because im Canadian

  12. U.N. Owen says:

    I’m Canadian, so I might just be used to it, but I honestly don’t hear much of a difference when comparing Canadian and American accents. Of course, Southern accents in the US are noticeably different, but that’s the only real exception. Cameron’s accent (or lack of) did not really bother me; I was more concerned about his approach to his role as Alec. He just seemed to like getting a part in the movie because vampires are “cool.”

    • I agree with Owen. I am American and have a southern accent..and even I didn’t notice it. But I was just agreeing that he just seems to want the part because it’s “”cool””

  13. Rachel M. says:

    What accent?
    And he seems like just a regular teenage boy. I’ve never seen him in anything else, so I don’t know his skills as an actor…

    • I dont really care about accents cause in my opinion that adds to your personality what i am really worried about is that this kid doesnt seem to know anything about twilight or his character not even the story for God sakes!! I hope he at leasts reads the 4th book to be able to know what his real character is

  14. JulesCullen says:

    Again…. what’s with the accent? I’m Canadian and I sure can’t tell that someone is American from their “accent” unless it is Texan, New Jersey, the Bronx, etc. For the most part, Americans sound the same as me!

    • Haha. I agree with you as well. I met a guy that was Canadian last year. I thought his accent was a little different. I liked it, it was a little more proper sounding I guess…but that’s most likely because I have a very southern and tend to slaughter my words…I am not that horrible I promise, just a little slang here and there.

  15. LMAO the funny things is that most of the people that replied are Canadian *waves to melissa and rest*
    as long as i’m not the only one who cannot tell…

  16. oleander says:

    Geez, if you think that’s an accent, it’s a good thing they didn’t cast any Newfies in New Moon. πŸ™‚ (nothing against my Newfoundlander friends–love the accent!)

  17. scallywag says:

    Or Cape Breton people, who have awesome accents by the way.

  18. Canadians don’t have accents ….

  19. therealmrswhitlock says:

    Hey, don’t get mad, we Americans just think it’s funny when we hear Canadians say “aboat” instead of “about”, but people from Minnesota and North Dakota sound like that, too. I get my cousins who live near the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) to say about, soda, Oklahoma, anything with a long “o” in it just so I can make fun of them.

  20. Is that a Red Sox hat? πŸ˜€

  21. GenevieveCullen says:

    LOL, I love how when someone mentions the Canadian “accent”, suddenly all us Canadians pop out.

    I don’t think we really have “accents”, we just pronounce certain words like “roof” differently than our American neighbours. We’re both still speaking English, just regional differences in pronouncement.

  22. hey now
    I’m from the west side of Canada
    and except on extreme coastlines our talking is pretty decent
    if you go too far west or too far east you get the “aboot” thing going on …
    it’s funny to hear Canadians who can’t talk properly πŸ˜‰

    ps – American’s say “roof” funny … like “ruff” … it’s got two O’s … which makes the OOO sound, well, that’s what I was taught in funny Canadian accent school.

    pps – i know the “accent” thing was probably a well-intended joke, but i find it semi-insulting. i don’t make fun of texans for talking like someone cut half of their tongue out of their mouth.

    the kid’s kinda cute. i’m kind of afraid of him, didn’t he play a psycho in butterfly effect? how perfect!

    • Rachel A. says:

      Most Americans do not pronounce roof as ruff, that is mainly the mid-westerners.

      Western Canadians do in general pronounce certain words differently (pasta, bag, about…).

      I think they were just mainly pointing out the canadian accent, not insulting it at all. I could definately hear it (but I have a few really good candadian friends so I can pick out the accent).

      In responce to your comment “i don’t make fun of texans for talking like someone cut half of their tongue out of their mouth.” in saying that, you did in fact make fun of them. Just an fyi…

  23. Jenni/-Jasper says:

    I’m from the UK, and I can’t tell a difference between his Canadian accent and her American one … hehe

  24. who cares about the accent? i’m more concerned about his answers! he seemed like he hasn’t even read the books or know what it’s about. i hope he understands his role in the book/movie before he starts filming. that worries me.

  25. isn’t anyone getting annoyed that its being made to seem that people playing jane, alec, and the other volturi vamps have fairly big roles in the movie? I mean, i know they’re important, but they appear only in one chapter in New Moon. they did the same thing with twilight. I heard all these things about Jackson and kellan, but together they only had around 10 lines. i just dont want to get my hopes up again πŸ™

  26. ahaha, what accent? They all sound the same as the east coast (where I live)

  27. ugh! i’m mad!
    does he even know what alec’s power is…….
    grrrrr πŸ™

    good thing he doen’t even talk much in the books.

  28. lol, well I moved to Canada a few years ago from England and I use the Canadian accent now at school because it’s just easier, and honestly I don’t hear a difference.

    I love how all the Canadians are speaking up, it’s great. ; )

  29. so stoked that another canadian is joining the cast!! πŸ˜€
    and im from vancouver, and pretty sure there isn’t a difference between canadian and american accents. you’re stupid. but still so stoked! πŸ˜€

  30. Kirsten B. says:

    *HI FELLOW CANADIANS* I saw that comment about accents and just had to post too. What accent I ask myself? Do Americans realize we think they have accents too? Or no? πŸ˜€

  31. Well I don’t even know what a Canadian accents sound like.
    Cameron Bright does have a cute boyish face which fits the character. πŸ™‚

    He seems to not know anything about twilight, or least that’s the vibe I’m getting from this short interview. I hope when we hear more from him he does his research because fans will eat him up if he doesn’t know how big this is.

  32. loving all the canadians replying ’cause our country was mentioned in passing haha
    i really don’t notice that we have a “canadian” accent at all. and i have yet to come across a person who says “aboot” instead of “about”.
    shout out to saskatchewan peoples! πŸ™‚

  33. Bridgeeeet says:

    he’s hot… that is the point… Canada is awesome.. even though i live in Australia Cameron is very nice (hehe met him last month) and don’t rag that he’s a fukin boy and do you really expect that he readed the whole entire series and was obsessed with it before this movie…? i think not! and Robert Pattinson didnt read the books before the movie and you didnt all have a skit at him coz *hes so hottie awesome ohmigod its robert pattinson* he looks like a fukin toad!!! XD uhmmm… what else can i say…. I’m sure he knows all about Alec’s powers and shitt now.. i think he only just got cast when this interview happened so get over it peoples! (lol this is the part where everyone has a skit at me for havin a skit at them) XD sorry if i offended anybody πŸ™‚

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